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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sell All Your Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds!

Mr. Jim Cramer of the popular investment television program called Mad Money, on CNBC, is just a tool for the corporate elite: those 10% of all the income earners who now earn 50% of all the nation’s income.

If you want to make a statement and shake up Wall Street, then sell all your equities soon. I suggest that date be around October 23, 2009. Wall Street has demonstrated that it can push the DOW up without any real recovery.

What we continuously hear is how homes are selling slightly up, but when compared from a year ago, it remains negative. We hear how consumer buying is slightly up, but when compared to a year ago, it still is way down and remains in negative territory. With savings significantly up, how can the consumer, who is strapped for expendable cash, be spending? If it isn’t a Cash-For-Something-government program, then there is no real spending.

Look at the facts. Credit card default is increasing, as is commercial real estate defaults. So, where is the recovery?

Without the real economy recovering, there is no spending. Without wages increasing, and people going back to work, then there is no real recovery, but only a hyped one by the likes of such people as Ben Bernanke and the money mad hatters. President Obama continues to hide the real facts.

If you want to send a powerful message to Wall Street, President Obama, Ben Bernanke and TimmieG Geithner that the other 90% of the wage earners will not support the economic crime syndicate and the top 10% damaging the real economy at the expensive of everyone else, then pull your money out of equities and bonds and put it into money markets or cash. Force our officials to tell the truth and pass legislation that helps the Real Economy and not just the Investment-Corporate Elite Economy.

Even if it were for a month or two, the message would be sent. The Market would drop 1000 or 2000 points in a matter of hours and days. The message would be that unless there was fairness, as well as market regulation and controls, the real people would not play. Also, if the Justice department continues to seriously resist a grand jury investigation that would delve deeply into the economic financial investment banking crime syndicate, then the Real People will not play. We need to know why the economy went south, who were those that were responsible, what criminal activity led up to it and ran through it, and why it was allowed to occur in the first place, to just list a few basic questions.

Ben Bernanke appears to have committed fraud when threatening Congress to hand over $700 billion in the form of TARP or else the economy would collapse. It appears that the threat was erroneous. He said that unless the billions were given up, the commercial paper market would freeze and businesses would come to a halt. The threat made it look like business would not be able to function unless TARP (Toxic/Troubled Asset Relief Program) was put into place. Yet, the next day, Bernanke opened up a commercial paper facility, whereby he was open for business buying commercial paper. Bernanke had the authority to do this without Congress’ cash. This looks like fraud, as well as extortion.

And, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, another field marshall for the financial crime syndicate bosses told Congress that if they did not issue TARP, Marshall Law would likely have to be put into place. He threatened that if a bailout was not passed, then the economy would collapse, there would be panic in the streets, a run on the banks, and Marshall Law instituted by the likes of LittleBoy Bush. This sounds like blackmail!

The investment banks were thrilled! They got their bonuses and Goldman Sachs, along with AIG got billions to bailout their counterparty colluders.

By keeping your money in equities, bonds, and mutual funds, instead of shifting over into cash or money market funds, then you are supporting this theft and fraud.

President Obama has shown his complete support for Bernanke, the Fed Field Marshall for the financial crime syndicate. TimmieG Geithner allowed these investment banks, such as Goldman Sachs, and Bank of America, as well as the others located in New York to go unregulated when he was the chairman of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This is their game, which is to keep them flowing with cash, while looking the other way, and lending them U.S dollars at zero percent interest. Now, the FDIC is considering asking these investment banks to loan it money, since it is almost broke. This is like asking bank robbers for a loan. Oh, isn’t that exactly how the Mob operates?

It is not all that painful. You have had worse!! Just sell and put your holdings into cash. Keep it there for a month or two, and then buy again, if you wish, at new lower prices. The message will be sent if the nation does this. Change would occur because the FatCats would not know when the Real people would pull this stunt again.

This is the change WE can make happen!!! We cannot wait any longer.

Thanks for reading, jerry