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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Republican Party Disaster

With only days left in the campaign, one has to ask the most perplexing national question yet still unanswered, "What is wrong with Republicans?" When you see them in the shopping check-out lines, or pumping their own gas, or at the pharmacy window it maybe hard to identify them. Some people, many people may dress and talk like Republicans, but actually are not that way. And the same goes in reverse, as well.

So, why do registered and non-registered Republicans continue to support the current Republican choice for president? My feeling about it is that they are NOT of sound mind. They suffer from a 30 year mental condition called the Republican Psychological Disorder, or what some call the Patty Hearst Syndrome. As we all recall back in 1974, Patty Hearst, the millionaire heiress of the Hearst family publishing fortune, was abducted and held by an American bred terrorist cult. It wasn't too long after being captured that she was indoctrinated into taking on their guerrilla-style militant ways and joined them in their psychopathic violent and murderous assaults, even though those acts would affect her forever. So, what we have today are average working American Republicans captured by the Republi-con Party, held hostage, and given propaganda-tainted Kool-Aid to drink so as to believe they are correct to accept the dysfunctional, disruptive and devastating rules and ways of the Party abductors, or one could say "Takers", even though it would be harmful to them and their family.

WOW! That sounds just like John McCain! He was "Taken" not only by a "Taker" after crashing into that Hanoi lake during the Vietnam War, fished out of and saved from drowning, and then imprisoned. He pleaded with his "Takers"--the North Vietnamese army to deliver him, the Commander in Chief Pacific Command admiral's son, to a hospital, and in return, he would confess (in a  signed confession) to what he knew about the bombing mission operations he was sent on. My guess is that he still harbors significant self-loathing over that submission he willingly gave, although under duress, to his "Takers". He has never forgiven himself, the confession given by the admiral's son, for his weakness. This is why, even to this day, he continues to demonstrate an explosive temper over the slightest challenges.

In addition, add the Kool-Aid poison he drank from the chalice given to him by the Republican Party paralyzers, such as Karl Rove, to sterilize him from his Mavericky self-depiction and sliver down into their dirty ways. He has turned into Golem from Lord of the Rings. "The ring my precious."

The Republicans, and those 80% who are not in the upper income brackets, would be severely harmed by a McCain presidency. The facts are spelled out in black and white, and proclaimed by him and Palin in their stump speeches. This dysfunctional Maverick would represent the upper 10% of the income earners. He has already said that to the American people, therefore, working class Republicans must have a psychological disorder to support a person who would actually cause them harm if elected. Just look at his record.  It must be that the Republican voter drank the Kool-Aid Bush gave them in 2000, and again, in 2004. Bush, an incompetent, and clearly a sociopath individual, drank the Kool-Aid, too; and now the country has sunk into the deepest and worst economic and social crisis since 1929!

Under this disastrously ideological belief system sung by the Republicon Party elite, and with the full support of John McCain, have taken the country, and the globe, into what might actually end up evolving into an economic depression--a global depression! It is not out-of-the-question that this great nation might fall into default of its debts.

This is the party of John McCain. John McCain's playbook is an extension of the party's playbook, and Bush's playbook, too. And the protocols existing within that playbook are to continue the building of a kleptocracy for the Republicon elite. It is a continuation of the theft of this nation's financial resources right into the hands of those who destroyed the economy in the first place.

McCain wants to lower the capital gains tax from 15% to 7.5%. Only 0.2% of middle class Americans would actually have received a capital gain break lowering their annual tax bill by $4.00! Under the current Republicon-made crisis, the upper 1% with income above $600,000 gets 75% of the gains, for an average benefit of $37,600, and the average tax savings for the top 0.1%---income above $3 million---would be $244,000. American families would continue to suffer under the Republicon designed recession. (Jared Bernstein, 10-15-08,, "Again with Trickle Down!").

So, does McCain believe that the government subsidized wealthy 10% would Trickle-Down their good fortune to those reaching upward from the bottom of the Pyramid (scheme) ladder? We have had this scam delivered to us for over 8 years, and this Trickle-Down disaster is what we got for all the trouble. An $11 plus trillion national debt, a $500 billion budget deficit, an evaporation of $2-3 trillion in home asset wealth, a million plus loss of manufacturing jobs, a net loss of total jobs over the course of Bush's disastous experiment with neo-fascism. From this experiment, beginning with Reagan, and running through to this moment in time, with McCain, Bush, and the rest of the Kleptocrats trying to make the failed and ill-tuned Trickle-Down economic misfire work, look what it created. A true collapse of a system built upon a greed oriented house of cards.

What we are hearing from McCain is that he wants to bail-out homeowners in foreclosure or behind in payments by allowing a government-sponsored lender to assess their home at the original market value, instead of at the current market value. McCain would have the government purchase the home at the original market value, which would reward the lender/banker who originally made the bad loan, while placing the burden on the taxpayers instead of the lender. McCain would rather NOT force the lender to accept the market losses, and renegotiate the loan with the borrower at the current market value. Instead, McCain would rather the original lender take no loss or hit from writing an over-inflated loan, but to force the taxpayers to come up with the cash to buy the originally inflated high-priced loan and rewrite it with better terms. This plan actually props up the housing bubble problem that first instigated the market collapse. This plan only benefits the banker and not the consumer, as we already have learned.

McCain's history has shown he does the political bidding for the rich and powerful elites and not the general population he is to represent. This was seen when he tried to change the law allowing Charles Keating, of Lincoln Savings and Loan, to legally commit fraud against his bank customers, which were average Americans who had trusted his bank with their life savings. He went to jail for fraud and racketeering. He financially contributed to McCain.

McCain continued to engage in, what might be called influence pedaling as a senator and as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee when he started doing the bidding for the most powerful insurance and telecom corporations, while at the same time, received millions of dollars in "contributions", as well as lavish gifts, such as the use of private jets, for acting on their behalf instead of protecting the nation from these goons.

McCain was instrumental in the actual take-down of this economy when he supported Senator Phil Gramm's deregulation legislation of the financial industry during his time as chairman of the powerful Senate Banking Committee.

McCain fought for a ban of political "soft money" contributions, yet after he formed his non-profit organization called the Reform Institute, which was set up to promote his "Mavericky" image, he accepted soft money donations from the very telecom companies that benefitted from his political bidding. If you grease my palm, I will grease your palm, too!

McCain claims he wants to "clean up" Wall-Street, but his legacy has shown he is a deregulator so why would anyone believe he would change the "Casino Culture" on Wall-Street? In 2001 and 2003, he declared the Bush tax-cuts were wrong for the country (the first sign of his country first branding) during a time of war and hardship, yet now, when the economy is worse than anytime since 1931. He rallies his base by saying he wants to make the Bush tax-cuts permanent and even expand those cuts to benefit corporations whereby many, already, do not pay any taxes.

Even though McCain was tortured as a P.O.W, and later spoke against the use of torture, he stood alongside his commander-in-chief ("It is now my turn to be the big commander.") when Bush said he needed to torture. The Mavericky Maverick caved in and embraced Bush's torture policy. Anything to get nominated. Right, John?

McCain railed against lobbyists, yet employs them throughout his revolving door campaign. The last count was 177 in total.

McCain howled against ACORN and Obama's connection to the organization that he accused of committing voter fraud. But now, it has come to pass that McCain has ties to voter fraud in California and Arizona. (Keith Olbermann's Countdown).

McCain's poor judgement reaches back even when he totally embraced the Iraqi war con-man Ahmed Chalabi, the liar who wooed himself into the arms of Cheney and McCain and fed them lies and misinformation regarding Saddam's WMD program, ultimately giving them a reason to go to war. McCain was wrong with nearly every assessment regarding the success of the war, which was really the lack thereof.

McCain is nothing more than another neo-con version of George W. Bush, but worse, because he chose an incompetent person for V.P. during a time of heightened disaster and crisis. Palin lacks intellectual readiness if she would need to assume the role and duties of President of the United States. You are not in Wasilla anymore, Sarah!

For all of these reasons and examples, and I have only scratched the surface, why do Republicans continue to support an incompetent? If elected, he would end up hurting the lives of 80% of Americans throughout his Herbert Hoover-type of presidency.

The answer must be because so many are suffering from Republican Psychological Disorder and need immediate treatment!

Thanks for reading, Jerry

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading a few of these articles and feel that these opinions are so spot-on. Unfortunately, Republicans just don't get it. They are so vacuous and afraid of letting go of 30 years of outrageously inept, destructive and failed policies that emptied the nation of its industrial history to be replaced by corrupt, and fraudulent financial sector thievery.