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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Give Me Some Truth-Barack!

What appears to be going on is that the fearmongering elite are afraid of the truth. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, is now sitting in a jail cell because he was saturating the world with truth (gossip, truth, and various levels of it). He was denied bail because of his ability to deliver the truth to the world. We cannot have any of that. The judge gave him a “what-for” and told Julian that such bad boyz must sit in their jail cell and wait for their day in court. (Go to your room and think about what you have done!)
There is now a loud outcry for the assassination of Assange (a spanking is not good enough) by the likes of some prickly Brown Shirt inside the Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s administration, as well as some fascists inside the US government. KILL THE TRUTHTELLERS (no matter how insignificant the message is.)!!! Killing MLK wasn’t enough. Killing JFK wasn’t enough! Killing John Lennon wasn’t enough! Yet, there is little spoken about indicting the neo-fascists running our government, or of those who were in the previous administration torturing, spying on Americans, going to war, and killing the domestic economy.
It is appears to be perfectly OK for the fearmongers to beat down the average working person and pound into their simple minded, shallow brains that they are the ones who are the fuck-ups. They are the ones who need to be taught a lesson by giving up more of their evaporating incomes, wages, savings, and asset values so the elite can have more and more through the kind graces of our Federal Reserve, Treasury and government.
President Obamadier has now joined the other side (by attacking the Great Unwashed working classes) and has become the GOP’s mule horse president by telling the Sheeple that they must give up some of their Social Security taxes, which are not even part of the budget deficit, to make sure that the elite, and our most upstanding national fearmongers have another two years of tax cut cash to spend on luxury cars, yachts, landscapers, custom suits, and more basic essentials. President Cave-Man Obamadier (He loves to shoot down his Democratic opposition, since he hates liberals and progressives.) has to make sure that another few months of unemployment benefits for the suffering unemployed with families needing to pay down debts must allow tax cuts for the very, very rich elite, who only spend a fraction of their incomes, and dividend payments on daily needs, while the peasants spend every last dime on staying solvent.
Mr. Cave-Man Obamadier wants us to believe that the elite are more fragile and in need of million dollar tax cut checks written out by the Treasury, while the few hundred bucks you get back is more than enough to hold you over for a couple of months. During a time when the unemployment levels will likely increase by the millions over the next 12 months (We are now at 20% when you take into account the under-unemployed, and those who are no longer counted[, and heavily indebted college students will find fewer and fewer jobs as they hit the streets in their thrift store suits and skirts, the elite need a greater hand out amounting to $600 billion and more, and the Federal Reserve will print trillions of dollars to make sure that the upper 2% continue to be have ~00.0078 or so percent of government socialized cash to spend on foreign currency manipulations, foreign infrastructure, commercial land and real estate increasing their overall returns by 3-20% over the coming couple of years.
We all should be so grateful that we have a converted and born-again president who has seen the GOP light by shifting over to their side as he climbs into their Trojan Horse being pushed up against the gates of the average American worker and retiree.
There is now a war between the truth-tellers and the fearmongers. We cannot have any truth being told in America or the world by such rebels as Julian Assange or those of his kind. We cannot have memos or correspondences between the criminal world bankstas, government officials or the Brown Shirts working for the economic crime syndicate who are making sure that workers continue to suffer at the expense of those who were responsible for fraudulent loans through their naked securitization of worth-less paper transactions called mortgages.
Is Wikileaks being used by the fearmongers to regularly feed the site managers gossip, rumors, mini-truths, manipulative memos, leaks, and such in order to distract Americans from the actual damaging truths-to-be-told, so as to make them believe that what is being released is dangerous to our national security and the world’s overall stability between nations? My guess is yes. As Washington’s Blog says, unless there is a release of actual criminal behavior, as performed by the bankstas, they will work their darndest to stay on top of the fearmongering heap so Americans stay afraid of what truth might actually be released. Washington's Blog
We should be so grateful that Bada Bing Bernanke is out there printing money through the issuance of new Treasuries via QE2, and receiving banksta and primary dealer deposits back into the Fed’s reserves so he can monetize them and lend big piles of cash to the likes of JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Citi, UBS, and DeutcheBank in order to make sure that JPMorgan’s silver naked short sells, and the bad loans and speculative losses of the others can be covered; and so Citigroup, and the other insolvent bankstas, can swap their insolvent toxic mortgage debts (for Federal Reserve cash), which have little to no paper trail. These criminals are now after YOUR paid off mortgages, as well. See this.
While you are at it read these, too! See this. And this.
The Goebbel’s propaganda machine would be so proud of how the U.S. has adopted their brainwashing tools to control the message.
President Cave-Man Obamadier (Look Out Below!) has attempted to smoothly explained to the American Sheeple that all positions of strength that could be used to protect our Real Economy must instead be ripped apart so that the financially-driven greed economy can be further fueled by the Obama Hope and ‘Yes We Can’ slogans begging those laughing-out-loud elites to fire up new domestic jobs for the poor great unwashed slobs who are un and underemployed. No such luck. President Cave-Man Obamadier is a complete nincompoop who has been sleepwalking into the arms of the GOP jihadi Congress, while they whip him with their campaign contributions from the corporate royalists. Who does he think he is? Martin Luther King? Gandhi? The Pied Piper? Peter Pan? David-the slayer of Goliath? Or, maybe he is just Gulliver, all tied up by the GOP Lilliputs.
Why? Well, because he would rather give up than fight. He believes that they will win anyway; therefore, there is no reason to bombardier them for what most of the Great Unwashed believe is right and best for the survival of the nation; and, who built this country through their hard work and dedication to their jobs and careers. Yet, he is not willing to make the GOP jihadis fight for their damaging austerity positions. He is not willing to call them out for what they are---self-centered, egotistical, neo-fascist plutoarchs. He is not willing to make them declare publicly that their interests lie with the elite oligarchs who feed their bank accounts and revolving door-after-government paychecks.
Barack Obamadier is an incompetent president-a sell-out to his supporters. A coward of the highest order. He is the Manchurian President.
For a Democratic president to put forth the tactic of selling bad ideas allowing the mega-rich to continue their inheritance tax breaks during a time of war and economic crisis, and insisting that if we don’t see the benefit in it, then it is our own fault for ‘not getting it’. Workers have to also enjoy the idea that a reduction in Social Security contributions is also good medicine because the economy needs all THEIR money to be spent in the real economy, since the rich don’t have to.
Cave-Man Obamadier wants to keep fear alive. He says that if we don’t swallow his toxic medicine pill, then the economy could slip back into a double-dip recession. WTF! Did we not hear this same Chicken Little scam story during the LilBoyBush presidency when Congress was called in by Bernanke and Paulson to give the biggest crime syndicate bankstas a bail-out without a single contingency, otherwise there would be a major collapse of our economy forcing Martial Law to be declared? Did we not hear that if we did not go into Iraq, we might see a pluming mushroom cloud over an American city?
Once again, we are hearing this moronic nincompoop of a president say that if working class people don’t swallow the poison pill filled with tax cuts for the richest among us, and if we don’t allow for Quantitative Easing of $600 billion to go into the hands of the richest bankstas and elite among us to gamble further on speculative foreign and domestic investment schemes, and if we don’t accept a lowering of Social Security contributions, then we are just a bunch of dirty, smelly ingrates who should be handed a plate full of austerity for own good. Get your forks ready!
The richest among us deserve to live well, while the rest suffer.
This is the reality Mr. Cave-Man Nincompoop President as you lick the asses of the GOP who are already kicking you in the balls as they consider voting against your plan because of continued unemployment benefits (you cannot win for lose, therefore go for the real win on behalf of the Great Unwashed)…here it is---the reason this economy is going nowhere fast is because demand has diminished since working class Americans are all spent out and are trying to remain solvent any which way they can, either by walking away from underwater mortgages, or cutting back on utility expenses, food, fuel, cable and more. Another reason why this economy is going nowhere fast is because there is a disproportionate wealth distribution pushed toward the top, which means that there are those at the top of the income/wage scale benefiting hugely from the socialized government welfare that allows them to legally steal from the Treasury through the tax codes, and Federal Reserve handouts, while the rest of Americans are losing their savings, their homes, their jobs, their retirement and more.
So, Mr. Idiot President who appears to be very afraid of the Grotesquely Outrageous Psychopathetics (GOP), you have decided to keep fear alive.
Therefore, you are pathetically grotesque yourself!
Thanks for reading. Jerry