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Thursday, October 9, 2008

McCain-Country Last and A National Security Risk

John McCain and Sarah Palin have run very far away from the nation's frighteningly dangerous economic crisis in order to lower the debate by spewing fearmongering, and dangerous political rhetoric that appears to be insighting hate speech among supporters. "Kill him", was yelled from a Palin rally crowd by a person who concluded a statement of Palin's that made the point that she was frightened by Barack Obama, who palled around with a terrorist.

Palin has been saying for days that Obama pals with a Chicago terrorist named William Ayres. Here is a guy who was part of a radical group, the 1960's Weather Underground, that set off a bomb in the men's bathroom of the New York City police headquarters, back in 1970. No one was injured at the time that Ayres was involved with this incident. He turned himself in to authorities in 1980, and all charges were dropped, at that point. He was found innocent of any charges, John and Sarah, my friends.

Since then, Ayres went on to become a University of Illinois professor of education and performed public service by sitting on an education reform organization funded by the Annenberg Foundation, named after and funded by a political conservative, and an anti-poverty group, the Woods Fund of Chicago.

Both men were active in their communities and tried to give back something worthwhile; yet, McCain sat on the extremist group board founded by retired Army Major General John Singlaub. This radical right-wing organization had McCain on their board for a few years in the early 1980s. This international organization, the U.S. Council for World Freedom, had affiliations with former Nazi collaborators and ultra-right wing death squads, or should I say terrorist groups, in Central America.  It appeared that McCain did the political bidding on Capital Hill for this group's support of the Contras, a CIA-organized guerrilla force in Central America. (Associated Press, 10-7-08, "McCain Linked To Private Iran-Contra Group")

Guilt by association, Senator McCain? Or, was this just your way of giving back to the community, too?

Is McCain a supporter of American style fascism with his association with convicted felon G. Gordon Liddy, who spent 4 years behind bars for the Watergate break-in crime? Liddy got googoo-eyed when speaking about Adolph Hitler. "[He] made me feel a strength inside I had never known before." "Hitler's sheer animal confidence and power of will [entranced me]." " He sent an electric current through my body." In 1998, Liddy sponsored a fundraiser for our Mav-wreck. He referred to McCain as an "old friend". Or, should we say "my ole friend". (, 5-5-08, "G.Gordon Liddy: John McCain Finds His Own Radical"). Found guilt by association.

William Timmons, McCain's fantasy presidential transition team head, had represented Saddam Hussein, after the 1st Gulf War, in Washington. His job was to convince lawmakers to ease sanctions. Later, Timmons, and pals, tried to score a $45 million deal which would have allowed for a contract to purchase, and then, to resell Iraqi oil, back in 1992. So, McCain supports terroristic despots? What a record, "My Friend"!

And, then, Senator McCain there is the matter of your culpability in the Keating 5 scandal, which ripped off the taxpayers in the biggest banking scam of modern time. Charles Keating spent 5 years in prison for a $1.1 billion fraud and racketeering charges. Keating gave McCain money. You like being treated like a king and showered with very expensive gifts. Don't you? That must be why you dumped your first wife for the ultra-rich girl, Cindy Hensley.

And then we have Sarah Palin's affiliation with the secessionist group called the Alaskan Independence Party, which is a third party making up around 38% of the voters. She even gave a keynote address at a conference for them and said how this party was important to Alaskan politics. Palin's husband had been, and may still be, an active member of this party.

Guilt by association? Country Last, Sarah? Un-American affiliations? Don't wanna be a part of the United States of America, but want to be vice-president? Help me understand this duality, please. This group sounds like it could be potentially terroristic. Don't you? Or, is this YOUR way of giving back to the community, too?

And then, there is the frightening affiliation Sarah Palin has with a witch-hunter named Pastor Muthee, who presided over her church services as a guest pastor. He laid hands on her, as her church often does to its members. He prayed that the Lord "make a way for Sarah" so she can succeed as the governor of Alaska, and bring it a bunch of goodies. Muthee went uh huntin' for witches in Africa as his religious mission from God. Palin praised Muthee's contribution to her successes. Oh gee, it sure is nice to make friends, my friend.

Is Sarah Palin a witch-hunter, too? Does she support violence against women as Muthee demonstrated by running a supposed witch-lady from a village in Kenya? Guilt by association? One might say that a person who insights violence against women is a domestic terrorist, Sarah. Are you one, too? Or, is this just your way of giving back to the community, too?

And finally, there is the small point McCain was trying to make against Obama when he voted to give the Chicago Planetarium a few million dollars, for a high tech projection device,  in the form of an earmark, which McCain called a $3 million overhead projector. This stupidity on McCain's part just shows what a fool he is, and arrogant when demonstrating his 
asinine behavior. This "overhead projector", in total, costs $12 million, and is a projection device that creates a visual extravaganza of stars, planets, and the Milky Way Galaxy upon the ceiling of a theater inside the Chicago Planetarium. It is truly an educational tool used to excite children to love science and appreciate what it has to offer them. The old machine was failing and had parts that could not be replaced anymore due to its age.

John McCain appears to find little appreciation for such an earmark and its contribution to society and the education of children, yet he finds it a top priority to make sure we win in Iraq, and at any cost. Have we had enough of him yet?

Thanks for reading, Jerry


McCain has had several melanomas. It has been revealed, anonymously by credible medical sources, that he is very likely being treated of one that may have metastasized in his lymph nodes and/or in the jaw area. He is likely receiving radiation, since his puffy jaw appears to be shrinking in size. Are we willing to have Sarah Palin as the next president of the United States? Is she intelligent enough, capable enough, or sane enough to be handle the trials and tribulations this nation is experiencing?

In addition, it has been revealed by Congressman Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, who opposed the bail-out, that the Bush administration threatened the American people, Congress, and the world that if Congress did not pass the bail-out bill, then Bush might have to institute Marshall Law throughout the country! The president was granted such powers through two Presidential Directives: #51 and #20 under the authority of "Continuity of Government" and "Catastrophic Emergency".

Now, the 3rd Infantry's Division's 1st Brigade Combat Team, placed under NorthCom, to respond to protests and unrest that might occur within the country. 

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Clifton said...

Fox News and the McCain/Palin team are working overtime. They're positions would be laughable except that there are a great number of Americans who don't have enough sense to dismiss the crap! We need to keep working to keep the debate centered on the truth.