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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reverend J. Cletus Kiley Speaks Truth To Power at the N.B and C.T 2011 Conference

The United States Citizen is at war the criminal financial and corporate elite who are determined to take all the nation's wealth from hard working average Americans, to kill the jobs in the country in order to keep those workers indebted through their credit cards and loans to the corporate and financial elite, and to steal the nation's resources without paying their fair share, as in the case of Marcellus Shale exploration.

Today we have da' Boehner, Scott Walker, Tom Corbett, and Paul Ryan and the rest of the corporate political lapdancers lying and shilling for the criminal corporate elite. Their goals to destroy the safety nets of hard working Americans, and blaming them and their safety nets for the ills of the nation, are nothing other than anti-democratic, and neo-fascist.

We just heard that Bank of America increased their earnings not through improved national productivity of the Real Economy, but through increased fees and charges. They have improved their "profitability" through "creative accounting practices" and not through the growth of the real economy.

Godmans Sachs', Lord Blankfein, who once said he was doing God's work, is once again, on the hot seat and is being referred by Congress to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution. Finally!!!!

As many have said before, this nation's economy cannot improve until those who destroyed the economy through criminal activity, purposeful deception, and fraudulent practices are behind bars.

We have people like da'Boehner, Tom Corbett, Paul Ryan, and Scott Walker who have lied and deceived the voters, taken corporate "bribes" and are destroying the conditions of working people in their own states so the corporate and financial criminal elite can have even more for themselves.

Here is an interesting statistic: only the top 5% of the nation's working people earn $166,000 or more. The upper 1% exceeds $1M in income, yet they have gleaned more of the nation's wealth than the 99% of those below them. And, they want more tax cuts, instead of paying their fair share. Read here.

This video says it all in just a few minutes.