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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Richard Koo: The "Strange World" of a Balance Sheet Recession

The education cutting governors throughout the nation are cowards, who cut the needs of children through food supports and educational programs. Governor Scott Walker (WI), and Governor Tom Corbett (PA) are cowards because they cut programs that affect children, our most vulnerable population. It is clear that Republican governors are cowards and won't cut where it would be most effective and tax the richest people and corporations in their states.

Professor Koo explains that a real economic stimulus is essential, as China is delivering. Corbett and Walker are doing the wrong things--they are punishing working people instead of taxing the richest in their states, and the most profitable corporations in their states. State stimulus is what works, and not austerity. They are cowards. Tom Corbett the coward, and Scott Walker the coward are going to damage their state's economy and revenue streams as working people pull back their spending.