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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is Romney A Secret Porn Pervert?

The Mittster has a reissued campaign pledge to rally behind. He wants to restrict all Americans from viewing porn, in the privacy of their own homes. He is making this issue a rallying cry to his fellow GOP perverts, too!

I suspect that The Mittster is a closet porn pervert, and is now making it a campaign pledge to fight against. It is like those closet GOP homosexuals who play footsies in public airport bathrooms with unknown stallmates, yet seem to carry the anti-gay torch in the Congress.

Now we have another torch-carrier against porn and it has materialized in Mitt Romney! So, now we have to wonder if Mitt is a closet porn viewer.

There are soooooo many other issues to carry a torch on the behalf of, such as unemployment, child homelessness, undocumented worker indentured servitude, wage stagnation, campaign finance reform, outsourcing, tax avoidance, etc., but The Mittster has taken on pornography. Is there something interesting with this picture? He wants to make sure that all new computers sold won't be able to open up porn sites. That is his big American issue.

Whatever happened to the GOP's big problem with government interference into the lives of Americans? Well, it appears it doesn't apply to Americans viewing porn sites. So much for hypocrisy. In reality, the GOP loves to interfere in the privacy lives of Americans in spite of what they say publicly. They love to spy, in their imaginations, into the bedrooms of Americans!! They just don't want interference into the lives of GOP business practices, such as fraud, outsourcing, tax evasion, tax havens, or tax avoidance.

So many of the GOPers must be perverts, too!!

So, is Mitt Romney a secret porn pervert? Maybe!!