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Friday, August 20, 2010

BP and US Government Hide The Truth About The Gulf Of Mexico Eruption

A regular commenter to this blogspot, Spector of Deflation, among his other names, posted this incredible video of huge plumes of oil and methane swirling around the so-called plugged Macondo Well. The BP fraud continues. This is an official video that plainly shows the fraud that surrounds us. BP and our government continues to lie to us about how safe the GOMexico is right now. President Obama did not swim in the Gulf of Mexico when he was just down there with his family.

This oil and methane eruption is not going away--more than likely ever! All of this information has happened just this week. Watch what happens when the submersible rover gets close to the well at minute 2. Watch the huge plume of oil and gas swirl all around. The rover turns around and we see a view from all around the well.  (Click on the image screen of the Youtube and it will enlarge.)

The blogger and BP Internet investigator George Washington 2 has an excellent piece about the lie. BP is engaged in a "cloak of silence". The geology around the well's surface is fractured.

On the dispersant being used. Read here.

There has been found a massive 22 square mile oil plume under the surface of the Gulf of Mexico. The fraud continues.

Admiral Thad Allen says that there is danger lurking under those waters!

"BP Must Swap Out The Macondo Blowout Preventer". This is incredible. Read here.

The shroud of secrecy and lies continue to fill up the Gulf of Mexico along with oil and gas.