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Friday, July 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Is A Sociopath

So much is unfolding over Mitt Romney and it is not good. Mitt and Ann Romney are predators, as well as full-blown sociopaths : A person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience. Being deacon in the Mormon Church and its number one personality, has not seemed to raise the voices—audibly and publicly—of fellow church members over their top two senior perverts as they travel across the country lying about themselves and others.

Ann recently came out saying that “you people” don’t need to know more about our tax returns. No Ann, we don’t? Ann, you and your husband want to move into the White House and run the country. Mitt has said nothing about how he would do it other than to slash and burn during his first week as president, and create a Scorched Earth-style administrative agenda that would hurt the 99% and reward the 1%. And, he keeps telling us to ‘trust him’ because he was a successful businessman, and that he knows just how to run the country---predator style.

What Mitt and Ann know how to do best is lie, and fake it. They got rich by being destroyers. As the owner, president, CEO, and chairman of Bain Capital Investment and LLC, as well as sole stockholder, they bought wounded American companies and “Zombied” them to death by sucking the life and soul out of them, firing workers, selling off assets, bankrupting the businesses, and writing off the debts, while earning big fat fees and profits for themselves.

What the Romneys did with their new found gains by writing off these dead companies, and selling off the assets was to invest in offshore accounts located in tax havens, and Swiss bank accounts pretending to be “foreigners” (investment information was never sent back to the home country) so as to avoid the heavier tax burden found in the United States. In addition, they found ways to avoid U.S. taxes, such as saying their horse was a medical expense for his wife, which amounted to around $7000.00!

Such antics can only be done by the billionaires, of which the Romneys are a club member. They are the ultra-elite. They aren’t just elitists, which their ilk label Democrats as being, but are in actuality—super elitists. They refer to the hardworking, everyday folks as “YOU PEOPLE”. They are bigots of the “every-person”.

The Romneys don’t want any exposure of their predatory behavior as owners of Bain Capital, or of their secretive tax returns. They cover up the truth by lying.

Mitt appears to have faked and lied about exactly when he stopped running, advising, signing off on documents, ruling, and approving decisions made at Bain while away in Utah playing chief for the U.S. Olympic Committee, and while prepping for his run to the Massachusetts Governor’s mansion. The SEC seems to be interested in these documents, as well, since he said he had “retired” from Bain in 1999, but documents prove otherwise showing he was directly involved into 2001 and 2002.

The Romneys have stated that, yes, they are millionaires, but their publicly suppressed tax returns might show that they are really billionaires, who may have found sweet tax loopholes to squeeze into, and lower tax rates to latch on to.

Did they ever pay zero taxes? Did they work out a tax rate below 10%? Were they serious tax avoiders?

Do Americans want such a person as their president? Do Americans feel that since they must pay taxes on income that cannot be sheltered, or moved offshore, that millionaires and billionaires should, at the very least, pay the same tax rates as they do, or even more? I know they do!!

Do Americans believe, that at the very least, a presidential contender needs to reveal fully transparent tax returns? I am sure they do.

Sleazegate Romney has shown to be King Midas sitting on his piles of gold, while the rest of us see him as the wannabe emperor with no clothes.

Sleazegate Romney doesn’t take responsibility for anything! He deflects. In this regard, he is like LilboyBush, who when asked if he would have done anything differently during his 8-years, he couldn’t think of a single fucked over and failed decision to reverse. Not even to turn right-side-up the book, My Pet Goat, as 9/11 was taking place, while he sat dumbfounded in that kindergarten classroom.

All LilboyBush as to say about his presidency was that it was “awesome, and powerful”. How pitiful!

Romney has the gall to go after Obama’s youthful indiscretions as a high schooler and college student, yet Sleazegate Romney fails to understand that his vicious bullying, while a college student makes his pot just as black as the kettle. This further validates that Romney is a pervert and sociopath. His bullying and meanness harmed others and left those individuals involved regretting their contribution as Romney accomplices. Whatever drugs Obama smoked did not affect anyone but himself. Romney is just too disturbed and dysfunctional to get it.

Romney believes that college is out there for ya’ to grab hold of. All you have to do is borrow from your parents, even if your parents are struggling as a result of a poor economy, unemployment, outsourcing, and the actions of the GOP and complicit Democrats. Not every American can attend college on Daddy’s dollar like Willard Mitt Romney was able to do. Sleazegate Romney has no compassion, or understanding, or empathy because he IS a sociopath.

If Romney’s premise is that the rich need socialism in the form of the lowest tax rates in history (don’t forget government contracts) in order to become “job creators”, then why did Romney send his wealth offshore creating even more personal wealth and not keep it in the United States to be used to create jobs? It is because he doesn’t believe that lower tax rates create jobs. On the contrary, the facts show that higher tax rates do create millions of new jobs, and not the reverse.

Romney may be a billionaire with multiple homes and a Cadillac in every garage, but as a human being he is incompetent!

We are closing in on the RNC’s big convention day, and Sleazegate will follow the Mittster onto center stage. I bet the GOP is very concerned about their guy-by default- dragging a big ball and chain behind him. Especially, Ann Coulter.