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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Newt Calls Obama Part Of The Democratic Elite

What is hilarious is that Ging da'Grinch had the balls to call Obama an elitist. WOW!! So, what does that make Newt Ging-da'Grinch with his hundreds of thousands of credit just in a jewelry store? His line of credit stinkin' up all over the nation must smell really sweet to elite shopkeepers.

Now we have Millard--the Willard--Romney (a rat by any other name) receiving $374,000 per speaking engagement. Who in their right mind would pay a predator to speak at any event? Maybe other predators!!!

While CEO at Bain, or is it Bane, Capital, the company that gutted smaller companies and businesses for the tax right-offs and its thrill-seeking profiteering experiences, Millard-da'rat-Romney (That is his financial crime syndicate nickname.) set up tax haven investment funds in the Cayman Islands in order to attract other predatory investors to make a lot of money.

Romney reaped $8M in investment wealth from these funds. He claims he pays the 15% investment income tax rate on his pile of cash in those funds. My guess is this, Bain set up the funds in the Caymans in order for the corporation to receive a zero percent tax benefit. No doubt, they have a corporate office in some hotel room in the Cayman Islands. Since they don't pay taxes on their funds, the overall wealth of the fund is much greater than if they formed the fund in Illinois, for example.

This means that the investors get the trickle down effect as a result of a bigger fund pie. Their shares are bigger since the overall fund is larger. More pie for everyone, including Millard da'Willard.

Millard says that, of course, he is interested in cutting his tax liabilities down. That is the Moron way of life!!! When one wears Magic Underwear they feel that they can do just about anything--even run for president and lie to the American people.