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Friday, July 17, 2009

President Obama Has Been Swarmed By The Huge Financial Beehives

I heard a story from a gas company technician about a massive hive of bees that swarmed him. He was standing still when he saw a queen bee leave what he assumed was a meadow hive leading a giant swarm of bees numbering in the thousands. He said it was a huge black cloud of bees that weaved all around as it approached him. The giant swarm came toward him, encircled him, and then, led by the queen, took off into the distance.

This is what has been happening to the average person in the United States. Since Reagan, the financial beehives have been building their worker bee populations in order to go out upon the planet seeking grains of pollen. The pollen consists of the people’s financial wealth.

We have seen a Goldman Sachs beehive, as well as a CITI hive, a BoA hive, and the list goes on. Instead of just a localized, unassuming tree hanging hive, they built fortress hives. The chair queens not only had worker bees, but operative bees that trained the busy little worker drones in the process of finding grains of pollen from the most barren and questionable sources, as well as from the common and plentiful sources.

The worker bees were shown that pollen could be discovered in the open market fields where there could be found a plethora of blooming wealth of flowering capital sources ready for the picking. And, there was nothing to stand in their way.

The worker bees also found usable flowering capital under many rocks and stones, of which they overturned to pluck for the taking.

The chair queens created a syndicate. They would meet together in secret plotting and developing ways to take the pollen grains and brew securitized and “derivativized” nectar formulas to feed all the worker bees motivating them to gather up more and more pollen grains. They were even encouraged to keep a portion of the nectar brew to sell or use for themselves.

The leader of all the land, which had been picked by the leading chair queens, began getting supplied with all the nectar he could get away with. This would ensure the control by the chair queens over the pollen gathering processes. This man was President Obama. The leading and most powerful chair queen was one who ran the Goldman Sachs hive. This chair queen told President Obama that he would be bringing key GS hive operators into his command and control center. The list of key operator bees was numerous. They were instrumental in training operators that swarmed the congress of the land, as well as many other agencies, facilities, and companies.

The goal of all these operators was to make sure that even the pollen stored inside the Treasury of Pollen would end up in the various hives, but mostly in the deep storage module vaults of the GS hive, AIG hive and the CITI hive.

The danger that occurred was that President Obama had placed in charge of the people’s Treasury of Pollen a key GS hive operator. This operator, a high level worker bee, had a fellow pollen-syndicate operator in charge of the Federal Reserve of Pollen Grains. He devised a technique that took a grain of pollen and repeatedly split it into numerous grains diluting the original value of that grain but which still could be made into nectar, although watered down in many respects. Therefore, it no longer had the same potency and “nutritional value” when used requiring more to supply the typical daily requirements of nectar.

The people, who worked hard to plant the seeds, toiled the land using their bodies and minds to cultivate the plants and crops that provided the blossoms and flowers, and ultimately, the seeds that produced the pollen, which the worker bees took at will. There were no rules or regulations set upon the worker bees because if the people’s representatives did not play the game the way the chair queens wanted it played, then they would be attacked by the swarm with repeated stings removing them as an adversary to their greed-based objectives.

After decades of the people laboring over their fields of flowering plants and crops, the worker bees took so much pollen so quickly that the plants could not pollinate each other because the pollen was not being used to propagate the land with new and improved crops and plants, but to steal the pollen to produce nectar inside the hives. In other words, the chair queens and operators wanted all the pollen grains for themselves.

This resulted in fewer crops and plants to find pollen grains. The hives had to lay-off worker bees, and the field hands no longer were able to grow as many crops and plants for the purpose of producing seeds for the following planting season. The overall economy of the land fell into collapse. In the past, the people had lots of fruits, flowers, beans, nuts, seeds, and grains to keep the economy thriving. It thrived too much and the nectar brew began to overheat. The process of splitting the pollen grains to produce the diluted “nectarized” securities and derivative formulas ended up causing a great fire from an unregulated fermentation process destroying all that had been stored and saved.

The frightened chair queens ended up going to the Federal Reserve of Pollen Grains and President Obama’s key chair queen operative inside the Treasury of Pollen demanding they turn over all their stored grains to them, otherwise the hives will self-destruct and disappear leaving only the small beehives hanging throughout the fields, valleys, mountains and villages. The chair queens painted a bleak and grim future if they were not in control of the pollen grains.

The disappearance of the giant hives would have been good in the long run because the local people would have a more sustainable relationship with the bees, the crops and plants. The chair queens were afraid of this occurring removing them from the wealth-gathering process of stealing pollen grains from the people.

The sustainable scenario did not happen. The chair queens won out because President Obama favored them over the needs and survival of the people. What would be needed is for President Obama to authorize his command center to go out and use a potent and effective, as well as long lasting, bug defogger on all the massive hives that had caused the collapse in the first place!

The sequel has yet to be made. Stay tuned.

thanks for reading, jerry