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Monday, May 24, 2010

No Change Is Gonna Come

President Barack Obama has let down those that supported him during his run for the presidency. Now, he has let down a great many more Americans, not only those who casted their vote for him, but also, those who did not.

He entered the White House during an economic crisis promising transparency, open government, and the use of science to analyze the problems that face the country, but it appears that he has used corrupted data his analytic process.
The Senate just passed a financial reform bill ("Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010") that continues to allow for naked short selling, synthetic derivative trading, and the corrupted Too Big To Fail mega-financial banks without separating their investment from banking deal making. The Shadow Banking industry continues to do their securities investment alchemy in the dark shadows away from public view, accountability and regulation.
Here is what Michael Hirsh of Newsweek wrote:
“[T]he new bill might be better termed "the Accountants' and Lawyers' Welfare Act of 2010." The bottom line is that despite the blizzard of amendments and provisions added—including some very smart changes at the 11th hour, like imposing greater control of ratings agencies—what's likely to emerge on the other side of this in the years to come is a Wall Street that's largely unchanged if marginally more regulated. Indeed, if any structural changes to Wall Street follow from this law, it is likely to be that the biggest banks get even more powerful than they already are, despite the size limits being placed on them.”
“Now there is no threat of a finding of illegality and no penalty promised if swaps deals don't go through a clearinghouse.” “the banks fought hard—and won a partial victory—in an effort to water down the definition of open and competitive derivatives trading.” “When the bill passed out of Sen. Blanche Lincoln's agriculture committee—which shared oversight of derivatives with the banking committee—it had language defining a so-called swap execution facility as a "trading facility," clearly meaning that swaps could only be traded in pits or on electronic platforms with multiple buyers and bidders. That sounds like an obscure point, but it's actually central to Wall Street's profits, and it explains how the multi-trillion-dollar derivatives market got away from regulators in the 2000s. For the banks, the more swaps and other derivatives they can trade off exchanges in "custom-made" deals with customers, the harder it is for those customers to figure out the trade's fair value and real risk—and the easier for the banks to increase their profit margin.”
“Gary Gensler, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), says they're not worried by these nuances because the bill gives them broad discretion to write rules requiring open trading and clearing of swaps and other derivatives.”
In the bill, new clearinghouses will be able to have full and unfettered access to the Federal Reserve’s cash discount access windows (you want fries with ‘dat pile of cash?). “The big banks, which will be able to create a whole new futures market of their own, perhaps even displacing the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.”
Right!! Go-To-Gensler feels all will be well, and not to worry your pretty little heads, with the financial predatory game plan because their plays will not be interrupted as they rush against America as they further funnel America’s wealth up the vacuum tube to the upper 10% of the earnings echelon.

The system continues to favor the financial mobsters instead of hard working average-type Americans who have become victims of the To Big To Fail corporate predators, as they receive big bonuses and lucrative perks, while proceeding with Business-As-Usual. Congress has handed them the “move to the finish line game card”. This card was handed en masse by the Republicans in the Senate Finance Committee. The Democrats would have likely created a bill with real reform teeth had they not been obstructed throughout the process by the Republican members who are extremely indebted to the oligarchs. But, the majority of Democrats serving on the committee decided to back off and capitulate instead of making a strong stand demanding a meaningful and long lasting reform bill for the Congress vote on. There was no line-drawn-in-the-sand stand made here! More of the same garbage has been served up to the financially wounded American public.

Barack Obama has kept himself hidden behind the “ Manchurian Curtain”, while charading to be serious about financial reform. His Treasury Security Timmie daG Geithner did not want to see synthetic derivative trades, or over-the-counter derivative trades, such as credit default swaps, by banks done away with, the position Senator Blanche Lincoln had taken, because he said that the financial industry was the only sector contributing to the GDP. I guess it is acceptable that the revenues received are from dirty monies gotten through corrupt trading techniques. High Frequency Trading is what was responsible for the near 1000 point drop, before a partial recovery, on the DOW back in mid-May. It was OK that Mom and Pop America’s stop-losses on their trades failed and their retirement investment dollars went up in smoke as the financial mobsters made a ton of cash by messing with Proctor and Gamble, as well as other big named stocks.

It is OK with Mr. OK-Obama that HFT is acceptable even though computers have now taken over high speed Wall Street gambling by jumping ahead of trades forcing Mom and Pop America to pay a higher price for the stock they wish to purchase as the HFT Algorithmic Robots make a few more cents a trade for their human masterminds, amounting to millions of dollars, over big volumes in a day’s virtual work. This is predatory trading, yet the White House and Congress allows it happen. The country of Germany got “religion” this past week as they banned naked and short selling, and damaging derivative trading. They acted overnight, faster than a New York Minute, and did not need lots of discussion, debating or rangling about these dangerous Wall Street investment instruments before killing them.

Was this the change Obama promised the American people? No change for Wall Street HFTraders. Give them all a Smiley Cookie!

Now we have a month long disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. More change to believe in. We are now engaged in a bailout for BP as the government gets involved in the attempted clean up fiasco. The taxpayers are now paying for the Navy’s involvement.

We have watched the Federal Minerals Management Service win the Most Incompetent Federal Agency award as they take the blame for being in bed with the oil companies. ‘No rules-no regulation-no kidding’ was the theme of Dick Cheney’s Energy Corporate Collusion Conference he held in the early days of his role as Preferred President by Proxy of the United States of American. Mr. GameBoy Bush was too busy cuttin’ brush to pay much attention.

Currently, we are finding the Gulf filling up with 50,000 barrels of oil per day, and 37 MILLION barrels of methane gas per day as BP continues their plundering and bungling of the blowhole-fixit-up-ur job. There is nothing like believing that sticking a shop vac hose a mile down in the Gulf waters to suck up the billowing oil and gas out of a ruptured volcano to be a sensible solution to a monumental catastrophe. Only a cheap oligarch would put cost savings before preserving life, environment, and livelihoods.

There is something wrong if the nation’s Attorney General Eric Holder believes that no laws have been broken when every American believes that Mr. Hayward is criminally negligent. But, the LilBoyBush administration removed the most effective technical safeguards that would have prevented the pipe from exploding and killing 11, while injuring others and destroying the ecosystem living in the Gulf of Mexico.

And, there has to be something seriously wrong if Eric Holder cannot find a single crime to pin on AIG executives for destroying the company, robbing the Treasury, handing over billions of dollars of bailout cash to Goldman Sachs to fatten the pile they had already received from the taxpayers, believing that the credit default swaps were issued without fraudulent intent, and demonstrating criminal negligence to all the investors who believed that their retirement funds were secure with the company.

This appears to be the change we were promised---the freedom for corporate mobsters to prevail.

Regarding the Gulf of Mexico, it is a semi-enclosed sea with two ports.
The major inflow port is the Yucatan Channel, which brings Atlantic Ocean currents into the Gulf interior because of the Loop Channel, which is deep and oxygen-rich drawing in the Atlantic Ocean waters from the Caribbean Sea; and, the major outflow port is at the Florida Straits outflow channel that mixes deep oxygen-rich water with less oxygen-rich shallow waters that flow back into the Gulf instead of outflowing with the Loop Channel back into the Atlantic. This means that the toxic Gulf seawater ends up flowing back around the Gulf of Mexico seaports, cities and beaches, estuaries and wetlands again and again killing more and more of the ecosystem smothering it of its precious oxygen with heavy hydrocarbon-rich waters.

Now whatever outflows from the Gulf into the Loop Channel waters of the Atlantic push the toxic seawater up along the Atlantic, and eventually, to Great Britain killing life that finds itself in its flow. As one can see, this BP catastrophe is the nightmare that keeps on giving.

So, Mr. BobbieBo Jindal, do you still like to sing the duet with Sarah Palin-Pinhead, “Drill Bayou Baby Drill?” I bet not!! This is what your Party delivered to your great state of Louisiana---A Bush/Cheney Energy Drilling Plan that required no functioning shut off valve system or effective clean up plan. BobbieBo Jindal, this is called Laissez Faire Capitalism. This is the Reagan legacy! Can we blame Obama? Well yes!!! He appeared to have done nothing upon taking office to safeguard the offshore drilling platforms covering our waters. Where was the Obama Science Plan? Oh, it has not been finished yet!!

Socialize the losses, and privatize the profits!!!!

I haven’t heard Barack Obama tell us why keeping the mega-banks alive and those just too big enough to fail one more time are important for the well-being of the country, the financially injured taxpayers, or the business community teetering on default? What have they contributed since 2007? Commercial credit to small business continues to be frozen up pretty tightly. What is going to happen when commercial real estate mortgage’s fail in the coming near future? What is going to happen when more residential mortgages go into foreclosure and default? Another 8 million is the estimation. What is going to happen when more US businesses begin closing their doors, over the next couple of years, many as a result of predatory private equity group takeovers, throwing another 2 million workers under the bus because of their predatory corporate investment practices?

This is what Palin-da-Pinhead’s “gottcha” means. Gottcha by the throat brought to you by Wall Street.

Has Barack Obama answered to the American public why the Federal Reserve has printed $400 Billion in order to help rescue the Eurozone without the approval of Congress? No!! Is this the transparency he promised us? Can our president tell us all exactly what junk collateral Bennie daBeard Bernanke received from the Eurozone in exchange for his newly printed and Quantitatively Eased up cash bailout?

As Nobel Prize winner Professor Paul Krugman says, the US is becoming the lost generation of deflationary 1980’s Japan. When you have decades of deflation whatever cash you have earns no interest, and whatever wages you earn is kept very low with little chance for wage growth. And, when you have a corrupt Wall Street engaged in a casino-like gambling approach to wealth acquisition by siphoning the wealth from the lower 80% of workers up to the upper 10%, you get workers having to pick up the tab for an economy in deflation. It becomes the workers and manufacturing that get taxed heavily, instead of finance, capital gains, and dividends.

This must be the change Barack Obama promised us during his campaign! He conned us!

As the Barack Obama stimulus package folds in on itself, we will see that it did not create sustainable jobs, but only provided for temporary employment. It was a leaky life preserver instead of a lifeboat. Our joblessness rate and those underemployed are rising in numbers. The job gains Mr. President boasted about last month---500,000---are going up in smoke. We are in the worst job environment since the Great Depression and it appears to not be going away anytime soon.

I have to agree with Professor Nouriel Roubini that we will experience a double-dip recession. Also, there are those also speaking about the DOW falling back down to 8000, which some feel is where it belongs.

A barrel of oil has dropped below $70 even though much of it is drowning in the Gulf of Mexico. As we all recall, whenever there is an oil tanker explosion, or a fire at a refinery oil prices spike. But not now. Why? Because the economy is so bad, and expendable incomes are so fragile, the oil companies know that if they raise prices, Americans will cut back their driving habits. They get that part of personal spending.

It is time to get vocal. It looks like there is public protesting, 30-35,000 in Trenton, New Jersey against state budget cuts, which are directly related to the rigged elite corporate capitalistic oligarchy who want to pass the pain onto the working person instead of having the oligarchs feel the pain.

Professor Simon Johnson, of Baseline Scenaro dot com, wrote in his piece, The Road To Serfdom:

Unregulated finance, the ideology of unfettered free markets, and state capture by corporate interests are what ended up undermining democracy both in North America and in Europe.  All industrialized countries are at risk, but it’s the eurozone – with its vulnerable structures – that points most clearly to our potentially unpleasant collective futures.”

“Debt peonage looms for a wide range of countries that were recently thought immune to serious fiscal crisis, including the United States and UK.”

“The UK and US need to prepare themselves for more storms.  The United States will be in the more pleasant position as the world’s safe haven, but this will only encourage America’s profligate politicians to spend more and build more debt.”

“Hayek’s [Friedrich von Hayek, (1899-1992) economist and author of The Road To Serfdom] predicted demise of western society will prove correct, but welfare systems will prove the victim, rather than the mechanism, erased by a political and financial elite gone awry.”

The giant elite financial and corporate predatory oligarchs are no longer capable of managing and dictating an orderly and productive society. We must not permit them to remain in control. They have been proven horrendous failures and their greedy power grabs have been executed at a monumental cost to every one of the 90% who lives under their filthy and toxic thumbs, as well as becoming a significant national security risk---CODE RED.

Will this be the summer of protest? I hope so!! If not, nothing will change, and more government debt will be funneled to the top 10% through Market Making Manipulative Maneuvering.

Thanks for reading, jerry

"When plunder has become a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."
Claude Frédéric Bastiat
(Thanks Justin!)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wall Street's Algorithm Scam

Hey Mr. Smartypants lawmakers and you, too, Mr. President, howda like what we did here? Yeah, you big shots thought you were all tough by trying to pull the plug on Too Big To Fail and by putting some teeth in your Bernie Saunders-Alan Grayson audit da Fed bill.


You all forgot dat we bankstas are the big boys in town. We’re a financial mobster syndicate with a finger on the High Frequency algorithm trigger. We own da street and I don’t mean Main Street. I’ll tell ya now!!!!!

It’s Wall Street!!!

You guys are nothin’ but bugs for us to squash. We own Mr. Barack Obama. He does what we tell him.

You remember back on September 29, 2008, when you Mini Mouses, you Cowards of Congress, rejected the first vote for a banksta bailout? We Wall Street Bosses responded by taking the market down 778 points in just a few hours in order to let ya all know whose YOUR DADDY around here!!

Now, remember when Mr. Toughie-Fella Obama came out on January 21 and 22, 2010, with his chest all puffy and in a nice fancy suit actin’ all presidential and highfalutin sayin’ he liked the idea of the Volcher Rule? Well, we then kicked the market down 450 points just to DOPE SLAP his face and wake him up from his sleepy stooper, again.

HA HA HA!!!!

We are the boys who have rigged the corporate capitalist game in our favor, and don’t you forget it, …..babies!!!

On May 6th, we decided to suck some cash outa Procter and Gamble. They don’t call it gamblin’ for nothin’! In just 8 minutes, we drained $700 billion out of the DOW before we brought it back up again to where it closed down 3.2% for the day. It was sweeter than an chocolate milkshake. HA, HA!!

We took it down 36% in just a New York Minute. The worst they ever fell in one day was 28% back in the 1987. That wasn’t a “market correction”, as the “Brooks Bros” like to call fraudulent profit taking. We took the short pants right off your ass. We jacked you up against the Tilt-a-Whirl wall, fool face. Did ya like how their Ivory Soap tasted? Or, maybe your ass got wrapped up nicely in one of their new baby Dry Max diapers, butthead?

Let me tell you now that in a market where 70% of all the trades are made by high frequency algorithmic trades, you know by computers that love to manipulate and game the system in our favor,…. We run it!!! We control it!!!! It’s like our penny arcade board walk down there in Jersey. And, on May 6, 2010, we reminded you of it…AGAIN!!!!

REMEMBER, we took it down close to 1000 points in just 15 minutes just so you’d shit your pants, boys!!!!

And, to the Congressional Whores who own big shares in us: You know, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells, and da other mobster banks, WE OWN YA!!!

HA HA HA!!!!

If you want to push us around, while you own lots of our stock shares, then you are just a bunch of jokers.



Now, after we pulled the plug on almost a 1000 points of light, ha ha, we gave you some back so you wouldn’t cry out loud to your mommies for Mother’s Day, you Mush Brains!!!

Listen up!!! We are the---

Financially Unscrupulous Capitalistic Kleptocratic Upperclassmen.

Ya, you got that!


Now, take the first letters of those words and it sums it all up!!

Financially Unscrupulous Capitalistic Kleptocratic Upperclassmen.

Did ya like our shock and awe?

Now let me say this just one time, if any of you workin’ stiffs have money in the market, you’re just plain suckers, and over your head.

We’ll scam you to death!

It is all a casino and WE run it!!!

Call us what you wish, but we prefer to be called a Financial Terrorism Syndicate, because mobster is just toooooo yesterday.

Remember, it’s a fool’s game, if you wanna play hostage.


thanks for watching and reading, jerry

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Nation's Rigged Corporate Capitalism Syndicate

Over the past couple weeks, I have been on the road visiting Washington, DC, as the TeaParty was gathering, and to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where one would think that all is well in the worldwide economy.

Toronto’s downtown, as well as in the suburbs, development is booming. In center city, the place is filled with commercial development. Condos and hotels are going up everywhere. It is amazing! The streets are filled with people walking and restaurants are busy in spite of the costs. It is my guess that even in Toronto, there are the haves and have mores. In center city, condo prices are unbelievable. $3 million might be a starting figure placed on units in these luxurious buildings.

Once arriving back home, we have now witnessed a massive oil spill filling the Gulf of Mexico outside Louisiana contaminating the fish supply, polluting the waters and endangering the oyster beds in the wetlands, and marshes where sea water is filtered by fresh river water. BP is just another elite corporate predator. It appears that negligence may likely be the cause of the explosion as a result of Halliburton’s shoddy workmanship in their subcontracted cement work.

Halliburton, BP, Goldman Sachs, Massey Energy, Exxon, Lehman Brothers, and the list can go on and on are the nation’s elite corporate predators. They, and others, are this nation’s oligarchs buying influence, laws, rules, and Congresspersons, as well as air time over the public airwaves spewing their propagandistic messages to gullible viewers for the sole purpose of meeting their profit agenda, in order for those unearned giant bonuses to paid out to their Corporobots. None of these elite corporate predators care about anything other than profits and personal financial enrichment. Profits must be made at the expense of the nation’s national security, the environment, families, and the lives of workers, as well as the health of the economy. There is nothing honorable, or respectful among these dangerous CEOs who are engaged in what Stacy Herbert, the analyst on the (Max) Keiser Report, calls Rigged Corporate Capitalism.

Let’s review some of this nation’s disasters, minus 9-11, caused by the Rigged Predatory Capitalist Elite.

Citgo refinery oil spill, July 2006, Louisiana.

PEPCO Chalk Point generating station in Maryland, April, 2000, caused by a ruptured pipeline.

North Cape Oil Spill, January 1996, grounded barge in southern Rhode Island spilled 828,000 gallons of oil.

The Argo Merchant ship ran aground near Nantucket Island , Mass., breaking apart spilling 7.7 million gallons of oil.

Union Oil’s offshore platform, Santa Monica, CA, January 1969, blowout spilling 4 million gallons of oil.

C.P. Baker drilling barge, June 1964, Louisiana, 22 dead workers, the rest injured, blowout caused and explosion and fire.

Brooklyn, NY, the Greenport refineries numbering over 50, had a 30 million gallon oil spill.

Exxon Valdez, 1989, Prince William Sound, Alaska, 11 million gallons spilled.

Port Arthur, Texas, January 2000, 450,000 gallons spilled due a collision.

Massey Energy, March 2010 at the Upper Branch Mine, West Virginia, 25 dead workers.

Sago Mine disaster, February 2006, Anker West Virginia Mining Company, one survivor, 12 dead workers.

CONSOL Energy explosion at the Farmington Mine, in 1968, West Virginia, 78 dead workers.

Massey Energy, October 2000, 300 gallons of mercury, and arsenic laced coal slurry flooded land, polluted rivers, and destroyed parts of eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia, all resulted from a large reservoir broke. The toxic waste made it’s way to the Ohio River.

Monsanto, for nearly 40 years, until 2003, dumped toxic waste (PCBs) into West Anniston Creek, Alabama, as well as dumped millions of pounds into open landfill pits.

In Picher Oklahoma lies a dead town resulting from massive piles of lead laced mine waste, which covered 25,000 acres poisoning people and land. Acid laced mine water destroyed Tar Creek. Eagle-Picher were mine operators until 1970. Lead iron ore and zinc were mined.

Three Mile Island nuclear accident, 1979, dumping 13 million curies of radioactive gases into the air. Located in PA. Operated by Metropolitan Edison Company.

Love Canal, located near Niagara Falls, saw 21,000 tons of industrial wasted dumped in 1952 by Hooker Chemical.

W.R. Grace Plant, in Libby, Montana, spewed tremolite aspestos smoke from their factory into the air killing over 200 people.

In Kingston, Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Fossil Plant released a billion gallons of coal toxic sludge waste as a result of a wall breaking loose pouring the poison into 300 acres of surrounding land—arsenic, lead and mercury.

In addition, we have Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo, Countrywide, and others that have taken down the nation’s financial system resulting from possibly illegal, if not extremely immoral activities surrounding mortgage securities, Credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, collateral debt obligations, structured Investment Vehicles, all driving our economy over a cliff.

These are Rigged Financial Predatory Capitalist Elites.

Another Interesting Bit:

It was reported by Karl Denninger in his site, a couple weeks ago, that the Fed monetized, in just one day, and without notifying Congress, $400B! Where did it go? Did it go to bailout Europe and/or Greece, as Mr. Denninger hypothesized? Has it gone outside the United States? Has $400B worth of US government bonds suddenly been dumped on the world market and Bernanke used it to quietly mop them up with his funny money?  Read more here.

Congress did not authorize any worldwide bailouts, as they did when President Bush went to the legislature, with the corporate investment banking mobster field marshals threatened the country and world that a huge Chicken Little-sky-will-fall-Depression-style seismic quake will occur unless the biggest zombie banks are handed over $700B of US cash. You all remember. So where has the $400B gone?

China did sell off around $80B in US Treasuries recently.

See link for the Federal Reserve chart showing the spike in monetization.

On another note, Mr. Michael Whitney has been writing, on, about the eventual Chinese Reminbi revaluation, no doubt, upward. Here is what Mr. Whitney wrote, (“The Looming Trade War With China”), quoting Mr. Chen, (extracted from Washington Post, [Chen] China’s commerce minister: U.S. has the most to lose in a trade war”) “If the United States does decide to impose tariffs on China, American companies operating in China, which account for more than 60 percent of China’s exports to the United States, would surely be hurt the most. ‘In the end, America is the one that needs to adjust’”. Chen continued, “One reason why a revaluation would be dangerous for China, is that profit margins for Chinese exporters are tiny—ranging from 1.7 to two percentage points.”

So who are these US multinational companies operating in China over the last 30+ years that have left the American working unemployed or underemployed so they can export their cheap “Made In China” stuff to these same abandoned workers? Who are these companies making up 60% of China’s export market? These huge goliaths that have enjoyed a low valued Reminbi pegged to the dollar, and not floating as it should be?

As Mr. Whitney suggests, these companies, no doubt, encouraged the Chinese central bank, a government controlled central bank, to keep their currency valued low so their products sell much cheaper than what a US competitor could sell domestically. Would you say this is an act of piracy? A consumer product hijacking? A purposeful and deliberate action to destroy the US economy? An act of the highest national security breech? Where is the Justice department in all of this? Could this be economic warfare performed by a large number of ex-patriot manufacturing companies who want to be labeled as “multi-nationals”: corporations without a homeland, but mobile, floating corporate “vessels” landing their factories and corporate offices on the shores of countries offering the greatest gifts in the form of dirt cheap workers, minimal-to-no workplace rules and regulations, no unions, cheap exchange rates, and malleable central banks and governments?

These are just three of the many companies with such famous names as:
  • GE
  • Microsoft
  • Nike

It is near impossible to freely get the names of the biggest US multinational corporations producing in China. The US-China Chamber of Commerce does not freely reveal their membership.

And then there is Sarah Palin:

Also, we have Sarah Palin, the corporate-paid shill, no doubt, bribed away from finishing her term as Alaska’s governor, in order to be given a multi-million dollar book deal with a guarantee that no copies would need to be sold to the public because what wasn’t sold would be bought up by her corporate sponsors and given away, riding her bus giving TeaParty speeches. Her key points are hard to understand. She criticizes President Obama, as this blog often does, over such trigger-points as guns, religion, freedoms, taxes, and her ‘drill-baby-drill’ mantra.

What she fails to tell her Kool-Aid guzzling crowds is that nearly half this nation’s taxpayers paid absolutely NO, and I mean NO, taxes for 2009!!! That means that most, if not nearly all, her supporters paid NO taxes this tax year. And, 47% of the American people actually received money back from government because they qualified for specific rebates.

Have we ever heard her say that of the 278 largest corporations, over 80 of them paid absolutely no taxes, or got money back! No. Palin is silent on this point. Nor has she spoken up about who these top corporations pay LESS federal income tax than working people.

Also, I have not heard President Obama ever say that he wants to take her guns, or anyone else’s guns away from their homes. I have not heard him threaten to keep Sarah, or anyone else for that matter, from praying with witch doctors that preach the killing of African village women that are threatening to the male power structures, in Palin’s Wasilla church, or prevent her or anyone else from their laying-of-hands ceremonies, or any other religious practices.

I guess you could say that Sarah Palin is a propagandist inciting fear and anger just for the sake of it.

Back in 1933, when FDR was president, he had a resistive, regressive Supreme Court majority, and Congress decrying that his move toward his New Deal was fascist, or communist, and would destroy the country. As today, the same Regressive Republican Party and Supreme Court is doing the same thing in regards to reform. The court recently allowed US corporations to have the same rights as a person, therefore, these multi-billion dollar lobby handouts used to bribe Congresspersons to craft legislation in the corporate image, are said to be able to do what individual people can do----lobby their Congressperson. So, the Supreme Court has said that that their lobbying practices are equal to your personal letter to your legislator. What Kool-Aid have they been drinking?

The very same practices of support for the corporate oligarchs that went on during FDR’s presidency: decrying fear and anger against reform is going on, once again, by many inside the Republican Party, and by TeaPartiers attached at the hip to the oligarchs, or to the elite corporate predators.

We don’t hear from the Republicans encouraging the president to follow in Teddy Roosevelt’s footsteps and break up the TBTF banking corporate predators just as he did to JPMorgan, and Standard Oil Company. We don’t hear such a rallying cry at the TeaParty rallies. It did not occur in Washington, DC at the time I was there.

The movement would have much greater strength if they focused on the elites who have been part of the Rigged Corporate Capitalist’s Oligarchy Syndicate. But the money-masters behind this Syndicate also fund the TeaParty Movement through their financial pipeline connected to lobbyists, such as Dick Armey (Freedom Works).

But instead, this Oligarchy Syndicate does its best to keep wages down, un and underemployment at its current levels, the value of the dollar as low as possible, the Fed’s lending policy at near zero percent so the Oligarchy Syndicate can gamble on Wall Street at the expense of the real economy, Congress fully engaged in their agenda, and the working people borrowing to fuel their lifestyles.

This is new American Way---to sell off the American Dream.