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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Gang of 12 in Congress Must Be Prosecuted for Treason!!!

The Teapublicans are engaging in a subversion of the U.S. Constitution!!! They are committing treason, at the very most, and at the very least, should be "Fired"!--RECALLED!

The American Civil Liberties Group need to jump into this assault upon the U.S. Constitution.

The American people are being held hostage by our government, which is working very hard to inflict hardship upon average workers, who had nothing to do with the economic collapse that brought down this economy and began to strip working people of their asset values.

The Teapublicans say that shrinking government will resort in a growth in private sector employment and growth. What a crock of crap!!!! It shows just how ignorant they are of economics, as well as reality. If they believed it, then they should be voted out in the next election cycle. If it is only a smoke-screen to screw with wages and entitlements in order to push more wealth upwards, and to sell off public sector infrastructure to their corporate elite benefactors, they should be "fired"!!

Here are my calculations:

Based on 2010 figures, the public sector spending makes up 10-15% of GDP. The US government makes up 40% of the GDP. I guessed that the US government: fed, state, local spends $430B in the private sector.

Small businesses, and companies make up around 23% of federal government contract spending.

Therefore, the plan to shrink the US government will resort in a loss of jobs, lower wages, less working class spending, a further decline in asset wealth, and a significant recession, if not depression. AND, NOT THE OPPOSITE! AS THE TEAPUBLICANS PREACH.

This is from Robert Reich: The two universes have nothing whatever to do with one another -- except for one thing. If consumers can't and won't buy, and employers won't hire without customers, the spender of last resort must be government. We've understood this since government spending on World War II catapulted America out of the Great Depression -- reversing the most vicious of vicious cycles. We've understood it in every economic downturn since then." "This is not rocket science. And it's not difficult for government to do this -- through a new WPA or Civilian Conservation Corps, an infrastructure bank, tax incentives for employers to hire, a two-year payroll tax holiday on the first $20K of income, and partial unemployment benefits for those who have lost part-time jobs."

As Professor Michael Hudson stated the Obama administration would like wages to fall another 30% in order to make US production more globally competitive, but instead, it will result in a national depression, since lower wages will be able to keep up with commodity inflation costs. 

Michael Hudson is the only economist who appears to see and have a clear viewpoint regarding the future of the American, and world working person.

We will not see food, fuel, energy, building products, appliances, transportation and other products drop by 30%. We will likely see those prices increase. And if the dollar drops in value, price inflation will occur at the same time.

In addition, Professor Hudson says that a goal of the financial elite, and the US government Teapublican, and lapdog Democrats, along with President Obama, is for our government to sell-off public assets, such as roads, bridges, government departments, parking meters, parks, along with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to the private sector making rentiers of the taxpayers, who will have to pay interest on the bank loans used by the private sector to purchase these government assets.

This is what is happening in Greece, and Ireland. As the TBTF banking system bails out banks in Greece, and not actually the government or citizens, public land and assets will be sold off to the investor class to pay the interest on the debts. As Hudson says the central banks don't actually bailout the government but the banks that have gone into near default, and then, lend to the government. At which point, the private sector owns what was once public assets, and part of the common-wealth of a nation.

This sounds like the Vladimir Putin model of economics!!

let's list our Congresspersons who have sold out their constituencies by joining the Teapublican Party and their agenda.

Those who have gone over to the Dark Side:

America Under Attack!