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Thursday, April 18, 2013

State Controlled Terrorism

Terrorism. That seems to be the word of the moment following the colossally horrific act of violence the world watched during the Boston Marathon.

Our nation is filled with terroristic acts from bombing abortion clinics, to sending poison through the mail, to assault “rifling” an elementary school. The United States is overrun with perverts and sociopaths.

To define the word terrorism: the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

The United States engages in terrorism on a regular basis. Our government has legitimized the use of terrorism through its state run acts of aggression against nation states, its people, and through its behavior.

We just learned, and this was no surprise, that the Bush administration’s deniers of torture were liars.

The problem is that the U.S. engages in violent acts of terrorism, yet we also have to acknowledge that the U.S. government has legitimized non-lethal force of terrorism, which is used to intimidate or coerce for specifically defined political purposes.

It begins with the radical right-wingers on the Supreme Court, which through their legal decisions have created their own version of non-lethal violence against average Americans. Citizens United is a significant decision that unleashed extraordinary amounts of money into campaigns and into advertising that is in itself violence against the average American’s way of life. When billions of dollars are handed out to political candidates that address the mandates authorized by the corporate elite, we have a plutocracy that orders how the country runs its policies and laws.

Citizens United funds influential “think tanks” and lobbyists to roam the halls of Congress muscling the people’s representatives to write legislation that is in the best interests of the corporate elite and the 1%. And, we have lobbyists, such as those hired by the NRA, who manipulate, coerce, and intimidate for political purposes. That is terrorism.

President Obama spoke about how terrorism cannot keep the will of the American people down, and how he will authorize whatever it takes to find the actors, yet he has not done a darn thing to stop the non-lethal form of terrorism unleashed by the megabankstas, the NRA, the Religious Right, the Tea Party, and those in Congress that are hell-bent on controlling women all over this nation through the closing down of women’s health clinics that discuss abortions, or do nothing when American jobs are sent overseas to countries that exploit workers.

The White House, the Congress, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court and all the others spend a great deal of time oppressing hard working people through their non-lethal forms of terrorism. The issue here is just how dulled the American people have become to what has actually been done to them. They accept it. The only form of terrorism that upsets them is the violent type that we saw at Newtown, and now in Boston, yet don’t even put the pressure on their legislators to do anything about it. Only until the violence comes knocking on their door do they open their mouths.

People cringe when they see innocent people mowed down for no apparent reason, yet there are reasons, although insane, that exist. The White Supremacists have their insane reasons; the radical Christian right have their insane reasons; the radical Israeli right have their insane reasons; the radical Muslim right have their insane reasons; the radical Tea Party have their insane reasons. The corporate elite have their insane reasons. Insane reasons are everywhere. The United States is filled with perverts and sociopaths.

Sadly, it will never end until the American people take back their government from the perverts and sociopaths that walk the halls of Congress—especially Congress, and stop accepting dangerous Supreme Court nutcases that should have never been allowed to sit on the bench for the rest of their lives!!!