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Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama's Superbowl Game

The nation has begun a new game. The old team is gone. We the people, have been the opposing team, in other words, the defending team, in this process of advancing democracy and legitimate government, as opposed to illegitimate government, although our advantages had been suppressed by our last opponent---Team BushCo.

As America's only defending team, we were constantly at a disadvantage due to their subversive cheating, bribing of referees, and dirty plays. Now, they are done and gone. The game is over. We defenders have to prepare for a new game with a new opponent. They have shared their game plan, their strategy and the rules. We are willing to play, although everything is just starting. We are in Limbo. We are waiting for it all to begin.

Over the last 4 years, we defenders and our support team, the free thinking, open-minded, democracy-believing, non-Regressive-neo-con American people, have been analyzing all the plays made by Team BushCo, and had plenty to talk about, criticize and debate. The blogs were filled with opinion pieces and editorials. But now, everything is in a holding pattern, since President Obama’s team is just beginning to line up and approach formation.

What fills the Blogosphere is basically filled with healthy chatter. Are we experiencing deflation or not? Is Tim Geithner too close to Goldman Sachs or not? (Where was the outrage with Paulson’s actual paid connection to Goldman Sachs?) Can Obama fix what is broken? Is his cabinet capable of orchestrating a recovery plan that will work? Will China fall into recession?; or, hold to their strong GDP?; or, grow as the world’s reserve currency?; or, upstage the dollar around the world, while continuing to manipulate their currency against the dollar? Will President Obama capitulate to the plutocrats who had controlled finance for decades? Is the stimulus package to little, or just enough? Will his choice for Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack carry water for the agribusiness corporate royalists, of which he was a member as Governor of Iowa and support of genetically engineered pharmaceutical crops, as well as a government representative working as a supporter on behalf of Monsanto, which orchestrated the takeover of the seed industry with their purchase of the Terminator seed patent?

What about Afghanistan, Gaza, and Iraq? Will Afghanistan continue to drain our budget deficit and be a weight around the nation’s neck, as the Soviets realized after their years of engagement? Will Obama stand up to Israel and Iran? Will the Constitution be restored or continue to be subverted? Will the rights of the citizens, and their right to privacy be further destroyed? Will rendition, and many of the BushCo's illegal violations of the Geneva Convention remain intact? Will Obama sign the bill that allows Homeland Security to build internment camps on domestic military bases? Is Team Obama preparing for a round up of those disenfranchised and destitute Americans taken down by the collapse of the U.S. economy? Will whistleblowers be respected, heard, and protected from political silencers? Will the failed  "Too-Big-To-Fail” financial investment banks be nationalized? Currently, one game play has already been made to hand over the remainder of the TARP (Troubled Assets Relief Program), which might end up as a fumble. Is hyperinflation waiting in the wings? Will under/unemployment numbers reach 20%? How much more personal wealth will end up being lost in 2009-2010? (Over 40% of the world’s wealth has already been burned up.) Will suburbia disappear and end up being foreclosed on and bankrupt? Will the fossil fuel motoring and freewheeling lifestyle implode further eroding personal income and job stability? Will the press restore their diseased investigative backbone?

Will there be global trade reform or will it remain imbalanced? Will the administration tax the multi-national corporations, which have outsourced this nation’s jobs? Will President Obama demand that the profits made by the multi-nationals return to the U.S. or face penalties? Will we see import tariffs? How deep will the cuts in federal programs be in order to reduce the hugely massive national debt? Will there be a plan to reduce the trade deficit that will make a difference?

Will No Child Left Behind be left behind? Will American see a significant downsizing of school programs and services in order to remain solvent? How much will property taxes shrink? Will there be civil unrest? Will colleges and universities do away with all but the essentials in order to obtain a degree? Will foreclosed homes be sold for whatever a buyer will pay to take it off the hands of the bank minus the leans, and owed property taxes? 

Will Obama bring forth a significant plan for alternative energy, and a nationwide rail network? Will Team Obama's Energy Secretary want more of the same brought to us by BushCo? 

Is President Obama really for Change? Is Hope just a four letter word? How much “Change” is he ready to deliver? Or, is he just another quarterback bought and paid for by the opposing team franchise owners (the oligarchs) to do battle, at any cost, against the defending team?

These questions are just a drop in the bucket. Until the game begins to move down the field, there really is little to write about except for the fallout dropping all around us as a result of the devastating firestorm created by the last team.

All the hypotheticals and what-ifs being written about across the Internet are only fillers and time spacers, since most of us don’t really know what the Obama Team will actually do next. There are pundits, and writers outlining the various possibilities being considered by Team Obama, but until he grabs the ball and advances his offensive line down the field, we won’t know how it will unfold, or how we defenders will act.

Making predictions based upon hypotheticals has its limitations and can be an exercise in futility. It has its place, but we should avoid elevating our anxiety levels and fears over what has not yet happened.

But what is true is that we defenders are beginning to figure out the Team Obama strategy and field plan just by seeing who he has brought out onto the field to play HIS game. Let the game begin!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

President Obama Inherits Chaos Theory

This is my first article of an Obama presidency. We have entered a new time in many ways. Unfortunately, the old time is still very much dominating our lives. I was present during the inauguration, and stood along the parade route for 6 hours, and got to see President Obama, and Vice President Biden drive past and wave. The day brought hope to me and to those all around. The crowd was peaceful, respectful and happy. I felt blessed to have had the chance to experience a day where millions had hope and were so excited to have the regressive neo-fascists finally exiled from Washington.

The work Obama needs to do has just begun. He has parted ways with Bush in that HE, the new president, will take off his suit jacket when working at his desk. I guess, that could symbolize the rolling up of the shirtsleeves, as opposed to just wanting the appearance of an important job being done.

I am a skeptic by nature. And, continue to be one today, too. Chaos theory has dominated our economy for some time now, but appears to have become more dynamic over the last few years. The methods use by the previous administration, the Fed chairman and Hank Paulson have created chaotic disorder within the economic system. Their attempt at managing the collapsing financial system, most specifically, the “too big to fail” financial institutions with their bail out programs, auction facilities, which handed out Treasury cash, and the lack of transparency, accountability and trust moved our system away from order toward disorder. Chaos has prevailed, and that is clear.

Within the evolution of complex systems, from organisms to the creation of things to economies lives order and disorder. This is the yin and the yang. One cannot live without the other. Order and disorder must find a level of equilibrium so as to stay in a state of balance. It is not unlike two kids on a teeter tauter. They work together to keep their play in motion. One child does not dominate the other, otherwise the state of play no longer works and one child dismounts sending the other crashing to the ground. Within such systems one finds the Second Law of Thermodynamics. As an example of this let us look at the production of energy, which nations need in order to make things to use and to trade. The use of energy is basically the life’s blood of an economy. Without it there is no economy, nor a civilization.

Most of energy used today is a perfect example of chaos theory. A power plant uses energy in order to improve a way of life, as well as for further production of things, such as to power machines and computers. On one end, we have the useful purpose of energy, yet on the other, we have disorder, or, in other words, global warming, pollution, the depletion of natural resources, and the use of the military to protect the economic values placed on the useful “assets” involved in the creation of what has ultimately led to the state of disorder.

This continuum of energy is moving toward entropy, or the measurement of disorder within a given system. It measures the imbalance that exists within a given system’s equilibrium.

We saw the lack of orderliness, a move toward more randomness and “chaoticness” with every waking day of the Bush administration. It stretched out following 9-11, past Katrina, through Iraq and Afghanistan, and culminated at the doorstep of our economy. We watched Bernanke, Bush and Paulson act in a chaotic manner, full of disorder and out of balance when trying to explain without success, but then, following through with their solutions to reverse the economic meltdown, the crashing mortgage values, the toxic derivative explosion, and the consumer spending implosion. A total lack of faith and trust blanketed the nation. Distrust overwhelmed opinion polls. Yet, the last administration proceeded on their trajectory toward chaos in order to further those plutocrats who wanted to hold on to their stolen wealth.

Our nation went from generations of evolution toward devolution in only 8 years. The nation moved backwards from one progressing to one falling behind. A nation falling into more and more debt without anything to show for it, a rising un/underemployment rate, a collapsing worker safety net, an evaporation of personal wealth, and opportunities. This is devolution. This is Homeland Security raising the entropy color code to red. This nation has been in a national security alert for 8 years.

The principles of greed, dangerous power grabbing, and corruption in order for a small number of very, very rich people (less than 20%) to own 80% of nation’s wealth no matter the consequences or outcome, often voting Republican, was the order of the day inside the walls of Wall Street finance, and our government. When all of this was shiny and sparklingly new and exciting during the days following the end of World War II, when we were told that there would be a rising middle class able to ramble down the smoothly paved new superhighways in their glistening automobiles, our entropy was low, or, one could say, the HLS color code was only green (lowest). Over the decades, and as entropy began to show more disorder, and more imbalances, the color code rose to red. As our roads began to be overly crowded with commuters, our farmlands began to disappear and sprout mega-homes and shopping malls, as our commutes ran longer and longer, our expenses climbed, our financial sector carved out fake and fabricated risky investment vehicles to sell to any buying sucker so those at the top of the world’s biggest pyramid Ponzi scheme could get richer and richer, as our environment became more polluted and our national security became less safe and more paranoid, the nation slipped further and further into a state of decline. We grew closer to chaos and not many working class people even noticed or were warned of it, but there were those in government and in finance and at the top of the corporate pyramid who knew more than the rest of us.

It did not take very long for the destructive nature of a nation out of balance and equilibrium to share the disorder with the rest of the of the world, either through force or through their con games, such as the selling of fake derivatives to anyone in the world who would buy them to the tune of $1000 trillion, only to find their “investments” self-destructing to an amount of $400 trillion and falling. Also, as our greed-based corporate capitalists found slave laborers around the world to make the consumer stuff people wanted to buy, more of the orange (just below red) color rated entropy turned red. A blazing and fiery red colored entropy has engulfed the world.

Here is another example. Let us say that 400 people are invited to a delicious gourmet dinner party in a room that just about fits everyone moderately well. The food is prepared with care, which all humans love. That would be low entropy. We all need to eat, and it is being done together at a lower cost than if we all had to go out and find our dinners on our own all over town. But, once this pleasant meal is almost finished, one person passes a silent gas plume. This event is only noticed by those sitting next to the perpetrator. A blue (mid-level) colored entropy alert goes up to warn only those few, but the rest of the room stays green (low level alert color code). Yet, within 10 minutes all 300 begin to pass gas. The room must be evacuated because the level of methane gas becomes deadly. Not only is that a red level entropy alert, but worse.

You might say it did not take long for the room of 300 to reach a breaking point requiring a mass evacuation. The guests began to produce energy and matter to such a degree that the closed system of a party room’s ventilation system could not handle the decay of the air quality. The ventilation system was not powerful enough to handle what had not been planned for during the development process, and it, ultimately, failed those occupying the room, or system. The system was not prepared to handle the chaotic mess of a room full of gas! Now, there was a point in the 10 minute timeframe where the air could handle the expelling of gas and was not too destructive to the air quality, yet was still noticeable. That is called a threshold. The threshold was that at one moment in time the air quality crossed into a hazardous zone. The crossing of the threshold was a single moment when a crisis entered the system.

Today in our economy we are reaching a point where our financial, as well as social system is reaching a crisis level----code orangey red. President Obama has inherited this breaking point in our system. If he does not act in a way that will positively respond to the economic chaos that is occurring, and the high level of entropy that has ensued due to a massive amount of “gas that has been passed into the room, whereby those inside must evacuate”, in other words, where a large number of citizens will find their entire lives caved in resulting from foreclosure, bankruptcy, economic failure, etc., then he will, no doubt, lead us toward a red hot collapse of the dollar, Wall Street, Main and Side Streets, and much more. The stresses pressing on the crisis are strong, yet dynamic.

President Obama has begun to articulate his formula that he hopes will move us away from crisis but toward a new national development process, in spite of the overwhelming challenges that will act as friction against the economic lubricants he wants to inject into the system to get it moving toward prosperity and development. If he fails to act in a manner of “smart growth development”, to take a phrase used by communities using sustainable development principles, while using the nation’s resources wisely, efficiently and with effectiveness, the overwhelming challenges creating enormous friction eroding away at any amount of growth and development will overtake it, such as hyperinflation, which may turn into a national, or even, a worldwide depression; this could lead us toward a war we should not and would not want to fight. That would be entropy and chaos at its worst!

What makes this moment in time, this threshold, so fragile, although extremely complex, is that one wrong decision, or series of them, one act leading toward further economic instability could take the economy, and our society, into the flaming red entropy zone, and further economic chaos.

A decision or series of decisions, which leads toward growth and development, will create new challenges that would bring about a new level of chaos and entropy if not managed properly and with transparency, intelligence, and balance, would bring about a repeat of what we have today and drop into the laps of a future generation.

Currently, our greatest level of national entropy has to do with the evaporation of personal wealth and wage/income growth, the thievery allowed by the top tier fraudulent financial corporatists, the hording of cash by the top financial institutions handed over by the taxpayers in exchange for their worthless toxic debt, rising un/underemployment, the selling off of manufacturing, and the importation of massive amounts of energy to fuel the country, just to name a few. These are the losses the country has experienced, and President Obama has inherited.

This is why President Obama cannot make mistakes. This is why he must use every ounce of his intellect to invite the smartest and most capable experts into his cabinet meetings and discussions to thoroughly analyze and plan for a sustainable, efficient, and effective recovery plan, even though it might be painful in the short run. To label decisions as capitalist, or socialist, or whatever is feudal. It is irrelevant. No doubt, a collective set of ideas and proposals must be use without having to label their intent. Ideologies and dogmatic beliefs must be discarded and pragmatism must prevail. He has no choice, unless he makes the wrong choices in order to please the very people that created this mess in the first place.

Thanks for reading, Jerry

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugurations, moon landings and Miss Farquar.

Strange how history is for some people. If you're under 40 this might help. As the saying goes you only know what you know.

For the first time in my adult life I am about to experience the leadership of a President who is a democratic liberal. My thoughts, feelings and emotions are now more historical and philosophical than political.

I feel happy and peaceful. Historic events of magnitude lead me to have great and wondrous emotional feelings of hope and bittersweet melancholy. I’ve had many personal experiences that have translated into many great emotional feelings, but communally, as an adult, nothing comparable to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States.

So with all these emotions flowing I guess its best to write them down. Put these feelings into context. Understand my nature, human nature, find out what’s going on for me, and share it.

It's hard to believe how many historic events have happened over the last 100 years. So many changes, more than at anytime in the history of mankind. Imagine 15 generations working in the same cabbage batch during the dark ages! Ouch!

My Childhood, like many baby boomers, or at least those middle-aged people with a shred of memory, was quite a bit different than my adulthood.

Take from this what you will. As a child of working poor parents in the 1960’s I was lucky enough to benefit from what then President Lyndon Baines Johnson called his “great society”. A plan that saw my rural Appalachian third grade class go from thirty screaming kids to 15 in one October afternoon. I was a bit saddened of course to see some of my little chums leave the room and take that walk across the building and file into the newly hired Miss Washbaugh’s classroom, but I was also excited to be able to have more attention from Mrs. Farquar. I remember going home that night and my mom saying the reason for the splitting up of the class was because of the Presidents great society plan. Sounded good to me.

Most children, even today are naturally hopeful and positive regardless of their circumstances. During my childhood we were surrounded by and part of severe rural poverty. President Lyndon Johnson acknowledged that, and through the “Great Society” took action to change it.

It was a hopeful time for the poor and down trodden in America. A time set to a soundtrack that included Johnny Cash’s I walk the line and Herb Albert’s Tijuana brass for my parents and Otis Reading, James Brown, and the Beatles for the kids. This music, all heard for the first time ever, on vinyl 33 rpm records! But yes, according to the conservatives of the 60’s the American people were out of control, flying off to the moon, talking about equality, listening to crazy music that has yet to be duplicated, yes madness was seething thru the population. It was a beautiful time indeed. This was John Kennedy’s legacy that he never got to see.

A legacy heroically carried forward by Lyndon Johnson, Johnson was a leader from Texas who challenged the Dixiecrat mentality of segregation. he signed into law many a historic legislation, truly an unreal awakening and change for America.
1964: Civil Rights Act of 1964
1964: Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964
1964: Wilderness Act
1964: Nurse Training Act
1964: Food Stamp Act of 1964
1964: Economic Opportunity Act
1965: Higher Education Act of 1965
1965: Social Security Act of 1965
1965: Voting Rights Act
1965: Immigration and Nationality Services Act of 1965
1967: Age Discrimination in Employment Act[52]
1967: Public Broadcasting Act of 1967
1968: Bilingual Education Act
1968: Fair housing
1968: Gun Control Act of 1968

in the end Johnson’s presidency would become bogged down by the never ending Vietnam War and the protests against it. It was his support of the war that led to a collapse of the new deal based Democratic Party. He decided not to run for a second term, grew his hair long, and as the Nixonian Republicans would come to say, join the hippies on the farm. Ironically Johnson in the end did stand in solidarity with the very peaceniks whom protested the war and caused his demise.

With Johnson deciding not to run for a second term it opened the door for Bobby Kennedy to run for president. Robert F. Kennedy was possibly the greatest human to ever live. His efforts and beliefs about poverty in America both rural and urban are legendary and mythic. Robert spent long hours investigating hunger in the Mississippi Delta, joblessness in the Northern ghettos and squalid conditions in the migrant camps of central California, all while being a sitting U.S. Senator.

Robert Kennedy and Johnson came from different regions, social classes and generations; they shared the common trait of their New Deal Democratic Party -- identification with the underdog. What seriously divided them, apart from personal chemistry, was the struggle to lead that party in an era of domestic turmoil and political change.

That identification with the underdog was the accepted cultural norm of the sixties. The spirit of fair play, trust, respecting everyone and their potential, be it bricklayer or noble permeated the country. So much so that respecting others less fortunate than I and rooting for the underdog is a personal bug a boo for me today. I've always got to temper the urge to not see things as gods will. So, as a child I was lucky enough to be raised in a living morality play of hope directed by our government.

We lost Martin Luther King in April of 1968. I believe it was in that instant, that what I’ll call The war on goodness and equality was declared. It was never the people who wanted Martin to stop. Quite to the contrary, unionized whites, middle class whites, were cheering him on. Cheering reminiscent of these past 2 years and President Barack Obama’s campaign, it was the youth culture that saw the importance of Martins change also.
Of course there were the racists of the day that would say things like, “I bet it was one of his own who shot him”. In general, the people of the day loved Martin, regardless of color.

All humans love truth when they see or hear it.

Three months later, I was lucky enough to hear my mother shriek “Oh no not again”. She had just found out that Robert Kennedy had been assassinated. She would listen to the radio as she washed the dishes, by hand, the same way each and everyday. She was washing the dishes when she found out about Bobby. I was playing with the neighbor kids in the backyard when I heard her scream, I ran into the kitchen to see her in tears. She was a registered Republican. My father was a registered Democrat.

The war against goodness and equality had won another battle; through death not discourse a battle that would take our country into a realm of hate and inequity. The dream of an egalitarian society where all people are created equal and can maximize their potential would be philosophically, economically, and systematically destroyed over the next 30 years.

The final blow in The Great War Against the People would come with the impeachment trial and resignation of President Nixon.

I remember the day when Nixon boarded that helicopter-waving goodbye, with an evil smile on his face, as if to say to the American people, now your really going to get screwed.

It was the last gasp of the idealist democracy in an age that altruistically believed in better government, by the people and a government that regulated society and itself.

Nixon’s resignation and almost impeachment would lead to a cynicism by the American people in both parties that would prove to be fatal.

From the Nixon resignation we moved into a system of mockery and hate among people. Jimmy Carter became hamstrung by the seething hatred of politicians by the now jaded general public and a republican party out for revenge. Instead of demanding more from our government, America was now distrusting all who entered public office.

The door to fascism was blown open because of our own lack of respect for government and citizenship. It was because of that disrespect and disappointment of and with our government that we would look away from it and give up on governmental accountability and our own expectations of government in the process.

During this dark time we would see where giving a hand up would be turned into getting a hand out. We would become a culture of merit, where those who didn’t make the grade would be left along the roadside to fend for themselves.

We would become some kind of Ayn Randian, Machiavellian freakazoid of a nation that would be inhabited and controlled by fear mongering bullies, with guns!

We would gut the foundations of our state, and allow the ultimate realization of a tyrannical system of generational wealth predicated on a death culture that would be used to not only oppress those in need, but blame them. This new bully government of so called conservatism would go unexamined by the press and excused by a numbed propagandized culture of consumerist selfism and religious zealots.

This war on the people would ultimately take down capitalism itself. Through greed and deregulation the economic ideals of our country would be splayed and left for dead upon the alter of neo-conservatism.

Former thoughtful voices in the once necessary Republican Party were run out. Goon squads led by potent simplifiers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity replaced voices like George Will, Pat Buchanon, and William F. Buckley. The imbalance throughout the land would be felt globally with millions of needless deaths in the name of fear and the bullyboy moneygrubbers.

So, from this darkness comes hope. A new man. A new person. I would be a fool to project anything about President Barrack Obamas childhood. I will assume that it was pretty tough. He has overcome. It’s what made him. If he can overcome and rise, we as a nation can surely do the same.

It’s the spirit of the thing that counts. It’s all about how we comport ourselves going forward. Do we look to help our enemies of the past 30 years? Or do we allow the neo-cons to morph into something even more freakish? Yes, our country is now on to something great. I believe, if we follow President Obamas lead we can make a better day for everyone.

So, there is my take on this historic time. This election feels the same as that moment when a little boy stood in the back of his neighbors garage with all the people in the a small company town in Appalachia watching on a Black and White portable T.V. Neil Armstrong put his grainy moon boot onto the dirt of the moon.
The Internet is so cool and I can store all my music on a box the size of a pack of cigarettes. Desire and greed did bring about some serious material advances, but in the end it’s all about humanity and decency from what I can see. President Obama is one hell of a decent human being who comports himself with great care and love of humanity. He understands the phenomenon of change and knows how it works. He is a thinking persons person, so much so that it seems we may need to discard history all together and just move forward in one gigantic utopian leap. Without the, as he says, “spirit” of change it will never become a reality. Lets do this thing. Hey, we own it to Bobby and Martin and Mrs. Farquar at the very least.

And I'll end here by asking conservatives, what has liberalism done to hurt you personally, aside from taxing you? With the tax rates being fairly flat and assuming you don't participate in any government funded projects and have not participated in any public or advanced state funded education, I want to know what in the end liberalism has done specifically to hurt you personally?

Conservatism and conservatives are no longer in the mainstream (if they ever were) The republicans have failed because their so called base is now only 25 million and shrinking. So I say to the conservatives, it's not a big deal to be in a fringe group. Being out of touch with American values is ok, America is a big boat and there is room for everyone, even the conservatives, the steerage is big, you don't have to stay down there with Hannity and Limbaughs propaganda blaring loud and all those dangerous guns, the ladder to first class is big, come on up with the patriotic Americans and start helping your brothers, sisters, and America. Here is a great starting point.

Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Demented Monster Called The RNC

The RNC has convened in order to nominate a new regressive chairperson to further lead them into the darkness. One of the choices is Ken Blackwell, of Ohio, who was key in stealing the winning Ohio Democratic votes in the 2004 Kerry/Bush election. Grover Norquist, another neo-fascist Regressive party “field marshal”, Brownshirt is a better description, was a key figure in the development of the 1995 Project For A New American Century policy neo-con-wonk document, and pushed, along with his fellow lock-steppers for the war in Iraq and dominate over the Middle East’s oil reserves, as well as spread democracy throughout the region.

Norquist and his followers supported the “drowning of government is a bathtub”, of which they did for most of working America and filled it up just enough to steal the money out of the Treasury in order to prop up their 30 year long Ponzi Scheme.

What is so interesting is that they hated government except when it benefited their interests. Their interests were to preserve their control over the highest paying jobs and prevent them from being outsourced. They wanted to preserve those jobs through professional licensure and certifications. They wanted to guarantee their protection of copyright and patent laws in order advance the profits of the corporations holding them, and in return those board members, CFOs, and CEOs would show their appreciation by contributing to the fattening of the RNCs burgeoning bank account. They wanted to squeeze working Americans through tough bankruptcy laws for individuals, but lighten them for business. They so enjoyed government when the tax laws favored tax cuts, deductions on depreciation of property and equipment, and lower tax rates for corporations and dividend returns.

Norquist and his neo-fascist pluto-c-RATS could perpetuate the 30-year Ponzi Scheme, while keeping the wages of working Americans stagnant or low. Such average wage earners could not keep up with inflation or buy the items they were producing without having to borrow from the plutocRATS, who enticed them with low teaser or fixed interest rates putting them into further debt. With that compounding debt, these corporate vampires went to work in their laboratories crafting asset value derivatives, which no one could really figure out, and designed into law legislation that prevented anyone from analyzing, scrutinizing, or questioning their legitimacy. From there, they were held in shadow banks, away from an eagle’s eye, and sold on the worldwide derivatives market to a tune of $1000 trillion. Since then, much of it has gone up in flames and all that which is assumed to be left totals around $600 trillion; and this amount will continue to unwind/deleverage further shrinking portfolios and worldwide wealth.

All of the images that the Regressive Party members were able to see using their ocular neuropathways teleporting those mental pictures into the greed hemisphere of the brain, while activating salivary glands in the process, were reassembled into cold hard cash for their candidates running against those socialistic, good-for-nothing Democrats who stood in the way of progress.

So, the Regressive, oh, I meant to say, the Republican National Committee, had chosen to moderate their recent debate for RNC chairperson the one and only Grover Norquist, their neo-fascist, trickle-downster, war-mongering, vote-stealing, and golden boy hitman for the RNC Crime Syndicate. With a name like Grover, he has to be a puppet.

Here are several of the most current facts brought to us by the plutocRATS seated deep within the Bush Crime Family and the RNC.

• 30% of all credit card debt, $1.6 trillion, is held by the lowest rated consumers.
• $8 trillion lost in home wealth over the last 8 years.
• 12.5% un/under-employed
• 14,000 jobs lost Daily since September, 2008
• Home price devaluation has reached 20%
• More than 10% of the work force works in retail and around 1 million will likely lose their jobs
• A note on China—before November, 2008, they held 652.9 tons of gold, but since then, they have increased their holding to 3400 tons preparing themselves to be the world currency, upstaging the dollar, and having more gold to back up and stabilize their currency: the yuan-renminbe.

The RNC Crime Syndicate heavily controlled by many of those plutocRAT signatories on the Project For A New American Century worked to guarantee that if the top-tier executive banksta’s risky securities/derivatives scam turned sour, or into losses, they would never have to forfeit their bonuses, earnings, and leveraged “gambling” winnings through the magic of government laws.

Their rhetorical distaste for government only has been heard when it works against their own “profit-at-any-cost” agenda. Yet, as it has been revealed that without an economically stable and strong middle class, the top-tier thieves would not be able to hold on to their guaranteed “plutocRATic-styled” and government endorsed winnings without failing consequences, which, ultimately, caused what we are not experiencing as the most devastating of all national security risks—the collapse of the U.S. economy as it ripples throughout the world.

Oh, how the Regressive National Committee, and their economic predators loved government to create NAFTA, which eliminated trade barriers for those working at the bottom of the labor ladder, but excluded the free trade of highly skilled, college and university educated top-tier executives at the more protected end of the same scale. Those highly paid, top-tier and mostly white educated workers were guarded by RNC supported government laws, yet they did not express any objections of such government intervention in the free market even though they had regularly called for the drowning of it in the nearest bathtub. How ironic. They sure live by their principles.

You all remember Reagan’s famous remark, “Hello, I am from the government and I am here to help.” He made those remarks in order to ridicule government and suggest that it should stay out of the people’s business, especially if it is to support the interests of those who desire it to act as a political and policy equalizer and supporter of the common good for all.

The RNC has been very embedded in the development of a public policy favorable to crafting laws, rules, regulations, as well as mounting political pressures through intimidation and exclusion upon the members of Congress from both parties who were not part of their 100-year plan for control. For the most of 30 years, the Regressive plutocrats controlled Congress and nurtured their desired style oligarchy. They referred to Democrats as cowards, traitors, socialists, and worse, yet, as we have just witnessed, it has been the psychopathic son of the Bush Crime Family who mounted the nation’s most aggressive socialistic government interventionist policy initiative in America’s history; and, with pride. In spite of the Bush economic policy recovery program being called socialist, it has been targeted on behalf of working people, as most socialistic programs are, but at the very richest of Americans, such as, the nation’s highest paid executives in the financial and insurance industries, as well as elsewhere. The Bush TARP—Troubled Assets Relief Program—is being targeted at the trouble assets of the “Haves, and the Have Mores!” as referred to by Bush when describing his base of supporters, and not at the “Have Lesses”, those people he has disdain for.

In other words, for the Republican Party members spewing venom at government by insisting that IT get out of THEIR way, and that lowering taxes on the wealthy, would help stimulate the economy, they have been shown to be wrong, and wrong all along. This has been done for 30 years and look where it led.

Instead of reforming the RNC, and the Republican Party to become more moderate, and choose a centrist to sit as their committee chairperson, they continue to pursue the path of a regressive political party monster-like buffoon.      (Ponzi Scheme)

Thanks for reading, Jerry

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

George W. Bush's Legacy

The end is near. The threshold has been crossed. We are now living in 2009. The days of the pretending cow-boy-president are waning. He has begun to pack up his toys, and boots, and trinkets accumulated over his years in the Oval Office. He will be known as the worst commander-in-chief to preside over this nation. The moniker of “Bush 43” is what some comics call him. Others gave him less honorable titles. He has been an executive over a pseudo-cabal that led the country to war on two fronts and grabbed the lynch pin from the world’s largest 30-year Ponzi Scheme finally bringing it down over the lives of most Americans. The dark shadows, rubble and dust that followed have begun to cover much of the world like volcanic dust blanketing its sleeping surroundings. But the Bush commanded Ponzi Scheme is more like a campfire, which grew into a bonfire, and eventually, losing control and growing wildly into a raging forest fire spreading into the farthest reaches along its path toward a destiny still unknown.

This is the Bush legacy. He was successful in his objective to create a fascist oligarchy during his eight years as the “decider”. Everything he touched turned into a toxic sludge nearly impossible to wash off if one was so unfortunate to have made contact with it. He poisoned the well, and now as he packs up his Stetson and American flag lapel pins to be loaded onto a 40 foot moving truck headed for Dallas all we can do is breathe a huge sigh of relief that it finally arrived. The truck drives off into the sunset of a crescent moon heading down the superhighways once dominated by the 4-5000 lb. motorized, gas and oil filled chrome and steel clad Coupe de Ville, Eldorado, Crown Victoria, El Camino, and Imperial representatives of a rich and powerful nation dominated over the world’s economic and financial resources. But today, the men and machines which stamped out and assembled those cruising land yachts lay idle with uncertainty and fear that they, too, may fall upon the wake of the chard remains of Bush’s legacy.

So, off he goes strapped in on his last flight gazing out upon the landscape of the nation from the same round and thick-glassed window riveted into the body of the plane which flew him over the symbols of his presidency—the drowning city of New Orleans-the smoldering remains of the Twin Towers-the gaping hole inside the Pentagon-the crater in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This is his legacy and it will remain that way forever. The reverse Midas Touch, you might say. If he had really spoken to a Higher Father for advice and direction, instead of the one he has known since childbirth, then he should have listened to those heavenly Omnipotent answers more carefully. Maybe Bush only pretended to understand the language spoken to him so as to not appear more inept and stupid than he really was.

The nation’s presidential jumbo jet will land on a tarmac in Dallas, and the boy president will be escorted into a limousine for his new ranch-style home lying inside the cage he is having built around the property to keep him inside and away from the millions of angry, and worn torn citizens injured by his destructive legacy.

In his new home, he will watch his replacement preside over a deeply damaged country scarred by his policies and decisions. These decisions and policies were made with certainty and commitment indicating to all that he did NOT fail to deliver his mission accomplished fait accomplis. He came. He decided. He left. And, in his path he leaves the infancy of a growing deep recession possibly leading toward a depression; a Middle East in ruins and flames, yet even more empowered by his long time arch enemy, and “Axis of Evil”, alleged key sponsor of his War on Terror-Iran; an ever tattered and anorexic rust belt; a landscape forever expanding with ghost towns of empty and foreclosed homes littering communities, while ruining the lives of hard working families and individuals who had put sweat equity into their now abandoned castles which once filled them pleasure; the beginning desertion from malls, retail and office spaces; a shrinking industrial and manufacturing sector, which had been the brawn and pride of the nation; joblessness growing in the millions; tens of millions of medically uninsured; a phony free-market splayed open revealing a systemically diseased and rotten core controlled by a network of foul smelling and insulated gilded and jeweled parasites sucking out its life force not unlike a vampire needing the victim’s blood to sustain its own life; a mounting need to care for war veterans left to fend for themselves after servicing their country with honor and dignity; soaring homelessness; a $10.7 trillion national debt, which doubled over his 8-year reign of error; a $1 trillion ballooning budget deficit stuffed with bail out Ponzi Scheme reimbursements; an evaporation of $14 trillion of personal wealth, stock and home equity; a nation sold off to foreigners now owning much of its physical infrastructure and Treasury wealth, and what was our nation’s tradable exports moved off-shore only be sold back to us as imports; $700 billion, and mounting handed over to the Ponziites to hoard as they wait for the sheriff’s sale of fallen banks, and businesses in order to consolidate their massive wealth portfolios; and tens of millions of worried Americans uncertain for their future.

This is the legacy of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States. We can only hope that he finds himself tangled and mired in the process of fending off war crime indictments, and investigations into the lies that led to his devastating objectives. His rank among the nation’s list of accomplished and respected presidents will lie at the disgraced bottom of the pile of chief executives elected to the highest position in the land.

This is the legacy of George W. Bush. And now, the incoming president will be faced with a daunting task once laid upon the feet of Franklin D. Roosevelt. That recovery took decades. How long will this one take?

Thanks for reading, Jerry