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Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe-the Plumber-Wurzelbacher Becomes a Rising Republican Headliner

                               News Flash!!!!!!! Breaking News!!!!!!! 

Joe-the plumber--Wurzelbacher was a the latest Roveian creation! He was planted as a plunger toting insurgent paid to approach Barack Obama during his Springfield Township, Ohio rally. 

The McCain campaign strategists dug up Joe to stand in front of his own house (Sarah Palin can see it from  Alaska) and wait for Barack to walk past so he could approach him with some questions given him by the McCain campaign people. The McCain campaign had it arranged to have their insiders standing ready with video cameras in hand so as to capture this critical verbal exchange. 

Once that occurred, McCain used the plunger probing prop, Joe, as a stooge tool to exploit the presidential debate he and Barack had at Hofstra University. 

What a strategy! What a brilliant move by Underdog McCain.

When criminals in this world appear, and break the laws that they should fear, and frightened all who see or hear, the cry goes up both far and near for......Underdog! Underdog! Underdog! 

Speed of lightening! Roar of thunder! Fighting all who rob and plunder or pretend to be a plumber. Underdog will soon appear. Underdog is now here! Underdog has come be clear! Underdog is now here! The Republicans should no longer tear. Barack is the one who should now fear---the Underdog! 

But now, Joe gets his $150,000 make-over as a pay-off for risking his life and reputation, otherwise he was gonna spill the beans. And that's no joke!

So now, Sarah Palin totes him around as her Caribou Barbie trophy plumber man increasing Gee-Hi Joe's popularity. 

For all his hard-work, Joe got hooked up with a publicist. Gee-Hi Joe is trying to clamp down a book deal, or a record contract, or maybe, just maybe, a run for a seat on the Public Toilet Commission for the State of Ohio. Now that would be a babe magnet for a guy living a solitary life. He might get a State of Ohio car to drive around in to check out how the women's bathroom toilets are working. He could wait outside female restrooms, with his clipboard, and ask would be ladies as they exit just how well it all went for them while in there. Was there anything that he could help them with so their stay would be more pleasurable.

If Joe-man gets a record deal he could put a rap band together to sing his latest song. We at Eye-on-Washington have been leaked a few bars of it.

            My name is Joe the Plumber,
            I wish I could own a Hummer.

           John McCain set me up for a spot
           to confront that Illinois senator for whot?

           I do the job for the Republican man, 
           and I become a neo-con hero with lots of fans,

           The RNC will hook me up,
           so I'll no longer bust my hump.

Wow, this guy is on to something! He's got a future ahead of him, although I am not sure exactly what it might be.

We have been told that the book deal could be 6 figures. Incredible for a guy who is not a real plumber or with any formal writing experience, except, maybe, lining up the letters on his spoon while eating alphabet soup for lunch in-between jobs.

We have been told that the book might be titled, "1001 Ways To Reuse Bath Water." That's cool. A real environmentally conscious book, although I am not sure if it is fiction or non-fiction.

It appears he is rising to the surface like a buoyant poop. When asked a political question, now that he is Sarah Palin's sidekick, and seen as the new Republican guru, he was quick to respond. For example, when asked if taking a hatchet to government programs was like using a plunger to unclog a stuffed up pipe, he answered by saying "I never thought of it that way before. Yeah! That's the ticket." The swooning crowd of idiot-worshippers chanted, "You da man, Joe."

Just maybe, we will see the RNC hire him on as chief operative for the newly established 21st century White House Plumber's Undercover Burglary Unit. "Hey man, your secretary called a plumber? I hear you're all backed up." 

Joe'll get somethin' for all his efforts as a card carrying snake used to unclog McCain's stuffed-up campaign.

Thanks for reading, Jerry

POSTSCRIPT: To further detail how mentally lost McCain has become, an example can be outlined from an event that occurred just yesterday, 10-30-08, at a McCain rally. Secret Agent Man Joe was hauled out on stage with the Penguin, oh I mean McCain. As a crowd of Kool-Aid drinking supporters cheered, McCain actually introduced Gee-Hi Joe as "his hero". WHAT? His hero? Is this what McCain has fallen to? Did this decorated war hero, who spent 5 years in a POW camp, and experienced the horrors of war, death, and disfigurement actually call Joe Wurzelbacher, who lied about being a plumber, about his income, and his attempt to try and purchase the plumbing company from his boss, actually call Joe-the-faker his hero? WOW! This is McCain's Mission Accomplished-type moment. McCain has become so fallen, deluded, confused, inept, incompetent, imaginary that he had the gall to call out to the entire world that Secret Agent Joe the Plumber as his hero. How pathetic. How embarrassing. How shameful. Joe and Sarah have become his make-believe world. How can anyone ever respect this guy again. He stooped to the lowest point where he put Joe Wurzelbacher in the same category as our brave and selfless soldiers. McCain deserves nothing!!! He needs mental health services immediately.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Republican Party Socialism and John McCain

The wild principles of Neo-liberalism promulgated by the right wing Republican conservatives believing in laisse-faire capitalism, where all free markets would regulate themselves because they contain rational and quantifiable principles were all but an economic evangelical fairy tale preached to a flock of dutiful corporate/business elites, who were granted permission by their principle leader, Milton Friedman, to go forth and pursue their greedy and fraudulent slight-of-hand tricks to their would be clients. What resulted was a collapse of the very free market principles that really never existed. The markets were never rational, nor quantifiable. They were all make-believe, manipulated, textbook and non-fiction book driven, as well as fraudulent from the bad mortgages to the fabricated securities to the dishonest Moody's ratings and to the misleading credit default swap insurance scheme. All make-believe. All a big, giant fantasy-style football game made so convincing that it looked true, real and academically principled.

None of this was based in core democratic principles because when it failed the elitist oligarchs were first in line to wrestle the lifeboats away from the ordinary people who were, and still are, about to drown as a result of their economic pleasure craft crashing into the iceberg called default, bankruptcy, foreclosure, failed currency speculation and excessive leveraging liabilities.

So when one thinks of oligarchy, what comes to mind? One goes back to Germany, 1911, when Robert Michels first created the political theory. This Iron Law of Oligarchy was rooted in Germany's socialist political groups, and later, adopted by Mussolini's fascism. Democracy does not come to mind when speaking about oligarchs. Today, one might think of Putin and his state-owned, formerly private, and controlled enterprises. 

And, which U.S. political party has held power for most of the time these Neo-liberals, ie. free market elite oligarchs have controlled our government? The answer is the Republican Party-the right-wing conservative movement. It started to take off in 1978 and Ronald Reagan had the ear of Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan, two Chicago School of Economics gurus.

And which presidential candidate has affiliated himself with many of these Chicago School of Economics principles? John McCain, my friends. John McCain calls himself a Reagan Republican, who voted with President Bush over 90% of the time, and espouses Trickle-Down, Supply-Side economics; the very principles that have unequivocally  failed America.

McCain and Palin and many of their supporters point the finger at Obama as they call him a socialist when it has been the Republicans who have embraced the socialist mantra by bailing out the top-tier corporate elitists with trillions of dollars they had transferred over to them taken from the pockets of ordinary people in order to protect their own wealth, power and greedy ways from collapse and bankruptcy.

This Bush administration did everything they could, with the support of John McCain, to hand over as much of the federal government to these top-tier corporate elites paying them from the pockets of ordinary Americans furthering their wealth, while the economy never expanded except through the gains acquired through the financial sector, which then invested their Treasury obtained wealth in these "new-fangled", sure-fired, 99.9% guaranteed exotic (but toxic) securities. These rich oligarchs would throw a few temporary jobs to the "peasants" below making it appear like they were "creating" new jobs through Trickle-Down economics. Where are those jobs now? Gone, my friends. "But there will be more wars, my friends." 

They corrupted the motto used for the Union Jack, "Don't Tread On Me", to be reinterpreted to say, "Don't Tread On Me Through Regulation."

It has been Putin's government that has replaced government employees with 'The Friends of Putin' members, where the Communist Party hierarchy gets a big piece of the corporate action. It is sort of like Tony Soprano shaking down those he is to "protect". It is not that much different under Bush and McCain. The corporate partisan oligarchy elites return the favor of being "allowed to obtain" government contracts to do what non-partisan government employees used to do by writing big checks to the "Party" members! Charles Keating, Enron, Haliburton, and others have done, and still do, just that for Bush, the RNC, and McCain!

So, to call Obama a socialist has to make a person wonder. Where does that accusation come from when right before their eyes the Republican Party has delivered those very clear and bountiful socialist goods to the elites. 

Under a democracy, the government's general fund is to be used for public good and not handed over to a bunch of corporate elite oligarchs. As a result of this transfer of the government tax dollars to these privileged top-tier elitists, either through the war machine, HLS spying and surveillance programs, etc., while ordinary Americans must drive over poorly maintained roads and bridges, send their kids to decaying and overcrowded public schools, continue to watch health care expenses skyrocket and become more unaccessible to nearly 50 million of us, and the dismissal of a national alternative energy nationwide network, as well as a global warning solution pushed aside, and our food supply becoming more and more dangerous while being consolidated into the hands of the rich corporate elites, and finally, college educations becoming unattainable for many very bright and competent students.

In addition, we watch more and more of our budget grow into bigger and bigger deficits as we spend more and more for Chinese products, oil from OPEC, and auto parts and supplies from Asia and beyond, while real good jobs that produce exportable products, as opposed to service jobs that are not exportable, become only a memory for most.

This administration has said there is no money for anything related to the ordinary family, but there is darn plenty for the crooks and thieves who committed fraud through our financial sector. "Come to trough and feed, my friendly banksters."

So, if there is anyone to be frightened of, America, it would be those members within the political party who delivered to us this hugely destructive mess, which has turned into a massive national security threat. And that current party member, my friends, is running for president today. His name is John Sidney McCain!

Thanks for reading, Jerry

POSTSCRIPT: Palin said in one of her stump speeches the following, "And Alaska...we are set up, unlike other states in the union, where it is collectively Alaskans own the resources. So, we share in the WEALTH when the development of these resources occur." That sounds like socialism to me, Sarah! And, don't you chastise Obama for being a socialist? Is it not socialism when the wealth gets redistributed, as McCain likes to point out? As Keith Olbermann says so simply, "Governor Palin, you are a fraud!

Monday, October 27, 2008

No Obama. No Socialism?

"No Obama. No Socialism", was a yard sign I saw today. Today, that sign put me over the edge. What are these Republicans thinking? Who are they trying to kid? The greatest implementation of a socialistic government program ever put forth by the United States has been launched by the one and only President George W. Bush, the first and foremost Republican master of ceremonies. The head of the dog and pony show. The prince of economic darkness. The broken and deranged toy soldier of mission accomplished. There is nothing worse than a deranged toy soldier running havoc throughout your beautiful White House.

This is one person who decided to take nearly $2 trillion of taxpayer dollars, obtained through the Treasury of the United States, which was begged for from China and other countries telling them that if they bought more Treasuries, then the United States would turn around and bail-out any foreign central bank that was holding toxic mortgage and credit securities, including credit default swaps. "Socialize the losses; privatize the gains." That has been the Republican mantra, and not the call from Democrats.

Now, as you recall the Mr. and Ms. No Obama and No Socialism-property-owner-displaying-such--a-yard-sign McCain supporters, that this all began under Ronald Reagan, and Alan Greenspan, along with the support of the one and only Mr. Johnny Boy Mave-rickie McCain. He and his no-whiner-weasel pal former (thank goodness for that) Phil Gramm deregulated the financial industry, in 2000, so the banksta gangstas could never be regulated by the government when they wrapped and packaged over-leveraged, fraudulent collateralized debt obligations coated with the deadly explosive called credit default swaps timed to go off in 2008 burning down the house! This over-leveraged, toxic securities meth-type lab brought to all of us by registered Republican banksta gangstas from J.P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, AIG, and the rest drove this train wreck through the Reagan Station, on past the Bush 41 Terminal Building, on into the Clinton Crossroads, and ending the trip with a full-blown explosion and fireball at the G.W.B. Grand Ole Plundering Pavilion. 

So, these No Obama. No Socialism Republicans actually believe they are NOT culpable for this economic disaster? They voted for this president. They twice voted for this incompetent fool!! And now, they support McCain, the very senator who fully endorsed the deregulation, signed on to the Project For A New American Century, voted with Bush 90% of the time, and palled around with terrorists (G. Gordon Liddy, former Army major general John Singlaub, and economic terrorist, Charles Keating). Yet that wasn't good enough for John Boy. He had to go pal with the violent and murderous dictator from Chile, General Augusto Pinochet, back in 1985, with no pre-conditions. McCain tried to keep this a secret, but fortunately, it has now come out in the open as a result of a declassified U.S. Embassy document.

No Obama. No Socialism? Where does that all come from, Mr. and Mrs. Republican? Have you actually listened to John McCain's stump speeches? This ignorantly dangerous and frightening candidate says he does not want to raise YOUR taxes. He wants YOU to keep more of what you earn. He wants to take a hatchet to government programs. Across the board, he says. So, who does that sound like to you? No, not Obama. That sounds like Herbert Hoover, the president who brought us the Great Depression. He gave us a nation of poverty, high unemployment and the loss of working America's personal wealth. That will be the real John McCain, if elected.

You cannot cut everyone's taxes and restore an economy about to experience a raging recession. You cannot restore a raging recession by bailing out failed financial institutions which are hoarding the bail-out money, borrowed from foreigners, prolonging the market's frozen condition, so they can keep their rotten financial institutions solvent and from decomposing. Two trillion dollars is locked up by these Paulson and Bernanke fraudsters. Remember, McCain, Mr. Maverick, voted for this Bush Bail-out. Nothing Mavericky with this guy!

We have heard McCain say over and over that Obama wants "to spread the wealth around." What is he talking about? Spread what wealth? Most of America is seeing their wealth disappear, except for the upper 10% of the income ladder. The upper 10% has been and under McCain will continue to see massive tax cuts resulting from a tax shift from the middle income brackets to the upper income brackets. More of the middle gets their income taxed more than the upper because they don't have as much wealth, capital gains, and right-offs. The middle uses much more of every paycheck to live on.

Mr. McCain has stated in his stump speeches that Joe Biden told all of us that Obama would be challenged within the first 6 months of his presidency like never before, and not unlike John Kennedy. THAT IS RIGHT JOHN! If you become president, you will be challenged in the very same way! Are you that inept and stupid that YOU cannot admit that YOUR presidency would be challenged, too?

McCain is a fraud. Whatever he accuses Obama doing, it ends up that McCain is worse than guilty of doing the same thing. Is McCain so clueless that he believes he won't be exposed for being a fraud? It seems that more and more of McCain's sleazy past gets unfolded. So, is "No Socialism" a code word for racism? First, they tried it with "pals with a terrorist". Was that code for 'be afraid of the black guy', too? The way McCain has so poorly run his campaign is a perfect example of how he will act as president. He is reactionary, unstable, loose with the mouth, confused, and mentally ill.

And as Palin goes around the nation propagandizing her talking points stirring applause from drunken Kool-Aid drinkers whose personal wealth has been burned up in the economic bonfire brought to us by the Republicon Party and the upper 10% who have gotten rich off of them, she proclaims that Obama is all about big government. HUH? John McCain, Bush and the Republican party have now given the United States the biggest government this nation has ever seen with the Pentagon taking 1/3 of the yearly budget, along with Homeland Security's many useless and Treasury draining projects that have been totally ineffective while invading America's privacy to a point where one can describe it as only neo-fascism, and concluding with Bush's gluttonous and impotent FEMA, as well as a bail-out package to beat the band. So Sarah, what are YOU talking about? She is nothing but an agitprop barnstormer for her self-destructing political party.

So, what will happen in 6 months? We will be embroiled in a raging recession in 6 months, John? Will the next president have to take drastic economic measures to begin to restore an economy headed for a depression? Are you aware of that? What about an expansion of the Middle East conflict? The Bush military attacked Syria this week? Might you do the same? And then, there is Iran.  Obama might actually try and talk with the Syrians, or the Iranians before killing them. You, John, are not like that. You don't believe in anything but winning a war. "I have to give you some straight talk, my friends. There will be other wars. I am sorry to say, there will be other wars. We will never surrender, but there will be other wars. There will be terrible combat wounds to treat. There will be a lot of PTSD to treat. More wars, my friends. There will be more wars", as we heard this Maverick say over and over again.

It really amazes me that Republicans continue to drink the Kool-Aid by the gallon full. As I said in my last post, they suffer from an extreme case of the Republican Psychological Disorder, ie. the Patty Hearst Syndrome. They still have a chance to show they can rise above such a disabling condition and send McCain back home where he belongs.

Thanks for reading, Jerry

P.S. Thanks for the comments written regarding this post!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Republican Party Disaster

With only days left in the campaign, one has to ask the most perplexing national question yet still unanswered, "What is wrong with Republicans?" When you see them in the shopping check-out lines, or pumping their own gas, or at the pharmacy window it maybe hard to identify them. Some people, many people may dress and talk like Republicans, but actually are not that way. And the same goes in reverse, as well.

So, why do registered and non-registered Republicans continue to support the current Republican choice for president? My feeling about it is that they are NOT of sound mind. They suffer from a 30 year mental condition called the Republican Psychological Disorder, or what some call the Patty Hearst Syndrome. As we all recall back in 1974, Patty Hearst, the millionaire heiress of the Hearst family publishing fortune, was abducted and held by an American bred terrorist cult. It wasn't too long after being captured that she was indoctrinated into taking on their guerrilla-style militant ways and joined them in their psychopathic violent and murderous assaults, even though those acts would affect her forever. So, what we have today are average working American Republicans captured by the Republi-con Party, held hostage, and given propaganda-tainted Kool-Aid to drink so as to believe they are correct to accept the dysfunctional, disruptive and devastating rules and ways of the Party abductors, or one could say "Takers", even though it would be harmful to them and their family.

WOW! That sounds just like John McCain! He was "Taken" not only by a "Taker" after crashing into that Hanoi lake during the Vietnam War, fished out of and saved from drowning, and then imprisoned. He pleaded with his "Takers"--the North Vietnamese army to deliver him, the Commander in Chief Pacific Command admiral's son, to a hospital, and in return, he would confess (in a  signed confession) to what he knew about the bombing mission operations he was sent on. My guess is that he still harbors significant self-loathing over that submission he willingly gave, although under duress, to his "Takers". He has never forgiven himself, the confession given by the admiral's son, for his weakness. This is why, even to this day, he continues to demonstrate an explosive temper over the slightest challenges.

In addition, add the Kool-Aid poison he drank from the chalice given to him by the Republican Party paralyzers, such as Karl Rove, to sterilize him from his Mavericky self-depiction and sliver down into their dirty ways. He has turned into Golem from Lord of the Rings. "The ring my precious."

The Republicans, and those 80% who are not in the upper income brackets, would be severely harmed by a McCain presidency. The facts are spelled out in black and white, and proclaimed by him and Palin in their stump speeches. This dysfunctional Maverick would represent the upper 10% of the income earners. He has already said that to the American people, therefore, working class Republicans must have a psychological disorder to support a person who would actually cause them harm if elected. Just look at his record.  It must be that the Republican voter drank the Kool-Aid Bush gave them in 2000, and again, in 2004. Bush, an incompetent, and clearly a sociopath individual, drank the Kool-Aid, too; and now the country has sunk into the deepest and worst economic and social crisis since 1929!

Under this disastrously ideological belief system sung by the Republicon Party elite, and with the full support of John McCain, have taken the country, and the globe, into what might actually end up evolving into an economic depression--a global depression! It is not out-of-the-question that this great nation might fall into default of its debts.

This is the party of John McCain. John McCain's playbook is an extension of the party's playbook, and Bush's playbook, too. And the protocols existing within that playbook are to continue the building of a kleptocracy for the Republicon elite. It is a continuation of the theft of this nation's financial resources right into the hands of those who destroyed the economy in the first place.

McCain wants to lower the capital gains tax from 15% to 7.5%. Only 0.2% of middle class Americans would actually have received a capital gain break lowering their annual tax bill by $4.00! Under the current Republicon-made crisis, the upper 1% with income above $600,000 gets 75% of the gains, for an average benefit of $37,600, and the average tax savings for the top 0.1%---income above $3 million---would be $244,000. American families would continue to suffer under the Republicon designed recession. (Jared Bernstein, 10-15-08,, "Again with Trickle Down!").

So, does McCain believe that the government subsidized wealthy 10% would Trickle-Down their good fortune to those reaching upward from the bottom of the Pyramid (scheme) ladder? We have had this scam delivered to us for over 8 years, and this Trickle-Down disaster is what we got for all the trouble. An $11 plus trillion national debt, a $500 billion budget deficit, an evaporation of $2-3 trillion in home asset wealth, a million plus loss of manufacturing jobs, a net loss of total jobs over the course of Bush's disastous experiment with neo-fascism. From this experiment, beginning with Reagan, and running through to this moment in time, with McCain, Bush, and the rest of the Kleptocrats trying to make the failed and ill-tuned Trickle-Down economic misfire work, look what it created. A true collapse of a system built upon a greed oriented house of cards.

What we are hearing from McCain is that he wants to bail-out homeowners in foreclosure or behind in payments by allowing a government-sponsored lender to assess their home at the original market value, instead of at the current market value. McCain would have the government purchase the home at the original market value, which would reward the lender/banker who originally made the bad loan, while placing the burden on the taxpayers instead of the lender. McCain would rather NOT force the lender to accept the market losses, and renegotiate the loan with the borrower at the current market value. Instead, McCain would rather the original lender take no loss or hit from writing an over-inflated loan, but to force the taxpayers to come up with the cash to buy the originally inflated high-priced loan and rewrite it with better terms. This plan actually props up the housing bubble problem that first instigated the market collapse. This plan only benefits the banker and not the consumer, as we already have learned.

McCain's history has shown he does the political bidding for the rich and powerful elites and not the general population he is to represent. This was seen when he tried to change the law allowing Charles Keating, of Lincoln Savings and Loan, to legally commit fraud against his bank customers, which were average Americans who had trusted his bank with their life savings. He went to jail for fraud and racketeering. He financially contributed to McCain.

McCain continued to engage in, what might be called influence pedaling as a senator and as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee when he started doing the bidding for the most powerful insurance and telecom corporations, while at the same time, received millions of dollars in "contributions", as well as lavish gifts, such as the use of private jets, for acting on their behalf instead of protecting the nation from these goons.

McCain was instrumental in the actual take-down of this economy when he supported Senator Phil Gramm's deregulation legislation of the financial industry during his time as chairman of the powerful Senate Banking Committee.

McCain fought for a ban of political "soft money" contributions, yet after he formed his non-profit organization called the Reform Institute, which was set up to promote his "Mavericky" image, he accepted soft money donations from the very telecom companies that benefitted from his political bidding. If you grease my palm, I will grease your palm, too!

McCain claims he wants to "clean up" Wall-Street, but his legacy has shown he is a deregulator so why would anyone believe he would change the "Casino Culture" on Wall-Street? In 2001 and 2003, he declared the Bush tax-cuts were wrong for the country (the first sign of his country first branding) during a time of war and hardship, yet now, when the economy is worse than anytime since 1931. He rallies his base by saying he wants to make the Bush tax-cuts permanent and even expand those cuts to benefit corporations whereby many, already, do not pay any taxes.

Even though McCain was tortured as a P.O.W, and later spoke against the use of torture, he stood alongside his commander-in-chief ("It is now my turn to be the big commander.") when Bush said he needed to torture. The Mavericky Maverick caved in and embraced Bush's torture policy. Anything to get nominated. Right, John?

McCain railed against lobbyists, yet employs them throughout his revolving door campaign. The last count was 177 in total.

McCain howled against ACORN and Obama's connection to the organization that he accused of committing voter fraud. But now, it has come to pass that McCain has ties to voter fraud in California and Arizona. (Keith Olbermann's Countdown).

McCain's poor judgement reaches back even when he totally embraced the Iraqi war con-man Ahmed Chalabi, the liar who wooed himself into the arms of Cheney and McCain and fed them lies and misinformation regarding Saddam's WMD program, ultimately giving them a reason to go to war. McCain was wrong with nearly every assessment regarding the success of the war, which was really the lack thereof.

McCain is nothing more than another neo-con version of George W. Bush, but worse, because he chose an incompetent person for V.P. during a time of heightened disaster and crisis. Palin lacks intellectual readiness if she would need to assume the role and duties of President of the United States. You are not in Wasilla anymore, Sarah!

For all of these reasons and examples, and I have only scratched the surface, why do Republicans continue to support an incompetent? If elected, he would end up hurting the lives of 80% of Americans throughout his Herbert Hoover-type of presidency.

The answer must be because so many are suffering from Republican Psychological Disorder and need immediate treatment!

Thanks for reading, Jerry

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Economic Crisis Leading Up to the G-7 Bail-out

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We have heard that a thousand times. But now, it absolutely corrupted every pore of the body politic.

John McCain was absolutely corrupted by Charles Keating during his control over the Lincoln Savings and Loan debacle. Keating wanted his "boys" in Congress, McCain especially, to do his corrupt bidding by rewriting the regulatory rules allowing him to legally rob his customers. McCon carried the water for him by introducing a bill that would further Keating's plot to expand his racketeering scheme to commit fraud. Fortunately, it erupted into a scandal that lead to hearings. Keating got 5 years in the slammer for racketeering and fraud charges. McCon got paid by Keating for his bidding. Johnny Boy got off with only an ethics violation hand-slap reprimand. Guilty-by-association, John? It was more like guilt-from-association. Keating has currently contributed to McCon's presidential campaign, so the association continues.

Now, Sarah Palin has, too, demonstrated that her absolute power has corrupted her absolutely! Trooper-gate has now become one of her jar-full of "red herrings". An Alaskan favorite, my friends. The investigation found that she was guilty of an abuse of power, an impeachable offense. Guilt-resulting-from-association.

McCon, the I-can-reach-across-the-aisle-Maverick, dismissed the findings of the Trooper-gate investigation saying that it was led by a Democrat, in spite of the fact that the process was originally organized by Republicans. I guess for McCain, if the findings aren't to his liking he whines and cries partisanship. Sorry Johnny Boy, Sarah brought this all upon herself, just as you did with your scandal. I guess you are the current leader of the Party of Whiners.

Speaking of whiners. Is that not what McCain's pal, Phil Gramm called all of us who have watched our life savings disappear from a Republican driven Reagan-style Trickle-Down economic crisis? Consumers, you were scammed and "Trickled" into believing that outsourcing and job cuts, along with declining wages and benefits were good for you! You gonna like it! Just keep spending with your credit cards, home equity loans, and the kid's piggy banks and you'll feel better.

Just go shopping America. And when you do, you will make the upper 10%, who outsourced your jobs in the first place, and cut your wages, and benefits, all the more richer. YEAH!!! You keep paying your usury and compound interest charges, while the rich take it out of your hands and put into their own through dividend checks, rent checks, fees and bank charges, as well as other forms of investment return revenues.

But wait, their returns got burned, too!!! They were attempting to double and triple their wealth holdings by selling all types of securitized investment vehicles, made from loans, especially mortgage loans, and now they lost a big portion from their pot-of-gold. Top of the mornin' to ya, John and Sarah! I've got some moose patties and eggs for yur breakfast!

Stop! Hold on! There is a way to make part of it back! We will have Mikey eat it!  You remember Mikey. The kid who ate the cereal when his brother was skeptical about the taste. Yes, Mikey is all grown up now; Mikey, now a taxpayer, will eat our losses, and in return, he will turn over his income tax withholdings, and social security contributions so the richest people can stop their bleeding losses so as to prevent cancelling their trip to somewhere, or their daughter's 500 guest extravaganza wedding party (black-tie only), or their tricked out Mercedes, or their 200 foot luxury liner (the honeymoon get-away). 

We cannot let them feel any pain.

So now we have arrived at the bail-out plan. After the G-7 raked the Bush Crime Family bosses over the hot coals, they told "The Paulie" Paulson to change gears. Don't mess with those Ole School Europeans. They've been through way too much tough stuff to let a brat like Little Boy Bush give any directions. (Shut up; sit down; hold on!) The Bush-stapos said they would be willing to buy shares of the biggest banks using taxpayer dollars creating ownership rights in exchange for bail-out bucks. But here's the rub, the taxpayers have no voice in the bank's operations, or at the stockholder's meetings, or before anyone running the Banksta Show. It is a "corporate welfare funded bank operation" with no voice in exchange for the government handout. Silent Partner might best describe this scam. Paulson wrote the plan this way because the Bankstas did not want any government interference. Hey, this very reason was just the thing that caused these bank failures. How about a little interference from this point forward! It shouldn't hurt! It will hurt me more than YOU. It's not so bad; it could be worse.

So, the taxpayer instead of offering a bail-out, is now injecting the greedy junkie bankstas with taxpayer borrowed bootie, re-capitalizing the junkie bankstas so they can get on with making more money in the form of loans! How about another hit of that stuff, Paulie? Yikes. How many more loans will be written? How much more debt can the country take? How much bigger can our budget and national debt rise? So tell me Paulie Paulson, who will be borrowing? How much further out on a limb can the consumer go before THEY crash?

President Bush put forth a doctrine to steal the American economy from its citizens in order to give it over to those who had signed up as card carrying members of his Dynastic Crime Family, who would then be given access to the riches that had been amassed resulting from his corrupt administration and policies.

He assisted in the mastermind of the world's biggest bank heist( the Treasury), then got busted for the job which ended badly in a massive implosion causing most of the vault's contents destroyed. The major depositors (Congress and many big time corporate and financial players) came running to the site with frantic arms flailing raised in fear and anger. But instead of calling in the cops to arrest Bush and the rest of the Treasury-gate Burglars, they were given brooms and shovels to sweep up the mess.

The final insult to all the smaller depositors (taxpayers) was to watch as the Treasury-gate Burglars were given the power as to how to rearrange and rebuild the rubbled depository. The arsonists were allowed to rebuild the burned out building. No time spent; no fine paid; no penalty pelted.

What can be said without a doubt is that Bush squandered every ounce of America's goodwill by rising up in his emperor-clad robes in order to take down America.

Bush's 9-11 never stopped on that tragically memorable morning. It has been burning to this very day, like a forest fire raging through villages, towns, and families leaving a smoldering wake trailing behind it along with shards of a ruined nation having to face its economic peril exacerbated by one hapless unitary executive so emphatic on using every drop of his political capital wished for in a psychopathic daydream that would bring him a successful presidency.

Thanks for reading, Jerry

Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain-Country Last and A National Security Risk

John McCain and Sarah Palin have run very far away from the nation's frighteningly dangerous economic crisis in order to lower the debate by spewing fearmongering, and dangerous political rhetoric that appears to be insighting hate speech among supporters. "Kill him", was yelled from a Palin rally crowd by a person who concluded a statement of Palin's that made the point that she was frightened by Barack Obama, who palled around with a terrorist.

Palin has been saying for days that Obama pals with a Chicago terrorist named William Ayres. Here is a guy who was part of a radical group, the 1960's Weather Underground, that set off a bomb in the men's bathroom of the New York City police headquarters, back in 1970. No one was injured at the time that Ayres was involved with this incident. He turned himself in to authorities in 1980, and all charges were dropped, at that point. He was found innocent of any charges, John and Sarah, my friends.

Since then, Ayres went on to become a University of Illinois professor of education and performed public service by sitting on an education reform organization funded by the Annenberg Foundation, named after and funded by a political conservative, and an anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago.

Both men were active in their communities and tried to give back something worthwhile; yet, McCain sat on the extremist group board founded by retired Army Major General John Singlaub. This radical right-wing organization had McCain on their board for a few years in the early 1980s. This international organization, the U.S. Council for World Freedom, had affiliations with former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right wing death squads, or should I say terrorist groups, in Central America.  It appeared that McCain did the political bidding on Capital Hill for this group's support of the Contras, a CIA-organized guerrilla force in Central America. (Associated Press, 10-7-08, "McCain Linked To Private Iran-Contra Group")

Guilt by association, Senator McCain? Or, was this just your way of giving back to the community, too?

Is McCain a supporter of American style fascism with his association with convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy, who spent 4 years behind bars for the Watergate break-in crime? Liddy got googoo-eyed when speaking about Adolph Hitler. "[He] made me feel a strength inside I had never known before." "Hitler's sheer animal confidence and power of will [entranced me]." " He sent an electric current through my body." In 1998, Liddy sponsored a fundraiser for our Mav-wreck. He referred to McCain as an "old friend". Or, should we say "my ole friend". (, 5-5-08, "G.Gordon Liddy: John McCain Finds His Own Radical"). Found guilt by association.

William Timmons, McCain's fantasy presidential transition team head, had represented Saddam Hussein, after the 1st Gulf War, in Washington. His job was to convince lawmakers to ease sanctions. Later, Timmons, and pals, tried to score a $45 million deal which would have allowed for a contract to purchase, and then, to resell Iraqi oil, back in 1992. So, McCain supports terroristic despots? What a record, "My Friend"!

And, then, Senator McCain there is the matter of your culpability in the Keating 5 scandal, which ripped off the taxpayers in the biggest banking scam of modern time. Charles Keating spent 5 years in prison for a $1.1 billion fraud and racketeering charges. Keating gave McCain money. You like being treated like a king and showered with very expensive gifts. Don't you? That must be why you dumped your first wife for the ultra-rich girl, Cindy Hensley.

And then we have Sarah Palin's affiliation with the secessionist group called the Alaskan Independence Party, which is a third party making up around 38% of the voters. She even gave a keynote address at a conference for them and said how this party was important to Alaskan politics. Palin's husband had been, and may still be, an active member of this party.

Guilt by association? Country Last, Sarah? Un-American affiliations? Don't wanna be a part of the United States of America, but want to be vice-president? Help me understand this duality, please. This group sounds like it could be potentially terroristic. Don't you? Or, is this YOUR way of giving back to the community, too?

And then, there is the frightening affiliation Sarah Palin has with a witch-hunter named Pastor Muthee, who presided over her church services as a guest pastor. He laid hands on her, as her church often does to its members. He prayed that the Lord "make a way for Sarah" so she can succeed as the governor of Alaska, and bring it a bunch of goodies. Muthee went uh huntin' for witches in Africa as his religious mission from God. Palin praised Muthee's contribution to her successes. Oh gee, it sure is nice to make friends, my friend.

Is Sarah Palin a witch-hunter, too? Does she support violence against women as Muthee demonstrated by running a supposed witch-lady from a village in Kenya? Guilt by association? One might say that a person who insights violence against women is a domestic terrorist, Sarah. Are you one, too? Or, is this just your way of giving back to the community, too?

And finally, there is the small point McCain was trying to make against Obama when he voted to give the Chicago Planetarium a few million dollars, for a high tech projection device,  in the form of an earmark, which McCain called a $3 million overhead projector. This stupidity on McCain's part just shows what a fool he is, and arrogant when demonstrating his 
asinine behavior. This "overhead projector", in total, costs $12 million, and is a projection device that creates a visual extravaganza of stars, planets, and the Milky Way Galaxy upon the ceiling of a theater inside the Chicago Planetarium. It is truly an educational tool used to excite children to love science and appreciate what it has to offer them. The old machine was failing and had parts that could not be replaced anymore due to its age.

John McCain appears to find little appreciation for such an earmark and its contribution to society and the education of children, yet he finds it a top priority to make sure we win in Iraq, and at any cost. Have we had enough of him yet?

Thanks for reading, Jerry


McCain has had several melanomas. It has been revealed, anonymously by credible medical sources, that he is very likely being treated of one that may have metastasized in his lymph nodes and/or in the jaw area. He is likely receiving radiation, since his puffy jaw appears to be shrinking in size. Are we willing to have Sarah Palin as the next president of the United States? Is she intelligent enough, capable enough, or sane enough to be handle the trials and tribulations this nation is experiencing?

In addition, it has been revealed by Congressman Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, who opposed the bail-out, that the Bush administration threatened the American people, Congress, and the world that if Congress did not pass the bail-out bill, then Bush might have to institute Marshall Law throughout the country! The president was granted such powers through two Presidential Directives: #51 and #20 under the authority of "Continuity of Government" and "Catastrophic Emergency".

Now, the 3rd Infantry's Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, placed under NorthCom, to respond to protests and unrest that might occur within the country. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Hank Paulson Failure

I cannot say this is a conspiracy, but it reads like one. The long term plan appears to have been to kill American labor in favor of a new, more esoteric economy called finance. Finance,the rich man's clean way to make money, without getting one's hands dirty or putting up a cent of one's own cash, was put onto the racetrack by Alan Greenspan after Ronald Reagan gave it his head nod.

Greenspan's plan was to create unfettered free trade, and an unregulated world-wide free market full of leveraged derivative sales. He and his investment banker clones were giddy knowing that they could create huge piles of wealth just by taking debt, without ever having to hold a fraction of real capital. "Leverage me out!" "How far can we magnify a single dollar using these debt instruments", said Humpty Dumpty's investment banker?

Now, here we are with a Congressional $700 billion bail-out, with $150 billion in John McCain-Make-Mine- Tenderloin! Pork. I thought he hated pork? In that bill, the little guy and gal will have their life savings bank deposits FDIC insured. Doesn't that give you piece-of-mind?, until you find out you might have to wait 10 years to get your insurance check! Yes, the FDIC can take 10 years to settle your claim. Just how long can you wait? It might be better off under your mattress. At least, you can get at it when you need it. 

Can we trust the very people who created this financial meltdown to also oversee the implementation of the Paulson bail-out? That is what is happening. Paulson has assigned his pal from Goldman Sachs, Neel Kashkari (or is it cash n' carry) as his point-man to manage the flow of authorized congressional bail-out dollars as the financial institutions line up for their share. Also, another one of Paulson's thieves, Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs, was present at, what can be now called the International Treasury Heist Planning Meeting, which took place at the New York Federal Reserve Bank where a strategy conference on the implications of an AIG failure was laid out for the Bush Crime Family and their Bosses to "understand".

I love it when McCain says to Obama, "You just don't understand." That is correct, John Boy. He doesn't understand because Obama is not part of the Bush Crime Family like you are! It is a segregated club; don't you know? Only Republicons are let in. They're the only ones stupid enough to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid over and over again. Yet, brain-dead bobble-heads like McCain and the Gangstas are the only fools who would listen to a guy with an approval rating of 25% and falling. 
If AIG went bankrupt, Goldman Sachs would likely lose $20 billion. "We can't have that; 
can we, Paulie?", said "da Family" to Hank Paulson. This is why Paulson needs to be summoned to talk in front of a Grand Jury regarding his actions and his conflict-of-interests.

Paulson is roller skating on ice. Not just any ice, but thin ice, at best. He just cannot seem to get anywhere with any skill or accuracy. He gets the bail-out of $700 billion that he wanted so the world's central banks, especially China, which holds $400 billion in toxic derivative debt, can dump it on the U.S. taxpayer in exchange for freshly color laser printed dollars, in order to get re-capitalized. But on Tuesday, he switched gears and began to bail-out the Commercial Paper debt market so very short term commercial borrowing could continue. Just tell me who will borrow? Bush-brain tells us that auto dealers need to borrow to put new cars on their lots. Who is brave enough to buy a new car right now, unless they have enough expendable cash to part with? I guess, paying down one's house debt is not always a personal priority. Adding a new car loan takes precedence. This seems to be a time to reduce one's debt burden. Not increase it. Our president went on to tell us we need more McDonald's restaurants and they need some bail-out cash to build them. HUH? Did he mean that there aren't enough of them already during what appears to be an economic downturn? Rollin', rollin', rollin', that cash stream ain't but swollen, keep those bucks a movin', Rawhide.

Paulie, there is only $700 billion in your piggy bank. So, focus! Has he captured the golden egg laying goose yet?

Paul Craig Roberts (; "Can a Bailout Succeed") asked how does he stretch out $700 billion to cover $2.3 trillion in mortgage-backed securities held by "20 of the nation's largest financial institutions?" How will "the Paulie" do it? Mr. Roberts went on to state that the $2.3 trillion does not even include mortgages that were transformed into more complex derivatives, such as collateralized debt obligations, and then into, and more than likely, credit default swaps. WOW! That would be quite the clown trick. "Watch me pull a few trillion out of my hat. Presto!"

The stock market cannot seem to get any legs to hop and remain into positive territory without the Plunge Protection Team pitching money into the market, in spite of an investment bank and commercial paper debt bail-out. Why? Don't they trust the Goldman Sachs bagman? The sky IS falling Chicken Little and the world markets are getting hailed on.

Mike Whitney (; "Still on the Edge of the Abyss"; 10-6-08) quoted Henry Liu in his article "Liquidity Boom and Looming Crisis", in the Asia Times, "Unlike real physical assets, virtual financial mirages that arise out of thin air can evaporate again into thin air without warning. As inflation picks up, the liquidity boom and asset inflation will draw to a close, leaving a hollowed economy devoid of substance...A global financial crisis is inevitable." 

Main Street translates that into " The ride, it ain't over. We're on the way down, so hold onto your hat, Joe!"

Thanks for reading, Jerry

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The October Surprise-The Final Bailout, a New Faith-Based Initiative

Barack Obama demonstrated an observation John McCain had made of him, although for a  different reason one might expect. McCain called Obama stubborn. How right he was! Obama had stubbornly given McCain too many passes during the debate. For one thing, McCain needed to be called on his view that the surge had worked, therefore the war in Iraq strategy was correct. Wrong, John! The reason the surge had quieted the bloodshed is not a result of the troop increase but because Muqtada al-Sadr declared a ceasefire BEFORE the troops landed on the ground. Al-Sadr will likely make a run for Iraq's prime minister position, therefore he wanted to quiet the resistance.  In addition, the Pentagon paid the Sunni Awakening Council millions of dollars to resist shooting at our soldiers, while we occupy Sunni territory. But the original mission of the surge was to give "breathing room" to the Iraqi parliament so they all: Kurds, Sunnis, and Shias could come to a power-sharing agreement. This has not happened; and, a year has passed! Therefore, the mission for the surge has failed.

A second Obama "Rope-the-Dope" opportunity missed was McCain's "love for the troops" statement, and how his "take care of them" line was false. McCain has not taken care of them. He voted against increasing funds, early on and before the outrage over the lack of protection for soldier safety, which Rumsfeld failed to deliver. The nation's anger over the lack of body armor, and inadequate Humvee plating became a huge outcry. Plus, soldiers were calling for additional time off between deployments, and "Stop-Losses". Soldiers were not even offered the same G.I. Bill that McCain was offered; nor were soldiers receiving timely medical and psychiatric care; injured soldiers even had to pay for their own clothes and phone cards while in the hospital; and, we all recall the deplorable conditions that Walter Reed Hospital had fallen into. All of these examples were not championed by McCain- the Change Candidate, the Maverick, the Outspoken One; and, he had to be led kicking and screaming to "take care of them". McCain did not vote for additional down time between deployments. His reason to vote against the upgrade to the G.I. Bill was because he felt soldiers would not stay in the service long enough for his liking. He voted with the president over 90% of the time. 

Obama needs to get-up-to-speed and utilize every defensive and offensive strategy available, otherwise the mentally-ill Republicon candidate will, once again, frame the debate. 

Also, it is OK to acknowledge specific points that you and your opponent agree on, but limit them to one or two. Keep the rest to yourself, Barack!

If Obama has not realized that McCain is a mean, angry, and mentally-ill individual, at this point in the race, then he has a real problem. When McCain got up on stage to debate Obama, he fell back into his months as a POW mustering his deeply rooted survival mechanisms needed to resist the physical and mental torture laid on him by his Vietcong captors. McCain has never resolved those psychiatric problems, and therefore, would use them as president, negatively impacting upon his decision-making, if elected. In addition, his judgement is impaired. Just look at his choice of a running mate. What was wrong with Olympia Snowe, John? Not dumb enough? Too much experience? Not a strong enough Hillary vote grabber? Oh, Olympia couldn't see Russia from her house! And, did not have a witch-doctor for a pastor; or read too many newspapers; or could recall more than one Supreme Court case. And, of course, did not look like Tina Fey!

As Michael Whitney ( described in his article, (of which I will add literary color!), Hank "The Paulie" Paulson staged a take over of the entire financial system not unlike a small time crime boss gathering forces to overthrow a kingpin crime mobster's money laundering business. Whitney said, "He rose to power in a stealthily-executed Bankster's Coup in which he, and his coterie of dodgy friends declared martial law on the U.S. economy while elevating himself to supreme leader." This even held true on 10-1-08. It is Paulie's October Surprise, aided and abetted by the Congress, and his side-kick Bada Bing Bernanke. These two cranks held the congress at gunpoint threatening to blow the lid off of the entire pop-stand if they didn't turn over the money. "Give me the money or the whole place will go up in smoke." Then he turned to the knee-shakin' bankstas, and said, "I own ya know, boys!"

Mike Whitney went on to write that "the days of the republic are over." Section 8 of the first bailout bill said that--

                 "Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of the Act are non-reviewable                      and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law                      or any administrative agency."

Does this sound like a democracy? Neo-fascism has now been passed into law by Congress. This is a milestone moment. The Republicons, and assisted by Democons, have moved for the legalization of corruption and to be directed by a unitary executive Treasury Secretary, assisted by the Federal Reserve chairman! The foxes are now in charge of the henhouses. "No one comes in or goes out without see us first, hens!"

Obama voted "yes". It is all about the bankstas, who have brought nothing to economic growth but a financial tsunami, while abandoning a national economic CPR plan which would begin to improve economic growth. Peter Morici, Noriel Roubini, Dean Baker and others have outlined a plan that would not reward the fraudsters on Wall-Street. Unfortunately, Obama is not listening to them, either. Nobel Prize winner, Joseph Stiglitz, and Jared Bernstein are at the bottom of his advisory list, and these two should be at the top. Peter Morici's article describing how we got to this point, and his excellent solution to the crisis can be read here.

There was no Democratic congressional outrage over the Putin-style takeover of the private financial system by the Treasury and Fed, enriching these corrupt Wall-Street CEOs who will show gratitude by writing large campaign contribution checks to the Republicon Party. Will the capitulating Democons be left out? "Oh please, throw me a bone!"

The Act stated this: "designating financial institutions as financial agents of the Government, and they shall perform all such reasonable duties related to this Act as financial agents of the Government as may be required of them." I guess this means that loans will be dished out as dictated by the Government! Only those who give sizable campaign contributions are allowed into the newly established Mr. Paulie's Credit Club House.

There it was laid out by the kleptocracy that the U.S. government now controls the financial institutions, which will be paid for by the taxpayers. Don't you feel excited to be part of the game now?

According to a highly respected economist, Michael Hudson, the Treasury will use $800 billion from the Social Security Administration's account to bail-out/buy-out the Banksta Gangsta fraudster's over-leveraged, under-capitalized, and value-less toxic derivatives sitting on their balance sheets. Go ahead and use the middle classes' freshly withheld and hard-earned social security contributions. Steal from the poor and give to the ultra-rich who gambled it all away and now want a government handout so they don't miss payments on their existing vacation homes, or luxury cars, or Radcliffe tuition payments, or Lear jets, or Italian vacations, or 500 karat diamond necklaces. These bankstas are very likely Republicons who don't even pay a fraction of their incomes into social security, while most of us pay 100% of our incomes into the fund.

Bush, Paulson, Bernanke, and now, Obama, and McCain, along with their human side-arms, held a gun to the heads of millions of Americans, making up a majority of them, called, emailed, protested in the streets, and faxed their voices by bellowing out that they do not want to take the poison pill, which they were told was the thing to do for the country. They are all like the preacher, Jim Jones, who told his cult followers to take the Kool-Aid suicide drink for the good of the cause.

I cannot even recall Bush or his crime family henchmen ever doing ANYTHING for the "good of the country" unless it involved a Lie-Based Initiative Greed Program. Read the Act here. Dig more here.

Are you happy that the Royal Bank of Scotland and every other foreign central bank in the world holding bad debt will get a chunk of bailout money by selling it to the Treasury, and in return will receive bailout taxpayer money? Why? To keep them from dumping dollars on the open market? Now, it could also be to allow those banks to freely obtain Treasuries which could later be used to BUY Treasuries, next year, to help pay for an increasingly rising budget deficit. Today it is $410 billion. Will it be higher for 2009, and not lower as Bush has projected? 

The Russian president, Medvedev has said today in the Australian News that U.S. economic hegemony is coming to an end as he spoke before a Russian-German development forum. "We must work together towards building a new and more just financial-economic system in the world on the principles of multi-polarity, supremacy of the law and taking account of mutual interests." Does it really matter exactly why we got ripped off other than we got ripped off? It has been done. Here is another tidbit about the bailout. Banks can hold as little as ZERO reserves to cover deposits.  How about that? This bailout has nothing to do with Main or Side Street as the Bush Crime Family and their congressional surrogates have led us to believe. It is about protecting the Crime Family and those linked to it worldwide. It is about protecting the wealthiest among us and keeping their purses full. No bankruptcy courts for them. No transparency for their balance sheets or debt valuations. No indictments.  Steely Dan wrote a song in the 1970s called Royal Scam; and that is what we now have before us!

Obama said today, 10-1-08, that if he becomes president, he will thoroughly examine the bill and make sure the taxpayers are paid back in full. Oh yes. Don't you feel better already? Once the house catches fire, in a few months, he will come back with the fire extinguisher. 

Barack,  you really give me comfort.

Thanks for reading,  Jerry

TIDBIT: McCain says that because Sarah Palin was a PTA member helps make her qualified to take the seat of the president, if need be. He went on to say she has experience, yet Obama doesn't have experience? Is McCain of sound mind? Watch the clip here.  Watch the entire 9-30-08 Des Moines Register interview here.

POSTSCRIPT: We have been saying all along that we don't need these big financial institutions to function as a nation! Watch the Dr. Dean Baker video on the next page. I agree with his assessment that we don't need these banks. Only the shareholders, and CEOs want this bailout! Just tell the depositors to remove their life savings and redeposit it in their local and regional banks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Letter From John McCain To His Supporters

Hello My Friends,

I am so glad I can write to you on my new computer. I have been taking lessons from Sarah Palin's future son-in-law, Johnson Inmi Levi, or something like that. Now, you have probably heard that I am a technophobe when it comes to these new fangled computer things. The reason for this is because Cindy, who owns more homes than all the president's combined living today, feels it is just too hard for me to carry it around from one home to the other. Sometimes, we don't know where we are going to sleep from one night to the next. To set it up, plug it in, hook up the printer, and all that stuff, it ends up being too much work for me. It is so much easier to carry my fountain pen and a few cocktail napkins if I need to write down anything important.

You know, Barack might have raised many more campaign dollars than me, but I have more Facebook friends than he does. I am so popular. People say that I have a lovable face. Just as they say similar things when speaking about Alvin the Chipmunk.

It is now coming out that I was a critical component in the bringing of the Blackberry into the marketplace. Now, didn't they say something like that about Al Gore and the Internet? And, didn't I poke fun at him for being such an elitist? Anyway, I just love to mix those Blackberry's in with my yogurt, and flaxseed. It is so good for ya, too!

For years, my friends, I have been referred to as a Maverick. It is great to be in the same league as James Garner! Ya' know, he was a Maverick, too. I have been fooling everyone because I am really no Maverick. Actually, a person who is a maverick is one who stands up against those who are trying to persuade him to go along with them. But, my friends. I have done just the opposite over the last 8 years. I have voted with the president's wishes over 90% of the time. I have voted with the president when he wanted to go after Saddam and gin up a war based on lies, as well as with his war on terror, which will likely cost all of us nearly $2 trillion, and when he decided to create the bloated Homeland Security department, the largest entity in the government next to the Pentagon. It has been great giving HLS grants to the states, such as Wyoming, which have been supporting my political party. They were getting more money, per capita than New York City, the very site of the worst terrorist attack. Now, you might not think Wyoming needed such an infusion of HLS monies, but Dick Cheney did. Anyway, you don't want to piss off Dick, if you get my drift. Even though it has not made us safer, my friends, it has made us travel lighter. You don't need to carry on all that shampoo or toothpaste on the plane with you. The hotels give you all you need. And that is a good thing.

I want you to know that I voted with the president when he kept jacking up the fiscal budget deficit, which is now projected to be in the hole $410 billion, which is nearly twice that of last year, (and I don't mean Jackson Hole, Mr. Dark Side),  and the national debt, which is reaching $10 trillion. Now that the government assumed Freddie and Fannie's guaranteed $5 trillion mortgage debt, the total is now over $15 trillion! WOW.  I just love to spend money. Just look at my shoes! Also, did you know that the United States is a $13 trillion economy? Our debt is now bigger than our economy. Don't worry too much. I think Sarah can help me fix that. She has a lot of experience with dat, or should I say debt.

I know it has been hard on all of you in the middle class. You know, that's anyone living on Main Street or Side-Street who is making under $5 million per year. It is hard to see your jobs being shipped overseas. And, I am responsible for that, but I sure like those cheap items we can now buy at the Dollar Store or Wal-Mart. (OOOOH, that smarts.) Don't you think so, too?

I enjoyed voting on behalf of the president's request to give our Pentagon a budget that makes up one-third of our yearly expenditures, which has now reached $2.9 trillion! Yikes! "Cindy, that is more than you make in a year!"

I have sided with the president even this year, when I helped him usher in a record high current account deficit for the first quarter of 2008, which has reached $176.4 billion! That means we imported more goods and services from elsewhere than we exported to other countries by $176.4 billion. Doesn't that make you feel better now? We have to continue to lower the value of our great dollar in order to start to catch up.

Sarah and I want to drill, drill, drill away from foreign oil. By drilling off-shore our coasts. We might get somewhere around 200,000 barrels per day in around 10 years, but already, we are seeing a decline in our oil usage by around 600,000 barrels per day. Conservation is already working, but that does not help my friends at the oil companies make their yacht payments! Alternative energy is good, but nuclear is better. I want to build more nuclear plants, even though we have not solved our current problem of safely storing the nuclear waste. Wind and solar and geo-thermal are great, but then the power companies might just have to buy back your extra-solar energy. Exxon would not like that.

Oh yes, my friends, I even took the bold stand, along side our president, by voting against an upgrade to our tried and true G.I. Bill. I felt that by giving our returning soldiers, who fought so gallantly in Iraq and Afghanistan, a G.I. Bill that would allow them to receive a full and complete education paid for by all of us, was just too much to ask of them. Even though my father and grandfather were admirals, and I was a P.O.W, I don't know if you know that about me, I decided to stand up, instead of standing down, on behalf of our soldiers. You understand, don't you?

My friends, you have heard me talk about the fundamentals of our economy. They are strong, you know? They are strong for all of my friends in corporate America. All of our dear campaign-contributing friends, who have made huge sums of money running such failed companies as Enron, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (I just love her chocolates!), Merrill Lynch, Countrywide, AIG, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers (You know that those guys were Jewish; just like my mench friend, Joe Lieberman. They're my friends, too.), and Halliburton. You get the idea.

I know it is a little hard for my postal carrier, barber, neighborhood teacher, bus driver, cashier, and others to make ends meet, but remember, the fundamentals are strong. President Bush, and Carl Rove told me so. Or, is it the fundamentalists are strong. Oh, I can't remember which way that all goes. Sorry, my friends! I'll have to ask Sarah Palin about that one.

And yes, former Senator Phil Gramm, the very person who was instrumental in taking down this economy back in 1999, along with his friend, Alan Greenspan, and even though the fundamentals are strong, as I am told, was my key economic advisor until he called all of you "wimps and whiners; and had psychological-recession-on-the-brain problems." I had to fire him. But he still comes over and we hang out. But it is all for fun now. I replaced him with Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, so she can help me with all those important economic details, as my running mate. Or, am I HER running mate? I can't remember.

I have stood by my friend, George Bush, even though he humiliated me and my family when I ran against him for the 2000 nomination to be the Republicon candidate for president. He was so evil to me, but, you know, I had to give it up, suck it in, put on a happy face, show a stiff upper lip, raise my head up high, turn the other cheek, let bygones be bygones, stop crying over spilled milk, show my good side (I am not sure which one that is.), kick up my high step, whistle a happy tune, and let it all float under that Bridge to Nowhere so I could have MY TURN to be King! I wannabe the Change President. You give me a dollar, and I will give you back fitty cents in change. That's the new economy I talk about, my friends. You gonna like it!

I have told America that I do not like lobbyists, yet I have had 133 lobbyists work on my Straight Taking, or is it Talking Express campaign, just because there is no one else around here in Washington to hire! The place is bone dry. If they aren't lobbyists, then they are politicians. SO, what's the difference? You take what you can get, as they say.

I want you to know, my friends, that I want to raise your taxes, but don't spread that around! There are a lot of bail-outs to pay for. It is very likely, if I become president, I will have to raise your taxes, just because so many people are out of work, real wages have declined, and consumers are not spending as much, which is shrinking the overall economy. (Did you know that consumer spending makes up over 70% of the GDP?) It is not right for Barack to just raise taxes on the upper income groups, and corporations, who deserve to not pay any taxes. Let's lower their tax rate to 0%. You wouldn't mind, would you? Barack would cut the tax rate for 95% of workers and their families. He would raise the tax rate on the upper class from 35% to 39%. That is just horrible! We cannot have that! That would cripple us. President Eisenhower had the top upper class tax bracket pay 91% in taxes (1954-1963). From 1922-1981, the uppermost tax bracket paid between 58-70% in taxes. From 1944 to 1963 (basically wartime years) the tax rate was above 91%. We cannot have the top tier income earners pay higher taxes during wartime or terror-time. No way; Cindy would be so mad at me if I did that!

We need to raise taxes on everyone, and to make permanent the Bush Tax-Shift Cuts. Now, how will that all work? What this all means is that I will have to raise taxes on my defined "Middle Class" (HEHE) in order to pay for our military, HLS, and the rest of the budget, unless I keep borrowing from China and those sheiks and kings and princes' in the Middle East, raising our budget deficit, and national debt. "I can take you higher." Oh, I just love the duo Blind Ambition. I am so hip, right? Also, if you get employer-based health care, I will tax those benefits, too, lowering your real wages.

The president and I, along with a despicable former senator Rickie Santorum, want to privatize Social Security. You should like that idea because then you can take your hard earned money and put it into the losing stock market. You saw it drop over 500 points just last Monday (9-8-08), and over 300 on that Wednesday (9-10-08) giving all Americans real pause in our equities market. But then, Bernanke, Paulson and President Bush had to go ahead and bail-out every major lending bank with a near $1 trillion transfusion of government dollars because those top executives don't want to lose their country club memberships before New Years. They bought brand- new handmade Chinese suits and made their dinner reservations already!

Now, if you would  have taken your Social Security, and put it into the stock market back around 1997, you would have likely not made a fricken penny. But, OOHH, remember, our fundamentals are strong. Social Security is an insurance policy that you pay into and is invested in our country so that when you are of age to receive it, you will get a check based upon your contribution. Now, if only we Republicons did not borrow from it beginning way back with President Reagan, there wouldn't be any IOUs in that Social Security Lock Box Al Gore wanted to keep away from the legislators. I am so glad the Supreme Court kept him out of the White House, since it would have hurt President Bush's feelings. And you know how sensitive he is. Anyway, my party has already borrowed so much from Social Security that we need to privatize it so you can just keep it under your mattress for safekeeping.

Now, I have written a lot for my very first keyboarded letter. And finally, I want to say that I have approved this message. I think I do. Don't I? Now Senator, type your name. Ok Johnson. No Senator, it's Levi. Sorry, my friend.

Sincerely Yours,

Jon Sitney McCaine

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Thanks for reading, Jerry