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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Palin Doctrine

The Palin Doctrine appears to be steeped in narcissism and self-delusion with principles that bond her misinformed followers whose minds cannot be changed by facts to her like frightened insects afraid of the Bug Zapper.

She has now been anointed with a jeweled crown along with the knighted title of Queen of Narcissism. She won’t back down or accept her contribution to Arizona’s politically based shooting spree.

One cannot deny that the shooting spree was political, since the shooter had it planned to assassinate this Democrat because of his political viewpoints, that contradicted her own, and which paralleled those of Rightwingers, such as his hatred for big government, and how the nation went astray when going off the gold standard.

How ironic that is since it was President Richard Nixon who took the country off the gold standard and submersed us into a fiat currency printed through the Federal Reserve as a way to pay for the Vietnam War. Don’t raise taxes to pay for wars, buddy boy! Just print money and issue bonds to sell to foreigners. Pay for wars through debt, say all presidents that followed Nixon.

The Palin-drone went on the attack when interviewed by Sean Hannity, a footman for the Queen. She tried to weasel away from criticism of her Bulls-Eye map and sloganisms by saying that her “aim” was at the ballot box. I don’t believe Jared Loughner had the ballot box in mind.

This is from the Los Angeles Times 1-10-11, By Sam Quinones and Scott Kraft:

“Loughner had purchased a 9-millimeter Glock semiautomatic pistol at a Sportsman's Warehouse in Tucson five weeks ago, and investigators who searched his home over the weekend said they found, hidden in a safe, two key pieces of evidence — a letter from Giffords thanking Loughner for attending one of her Congress on Your Corner events in August 2007 and an envelope that bore the handwritten phrases "I planned ahead" and "My assassination," the name "Giffords" and what appeared to be Loughner's signature.”

I believe the message was perfectly clear—to kill Giffords!

The Palindrome spoke about her innocence in this shooting spree/assassination plot and then turned it on Democrats by essentially saying they have no morals.

Here is Palin’s answer to Hannity’s question of when did she realize she was being connected to the tragedy. It is also interesting that Hannity calls Palin, Governor Palin, when she never completed her term as governor. Actually, she is a Governor Dropout.

Palin: Well, right away, unfortunately, and not just me. And this isn't about me. And my response, four days after this horrendous event, and in my response I talked about defending those who were innocent, had nothing to do with the shooting. And my defense wasn't self defense, it was defending those who were falsely accused.”

Here she tries to disconnect herself from her symbolic connection.

Here is more. Here she shows how she and her Reichwing comrades are also victims of the shooting. She includes her Tea Party folks, Hannity, Limbaugh and the other members of her stochastic terror-like media cabal.

“…and soon, the entire state of Arizona was being falsely accused of somehow being accessories to this horrendous, horrendous crime.”

Here she shifts her self-delusional-I-am-an-innocent-too view to her ‘where in the world did the media come up with this shooting as a politically based shooting.

“That is why I was puzzled, at first, as to why, before facts were even gathered -- why it would be that the mainstream media would start accusing and using such a tragedy for what appeared to be, right off the bat, some political gain.”

She has gone from sympathizing and empathizing with the victims of the tragedy by making New Testament references, and such, to her spinning the interview toward an attack and shift away from her toward the Left. Hannity gave her a segue into it by introducing Robert F. Kennedy’s remarks calling her a merchant of hate because of use of crosshairs on her “target list”.

“And, again, that's [crosshair bull’s eye target used on her map” not original. In fact, Democrats have been using it for years. In fact, Bob Beckel, I believe that he had bragged on your show, Sean, that he is the one who invented these crosshairs or these targets. So, you know, that came up right away, that, oh, it must be a cause of this horrendous evil act of this shooter, that perhaps he saw that map and that incited him towards violence, which, of course, is ridiculous. Again, it's not an original use of an icon or a graphic.”

Here is another deflection or culpability because maybe in the past someone else might have used that icon or graphic, yet, she dismisses it even though an Arizona Democrat was targeted on her map and was then chosen by Jared to kill. No coincidence here is her assessment and conclusion.

Here she minimizes the affect it had on people viewing her bull’s eye target on her PAC site, which was removed by her site manager. “And, I don't think that that was inappropriate. If it was going to cause much heartburn and even more controversy, I didn't have a problem with it being taken down.”

Causes much heartburn? I believe the relationship between the targeting of Ms. Giffords on The Palin-drone PAC map and the killings is a bit worse than heartburn!!!!

Here comes the COGNITIVE DISONANCE out of the shallow, narcissistic brain of this Wasilla defect.

“But screenshots, of course, have been taken of that. And I don't know if the Democrats have taken down theirs in these ensuing days, but, again, knowing that that had absolutely nothing to do with an apolitical or perhaps even left-leaning criminal who killed these innocents and injured so many, I didn't have a problem with it being taken down if, in fact, it actually has been taken down.”

Again, she takes facts that are too painful to hear and creates misinformation by linking the words: Left-leaning criminal who killed innocents and injured so many, and apolitical, when in fact, Jared had Rightwing political views that drove him to kill at the Safeway. (Safeway? Maybe, it was an unsafeway.)

Here they elaborate on the Democratic Leadership Council’s Bob Beckel usage of targets to attack Republicans. See this about the difference between crosshairs and DLC usage.

Hannity says: “Governor, you mentioned earlier the DLC has used this. Bob Beckel did say this; Pat Caddell, a Democrat, over the years has said this -- this is a DLC map we are looking at in the screen here, a bull's-eye map targeting districts, and it says it right there, targeting strategy. All these war analogies. Clinton's had a war room. It's very common in politics. Why do you think you were singled out and the left singled you out in this, Governor?”

Here we see Cognitive Dissonance being used by Hannity to make fiction into fact. What was used at the DLC looked like a crossbow paper target to identify a specific state that was Republican and needed to be worked on. There were absolutely no politicians labeled or listed on this map, but that did not matter to the “fiction-to-fact-fabricators”.

Here Palin’s paranoia comes through that it is about her message and that the country is on the wrong track, and how she must prevail no matter what!!! Here she wants us to believe that her message is filled with time-tested truths; and, that while being the messenger, her message is attempting to be destroyed.

“I know that it isn't about me personally, but it is about the message that I am not hesitant at all to spread across this country. And that is that our country is on the wrong track. We've got to get put back on the right track, and we have to elect those officials who can adopt and enact policy to allow us to be prosperous and healthy and safe again. And I know that a lot of those on the left hate my message, and they will do all they can to stop me because they don't like the message. But, again, we know that it's not just me. It's all who seem to embrace the time-tested truths that helped build our country. They do not like to hear that message. And, as many of them have promised to do, they'll do what they can to destroy the message and the messenger.”

Here she name drops Martin Luther King, and moves the discussion on to herself. Here she believes there are forces trying to shut her up. Here is her self-delusion that she is just “lil ole me”, when in fact, she is a media Hindenburg. If anything, she will explode by her doing.

“So, in a situation like we have just faced in these last eight days of being falsely accused of being accessory to murder, I and others need to make sure that we, too, are shedding truth -- shedding light on truth so that a lie cannot continue to live. Because if a lie does live, then, of course, your career is over, your reputation is thrashed and you will be ineffective in what it is that you are trying to do. So, I will continue to speak out. They're not going to shut me up. They're not going to shut you up or Rush or Mark Levin or Tea Party patriots or those who, as I say, respectfully and patriotically petition their government for change. They can't make us sit down and shut up. And if they ever were to succeed in doing that, then our republic will be destroyed. Not necessarily me being sat down and shut up, but having the voice of respectful dissent being shut up. That would destroy our republic.”

Here she blows again:

“We know violence isn't the answer. When we take up our arms, we're talking about our vote. We're talking about being involved in a contested primary like this and picking the right candidate, too, John McCain. We thank you for that.
But this B.S. coming from the lame stream media lately about this... about us inciting violence. Don't let -- don't let the conversation be diverted. Don't let a distraction like that get you off track. Keep fighting hard for these candidates, who are all about the common sense conservative solutions that we need.”

Here again, The Palin-drone flies over the scene claiming her own victimization.

Hannity: “Do you receive, Governor, a lot of death threats?

I receive a lot of death threats. My children do. That's the worst part of it, as you can imagine.”

 “Well, I have repeated over and over my condemnation of violence and specifically trying to explain that when we talk about being up in arms, we're talking about getting to the voting booth in -- in a democracy within our republic. We want to make sure that we're exercising our right to vote. That is our arms. But that was frustrating. I think the most frustrating part of this has been the accusation that I and others, upon responding to false accusations of being involved in murder, that we have interjected ourselves into the story.”

Now comes here attack of the Left:

“I think they're -- the hypocrisy there is so glaring and the double standards. I mean it reminds me that those on the left if it weren't for their double standards, they'd have no standards. So it -- it's almost, really, a waste of time to even address their hypocrisy.”

Hannity asks her about the term “blood libel”, and this is her answer, while never fully explaining why she used such a provocative and explosive term after such a tragedy. Then, she begins to shift away from herself toward the blaming of Congress for not getting to work on the issues that plague this nation, which she believes are more important than her having to explain herself.

“I don't know how the heck they would know if whether I did or didn't know the term "blood libel," nobody has ever asked me. And "blood libel" obviously means being falsely accused of having blood on your hands. And in this case that's exactly what was going on. And yes, the historical knowledge that people have of the term "blood libel," it goes back to the Jews who were falsely accused back in medieval European times of using the blood of children. And you know, the criticism of even the timing of this statement is being used as another diversion, because I believe that there are many on the left, many critics, who don't want, for instance, Congress, to buckle down, get back to work.

“There's this trifecta thing going on in our country right now that's going to bring America to her knees if Congress doesn't start addressing the issues at hand. That being our growing debt, a looming energy crisis if we don't start domestically developing our resources, and some of the national security policies that have been adopted and enacted, like the signing and the ratification of the START treaty that Russia's Duma won't even ratify because there are misinterpretations of what the preamble means. So, we have these things going on right now that have got to be addressed, and Congress has got to get back to work. And it's just much easier, I believe, for critics of common-sense conservative agenda to try to divert and distract from the issues at hand, those tasks that must be addressed today.”

That is the meat of the interview. But there is more to this analysis. It has to do with the psychology behind the Palin mind.

In a piece by Stephen Dufrechou called “Are We Too Dumb for Democracy? The Logic Behind Self-Delusion, 12-19-10,, he says “when faced with facts that do not fit seamlessly into our individual belief systems, our minds automatically reject (or backfire) the presented facts.”

Here is a paragraph that describes Palin when plural words in the Dufrechou piece are removed and Palin descriptor words are interjected with [ ].

“In light of these findings, researchers concluded that a defense mechanism, which they labeled “backfire”, was preventing individuals from producing pure rational thought. The result is a self-delusion that appears so regularly in normal thinking that we fail to detect it in ourselves, and often in others: When faced with faced with facts that do not fit seamlessly into [her] individual belief systems, [her mind] automatically reject[s] (or backfire[s]) the presented facts. The result of backfire is that [she] become[s] even more entrenched in [her] beliefs, even if those beliefs are totally or partially false.”

The author concludes the following, “[F]acts often do not determine our beliefs, but rather our beliefs (usually non-rational beliefs) determine the facts that we accept. “

Maybe Palin bases her opinions on her own beliefs, which may have an uneasy relationship with real facts. (Adapted from a reference in the piece from a Boston Globe article.)

In describing “Cognitive Dissonance”, “when our lynch pins are disturbed, our psychologies are shaken. Psychoanalysts explain that, when this cognitive dissonance does occur, [when there are challenges to facts that conflict with our ideology, the tendency is for that individual to experience feelings of anxiety, dread, and frustration. When these psychologies that hold our ideologies together come apart that is what is called Cognitive Dissonance] the result is to ‘externalize’ the sudden negative feelings outward, in the form of anger, or resentment, and then to ‘project’ this anger onto the person that initially presents the set of backfired facts to begin with. This non-rational eruption of anger or resentment is what psychoanalysts call “de-sublimation”. And it is at the point of de-sublimation, when the disavowal/backfire mechanism is triggered as a defense against the cognitive dissonance.”

“The final step occurs when the person, who offered the toxic facts, is then non-rationally demonized.”

This is how Sarah Palin functions. This is how her dysfunctional, and delusional mind works. This is The Palin-drone in action; or, is it The Palindrome in action.

Did she go on the Hannity show in order to gain solidarity with her fellow stochastic terror-like cabal-mate? Does she, and the others, use the mass media communications network “to stir up random lone wolves to carry out violent or terroristic acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable?”

So, decide for yourselves where this Grisly Mama is coming from. I have it figured out already.

Thanks for reading, jerry

Friday, January 14, 2011

More On the Huffington Post Censors Commentators To Articles Posted

Around 24 after I posted my original "Huffington Post Censors Commentators To Articles Posted" piece, I received an email from them. Here it is:


The topic of censorship you mentioned in your blog entry was brought to my attention.

I investigated your claim and found that a technical glitch identified your website URL improperly as a different URL that had been properly banned from our site. Therefore, since you include your URL at the bottom of each of your comments, they were all removed. 

I have temporarily removed the bad link that was causing the problem, in order to allow your comments to pass through the moderation process properly. I have also submitted a tech ticket to get the problem fixed on a permanent basis. Finally, I will be undertaking a review of your most recent comments to publish those that are acceptable. If there is another user name other than "jerrypl" that has been affected, please send it to me and I will review those comments as well. 

I apologize for the problem, and hope that this resolves your issue. For the record, you can best get help with situations like this by emailing us at or in the future.


Stephanie H.
User Support Specialist
Huffington Post Moderation Team


The above email was sent to me on 1-9-11 (Monday), yet it appears that only a fraction of my comments to pieces written on Huffington Post have been allowed to be posted, the remaining continue to be reviewed by the commentator.

Stephanie H., as of this date, has not published any of those comments I made that were censored.

Here are this week's comments that Huffington Post censored. This opening quote was what prefixed my comments written.

This [these] comment is [are] pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved.”
( I failed to copy and post my comment before hitting the “post comment” on HuffPo.)

Why is Limbaugh still allowed to remain on the air spewing lies and propaganda when such garbage is filled with hate and more? His propaganda message is to spin the shooter's support of Democrats.

The fact remains that Jareed killed Democrats, and nearly killed a Democratic Congresspe­rson. Not only that she is a Jew and so were a few others.

Here is the analogy we learned in school, Rush----Ja­reed hated government­. Radical Rightwing Republican­s often rail against government and it being too big, and that the government has too many working people within it. Democrats don't make this their message.

Therefore, Jareed=bad government­=Radical Rightwing Republican­s.
He also had a belief that we should be returning to the gold standard, as does Texas Republican Congressma­n Ron Paul. I don't hear that from Democrats. It comes mostly from the Right.

"But when was it less heated?  Back in those "calm days" when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols?" HUH? Those were the calm days? "Those days" was a period in time when our nation was less civilized, Sarah. The government went forward and massacred millions of Native Americans for land. Those were the days when two people angry or dishonored battled it out, and sometimes with pistols. What has occurred with Sarah Palin was that she decided to target, and aim her sights at opponents that had a different political viewpoint. SHE PURSUED THE DUELING, NOT HER OPPONENTS! She has the 'blood libel" on her hands, as she calls it. What we have her is a narcissistic--you-are-wrong-not-me- and-THEY-are-out-to-get-me candidate for the Republican party.
She claims that Jared was apolitical!!!! No Sarah. He was political. He shot and killed Jews, and Democrats, as well as a child. He was angry over government, which is the message that many Republicans shared with him. Republicans often soapbox about "government is the problem and not the solution", and that the US needs to go back on the gold standard.
Sarah is trying to deflect the real story here. One, she used toxic and vile rhetoric to rally her Republican base to "aim" and "target" her Bull's Eyed opponents, which could insight a mentally unstable and deranged person to follow through with her message.

Morning Joe showed some guts to call out The Beckesta for being an "Insighter" of hate, and anger

Yes, Rep. Cleaver is correct. And, there will be hoards of Democrats who will not vote in 2012 because they realize that Obama has turned his back on progressiv­e issues, and capitulate­d too much with the Republicon­s. He abandoned a public option, he caved into allowing the mega-banks to steal from the government as they traded toxic mortgages, which they refused to write-down­, with the Fed and in return received near free cash to speculate on Wall Street stalling a real economy, and manipulati­ng world currencies­.

Rep. Cleaver is right. The real unemployme­nt and underemplo­yment figures, based upon Shadowstat­, shows that we are now over 20% with those figures. This will not get better. Jobs in service, burger flipper-li­ke places, maids, etc are not sustainabl­e, good paying jobs that raise up middle and lower income workers.

Rep. Cleaver is right, because Obama has handed over his cabinet to Wall Street.
Obama will have a tough time getting re-elected­. He already handed the mid-terms to the Republicon­s.

With 'Blood Libel,' The 2012 Campaign Has Begun First Posted: 01/12/11 by howard fineman
When one has in the political arena a deeply narcissistic, toxic "grisly (not grizzly) mama" out to "target, and aim" others in order to further the Christian nation, extreme rightwing agenda, then what is created is Sarah Palin.
Her "blood Libel"--is really "blood simple" in that she believes in the hunting down of a mainstream, open minded political debate

Why should we expect anything else from the righwing's psychopathetics who have infiltrated the Republicon party with a wink and a nod.

Katla McGlynn 
First Posted: 01-12-11
When America elevates the most incompeten­t, narcissist­ic and ignorant citizens up upon the political stage, as with Palin, it becomes very likely they will set themselves aflame using a can of their own vile, toxic juices.

thanks for reading, jerry

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sarah Palin Is Culpable For The Giffords Shooting Spree

 Once again, there was a mass killing performed by a mentally ill, and unstable citizen of the United States, and more specifically, Arizona, which has one of the weakest gun laws in the nation. In Arizona, a person with mental instability can buy a semi-automatic glock, and conceal it because the law restricting their sale expired in 2004 and Congress would not go up against the National Rifle Association lobby and extend it; therefore, a young gunman took the lives of several and wounded many others. He almost killed Representative Giffords, a Jew, and killed a few other Jews that worked on her staff, along with a nine-year-old child.

Texas Representative Ron Paul has said repeated, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” Yes Ron, guns kill people, and Jared Loughner’s gun, owned by this mentally unstable resident of Arizona, unveiled his concealed weapon, killing people because he was allowed to own a semi-automatic under Arizona law.   
Fingers have been pointing at the bull’s eye target map that was created by Sarah Palin “aiming” her sights at vulnerable Democrats that she wanted to see targeted for defeat. Palin has consistently used vile and militant-style language as her political monogram. It appeared from her speeches that her narcissistic self-depiction as the Grand Poohbear of the Grizzly Mama crowd, within the extreme Reich-wing of the Republican party, might have gruesomely caught up with her.
 Rabbi Michael Lerner’s op-ed, on, pointed out the following:

“When right-wingers create a climate of hate against liberal government, and then individuals act on that hate as they did in blowing up a Federal Building in Oklahoma City and now this premeditated murder of several people (we are still praying for the survival of Congresswoman Giffords) in hate-filled Arizona (where she had been attacked viciously but not physically for her support of health care reform), the state whose racism has made it famous around the world for profiling Mexican immigrants, there is no call to investigate and protect ourselves from these right-wing hate mongers.”

We consistently hear from the Reich-wing part of the Republican party that the United States is a Christian nation, although nowhere in the Constitution does it declare Christianity as the nation’s sole and predominant religion; but, people like Palin, and other Brownshirt dressing haters on the radio and television believe this should be so.

Sarah Palin’s Facebook page clearly painted a picture of herself as a political figure who was out to get Democrats, and some Republicans, who did not agree with her political views. Her now infamous map, which she had taken down from her website and Facebook page, had 20 cross-haired bull’s eye targets on it. She has since come out defensively downplaying those bull’s eye cross-hair symbols. There is no getting around it -- Sarah, they were there, and that was your focus—to “aim”, to “reload” and “to target” those more liberal and more progressive than you will ever be. 

This is from the Arizona Daily Wildcat of 9-24-10, written by Nyles Kendall,  “Palin reloads, aims for Giffords”:

“Earlier this year, Palin drew sharp criticism for featuring a map on her web page riddled with crosshairs targeting Democrats in vulnerable congressional districts. Tucson's Gabrielle Giffords is among the 20 Democratic incumbents whom Palin intends to use for target practice.”

In the same article, Giffords’ opponent, Republican Jesse Kelly said, "We are honored to have the support of Governor Sarah Palin,"

And, this from, “Giffords Opponent, Jesse Kelly, Held June       [6-12-10] Event to “Shoot a Fully Automatic M16″ to “Get on Target” and “Remove Gabrielle Giffords”.” Here is more:
 “Kelly’s website has apparently scrubbed the event, but here is the account from the Arizona Daily Star---------Jesse Kelly, meanwhile, doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least by the Sarah Palin controversy earlier this year, when she released a list of targeted races in crosshairs, urging followers to “reload” and “aim” for Democrats. Critics said she was inciting violence.
He seems to be embracing his fellow tea partier’s idea. Kelly’s campaign event website has a stern-looking photo of the former Marine in military garb holding his weapon. It includes the headline: “Get on Target for Victory in November. Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.”  The event costs $50.”
The Arizona Daily Wildcat went on to say:

"Kelly's photo is now prominently displayed on Palin's "Take Back the 20" website, just below the crosshair-covered map titled "We've diagnosed the problem. Help us prescribe the solution," a chilling innuendo.

Like the rest of the Republican Party, Kelly knows better than to be on the wrong side of a Palin endorsement.

If Palin truly cared about rectifying the problems inherent to this country's for-profit health care system, one that she and the Republican Party seem intent on preserving, she would dedicate her time and money to lending a helping hand to the estimated 50.7 million uninsured Americans rather than using her celebrity status to ensure the nomination of a handful of Republican nobodies.”

Noel Sheppard of wrote, “MSNBC's Ed Schultz on Wednesday called Republicans bastards that want to destroy the American dream [Ed apologized, four minutes later, for the harsh comment].” Mr. Schultz’ rant was this—“It’s all about taking down President Obama. They don’t want to create jobs. They’re not about that at all. And I’ll guarantee you, if you do see the numbers change, which I believe they will, you won’t hear Boehner or any of these new righties give one ounce of credit to the last Congress for fighting like hell for a jobs bill. This is an ideological war. I say it on camera tonight here on MSNBC. I will fight these bastards every night at 6 o’clock because I know what they’re up against. I know what they want to do. They want to take down American workers. They want to outsource jobs. They want to destroy the American dream. Concentrate the wealth to the top, and control minorities. That’s what they’re about.”

What Ed Schultz said about the GOP and his calling them out as “bastards” was minor compared to the message of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin (called for the killing of Julian Assange) when they have called out to their listeners to aim, reload and target Democrats, liberals and progressives over the last couple of years. Such angry haters, racists, and vitriolic ‘vile-ators’ on the Right have called for killing (Michael Moore), as well as performing harm upon persons just because they have a different ideology and political viewpoint.

Another Congressional Crazy Kook D’jour “speaking on a right-wing talk radio show in Minnesota on Saturday [March 21, 2010], [Republican Representative from Minnesota, Michele] Bachmann said:
"I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous on this issue of the energy tax because we need to fight back. Thomas Jefferson told us ‘having a revolution every now and then is a good thing,’ and the people – we the people – are going to have to fight back hard if we’re not going to lose our country. And I think this has the potential of changing the dynamic of freedom forever in the United States.” (, “Bachmann urges "armed" revolt over climate plan”.]

Why hasn’t she been expelled from her Congressional seat for calling up an armed revolt over a mere energy tax? Or, arrested as an enemy non-combatant? If that were you or me, we would have been taken in for question, at the very least!

We have heard from Charles Heller, the founder of the Arizona Citizens Defense League saying, “The reason the perpetrator was caught was because of rapid action of the citizen militia.” How wrong that statement was!! There was no drawing of concealed weapons upon the shooter taking him down, but brave souls in the crowd, one wounded and others valiant who came to Ms. Giffords defense, risking their own lives, to disarm this killer!!! Heller needs to speak honestly about the crime scene and not over-inflate the roll of those associated with his local militia group in regards to this event.

There is no place for venomous, and toxic people to be allowed to contribute to the political debate without massive accountability, or be granted a license to “perform” in the public’s media, yet it has continued and been permitted; and now, it is clear that our long time civility has given way to rudeness, disrespect, and intimidation in our social and political discourse. Unfortunately, that ceiling of social and political norms has been turned into a vile battlefield resulting in the killing of others for their beliefs, and viewpoints. This is nothing more than an Ayatollah-like calling out for the elimination of the opposition, as was with the fatwa issued to kill Salman Rushdie for his writings and viewpoints.

And, Sarah Palin had made it a form of political strategy by taking “aim”, to “reload” if defeated, and to “target” those who disagree.

What is extremely clear is that Sarah Palin is culpable in this shooting spree. Individuals who are mentally unstable, dangerous and/or psychologically ill very likely have difficulty holding back their impulses, which are triggered by people, for instance, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, who ask their psychologically weak listeners and supporters to perform actions on their behalf, such as “aiming” at a personal target, or “targeting” a place or location, need to held 100% culpable in the resultant crime.

Thanks for reading, jerry

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Huffington Post Censors Commentators to Articles Posted

It has become very apparent that Huffington Post is censoring a percentage of its commentators who want to express viewpoints to the posted articles. I have noticed that since January 1, 2011, and even before this date, they have been censoring my comments. Being labeled a liberal or progressive, and critical of the Obama administration, they have decided to censor my comments. They have yet to answer my question of why.

I find this incredible since Arianna Huffington and Roy Sekoff are all over the television being critical of the Obama administration and touting a more liberal position, yet are censoring liberal commentators on their site.

What alerted me to a consistent blocking of my comments was a piece about Ed Schultz calling the GOP "bastards". My response was in regards to a commentator who told Ed to "shut his pie mouth", yet I responded by saying it was very unlikely that this person would tell O'Reilly, Limbaugh or Beck to shut their "pie mouths"when call for the doing of harm, or worse, to liberals and progressives expressing their viewpoints.

I went on to point out that the above three right-wingers often using harsher words about liberals and progressives than the word "bastard".

Here are my examples of HuffPo censorship:

This is how they introduce their censorship---

“This comment is pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved.”
First Posted: 01- 6-11 08:35 PM

“The GOP runs on rhetoric, slogans, catch phrases, but when forced to actually define their positions, they have no clue what to do. They are the Party-of-No, but that is all they know how to do.

$100 billion is small numbers to cut from Federal Budget. In order to make a difference, a trillion dollars needs to be cut. So, how about starting with the military war machine. It is not about "Pentagon savings", but actually reductions. By ending the two failed wars/occupations, which drains the economy and has little-to-no stimulus to the real economy, we would likely see around $800B returned to the budget.”

"The administration can try and spin these job numbers all they want, but the reality is jobs are barely returning. Obama wants us to believe that the jobs are coming back. Obama stated that we need to be more competitive, but that really means cutting wages and benefits to meet the globe's least common wage denominator.

Filling his economic advisor circle with elite Wall Streeters defines the Obama position.

As foreclosures continue, personal wealth for many workers will decline. What we are seeing is a credit bubble because workers are using credit as cash. How many auto loans will go into default this year and next?

All of these problems are related to the continuous un-underemployment, as well as those who stopped looking for work."

Paul Krugman: Don't Believe The Texas Economic 'Miracle' 1-7-11

"The GOP can win elections on their delusional cost cutting, and austerity propaganda messages, but they never work. The results are poor educational results, more citizens requiring social services, such as food stamps, lower wages and benefits, and more worker suffering.

The reality seems to be is all they really care about is serving the corporate elite make more for themselves and work to eliminate regulations so they can spend less on keeping the environment clean, and more bringing in more profits for themselves."

"So, how does the economy grow when foreclosures are increasing, workers suffer from declining and stagnant wages, therefore, must use credit cards as cash, and the Obama administration and economic team advisors support the Fed policy of issuing nearly free cash to the bankstas who don't use this free cash to rebuild the economy but to speculate on Wall Street and foreign currencies hoping to boosting their value making the dollar and US exports more desirable, along with other speculative investments?

It has been all about making more money for the corporate and financial elite at the expense of the real economy and working Americans with little economic reverberation.

The Fed pays the corporate and financial elite to redeposit the cash that they lent out back into the Fed paying around 3% for doing so. How does this help improve the economy?"

I view this censorship as nothing more than becoming a capitulator to the conservative corporate advertisers to their website and making sure that their income flows don't get cut off. The corporate elite advertisers don't want too many opposing viewpoints being printed on the site.

It just could be that Arianna Huffington's original conservative viewpoints are reemerging as when she called for the resignation ( of Bill Clinton along with other conservatives when Clinton was falling down the sexual rabbit hole.

thanks for reading, jerry