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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Hank Paulson Failure

I cannot say this is a conspiracy, but it reads like one. The long term plan appears to have been to kill American labor in favor of a new, more esoteric economy called finance. Finance,the rich man's clean way to make money, without getting one's hands dirty or putting up a cent of one's own cash, was put onto the racetrack by Alan Greenspan after Ronald Reagan gave it his head nod.

Greenspan's plan was to create unfettered free trade, and an unregulated world-wide free market full of leveraged derivative sales. He and his investment banker clones were giddy knowing that they could create huge piles of wealth just by taking debt, without ever having to hold a fraction of real capital. "Leverage me out!" "How far can we magnify a single dollar using these debt instruments", said Humpty Dumpty's investment banker?

Now, here we are with a Congressional $700 billion bail-out, with $150 billion in John McCain-Make-Mine- Tenderloin! Pork. I thought he hated pork? In that bill, the little guy and gal will have their life savings bank deposits FDIC insured. Doesn't that give you piece-of-mind?, until you find out you might have to wait 10 years to get your insurance check! Yes, the FDIC can take 10 years to settle your claim. Just how long can you wait? It might be better off under your mattress. At least, you can get at it when you need it. 

Can we trust the very people who created this financial meltdown to also oversee the implementation of the Paulson bail-out? That is what is happening. Paulson has assigned his pal from Goldman Sachs, Neel Kashkari (or is it cash n' carry) as his point-man to manage the flow of authorized congressional bail-out dollars as the financial institutions line up for their share. Also, another one of Paulson's thieves, Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs, was present at, what can be now called the International Treasury Heist Planning Meeting, which took place at the New York Federal Reserve Bank where a strategy conference on the implications of an AIG failure was laid out for the Bush Crime Family and their Bosses to "understand".

I love it when McCain says to Obama, "You just don't understand." That is correct, John Boy. He doesn't understand because Obama is not part of the Bush Crime Family like you are! It is a segregated club; don't you know? Only Republicons are let in. They're the only ones stupid enough to drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid over and over again. Yet, brain-dead bobble-heads like McCain and the Gangstas are the only fools who would listen to a guy with an approval rating of 25% and falling. 
If AIG went bankrupt, Goldman Sachs would likely lose $20 billion. "We can't have that; 
can we, Paulie?", said "da Family" to Hank Paulson. This is why Paulson needs to be summoned to talk in front of a Grand Jury regarding his actions and his conflict-of-interests.

Paulson is roller skating on ice. Not just any ice, but thin ice, at best. He just cannot seem to get anywhere with any skill or accuracy. He gets the bail-out of $700 billion that he wanted so the world's central banks, especially China, which holds $400 billion in toxic derivative debt, can dump it on the U.S. taxpayer in exchange for freshly color laser printed dollars, in order to get re-capitalized. But on Tuesday, he switched gears and began to bail-out the Commercial Paper debt market so very short term commercial borrowing could continue. Just tell me who will borrow? Bush-brain tells us that auto dealers need to borrow to put new cars on their lots. Who is brave enough to buy a new car right now, unless they have enough expendable cash to part with? I guess, paying down one's house debt is not always a personal priority. Adding a new car loan takes precedence. This seems to be a time to reduce one's debt burden. Not increase it. Our president went on to tell us we need more McDonald's restaurants and they need some bail-out cash to build them. HUH? Did he mean that there aren't enough of them already during what appears to be an economic downturn? Rollin', rollin', rollin', that cash stream ain't but swollen, keep those bucks a movin', Rawhide.

Paulie, there is only $700 billion in your piggy bank. So, focus! Has he captured the golden egg laying goose yet?

Paul Craig Roberts (; "Can a Bailout Succeed") asked how does he stretch out $700 billion to cover $2.3 trillion in mortgage-backed securities held by "20 of the nation's largest financial institutions?" How will "the Paulie" do it? Mr. Roberts went on to state that the $2.3 trillion does not even include mortgages that were transformed into more complex derivatives, such as collateralized debt obligations, and then into, and more than likely, credit default swaps. WOW! That would be quite the clown trick. "Watch me pull a few trillion out of my hat. Presto!"

The stock market cannot seem to get any legs to hop and remain into positive territory without the Plunge Protection Team pitching money into the market, in spite of an investment bank and commercial paper debt bail-out. Why? Don't they trust the Goldman Sachs bagman? The sky IS falling Chicken Little and the world markets are getting hailed on.

Mike Whitney (; "Still on the Edge of the Abyss"; 10-6-08) quoted Henry Liu in his article "Liquidity Boom and Looming Crisis", in the Asia Times, "Unlike real physical assets, virtual financial mirages that arise out of thin air can evaporate again into thin air without warning. As inflation picks up, the liquidity boom and asset inflation will draw to a close, leaving a hollowed economy devoid of substance...A global financial crisis is inevitable." 

Main Street translates that into " The ride, it ain't over. We're on the way down, so hold onto your hat, Joe!"

Thanks for reading, Jerry

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