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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How Real Change Could Occur After Labor Day!!

Here is an easy way to tell Congress, the health care industry, the insane Reichstag Republicans, the Cowardly Democrats, and the rest of the elite running corporate America that we are sick and tired of their corrupt takeover of America’s wallets.

All you have to do is sell your stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. You don’t even have to leave your home, your office or your easy chair!

Call your Congressperson and Senator’s office and tell the office person to give your legislator a message. The message conveyed would be that you will be selling all your stocks that involve drug companies, insurance companies, and health care facilities. Tell them you are divesting from the thieves and moving the cash from the sale into money market funds, CDs, or your savings account. What this action will say is that you have moved your money from their access to your access.

You then could proceed to tell that legislative aide that you will likely do the same with other stocks that involve the corporate thievery that has been going on in the country over the last 30 years. I would suggest you sell ALL stock holdings, and bond holdings, and move YOUR money into cash; even if done temporarily. This action will cause the market to tumble in a big way, ultimately resulting in a big shake up on Wall Street, in Congress, and with President Obama. By doing so, you will be sending a powerful message to corporate American and Congress. The Game Is Over!!! The Jig Is Up!!! It is time to give America back to the average American worker.

The time to dump the banking stocks is now! The same goes for insurance stocks, and REITs.

If Americans were willing to use their pocketbooks to take the country back, real change would occur.

This is the way to do it. Let Wall Street know that you are just not going to take their crap any longer. Let Congress know that enough is enough, and what you demand is real change for working Americans. It is time to fix the problems. It is time to end the wars, to rebuild the nation’s manufacturing sectors, to end corporate welfare for the richest thieves that have controlled the financial economic crime syndicate, to end the question about health care and say that all health care MUST be sold by not-for-profit companies, and in addition, financial regulation must be enforced. We must say that health care is not a privilege but a right, and that everyone, in spite of a pre-existing condition, deserves to have easily affordable health care. A single-payer or government regulated private plans must be created. We must tell the drug companies that their industry will no longer hold any patents to pharmaceuticals, but the nation, and its people will hold those patents. All our drug research should be funded by the people through the government and, by doing so, it would benefit the entire populace and not just a select few.

The people are already funding much of the drug research through the National Institutes of Health government programs. The drug companies need only to manufacture them. This would drop the price dramatically, according to Dr. Dean Baker, the author of “The Nanny State”.

The way to take this country back is by divesting from Wall Street’s gaming of the system. We are sick and tired of the revival of Reaganomics and his laissez-faire, trickle down, supply side smoke and mirrors propaganda. The economy was gamed to make sure that working people would remain indebted to the rich so they could reap huge piles of cash through that debtor-creditor trap.

In order to tell those Corporate Royalists the game would be to sell off one’s stocks and bonds quickly, and overnight.

And, the only way to force President Obama to control the financial crime syndicate is for all of us to sell off our stock, bond, and mutual fund holdings and transfer our personal savings wealth into money market accounts.

It appears that Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chair, has President Obama’s continued confidence, while much of the people know that Bada Bing Bernanke is nothing more than the senior field general for the financial crime syndicate and was set into that position so as to make sure that the financial investment crime bank bosses would continue to feed their insatiable need for cash through the pockets of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Bernanke keeps Fed interest rates at zero percent. The banks borrow at zero, and gamble it on Wall Street stocks or buy Treasury bonds with it making easy money on the interest gained. Borrow at zero percent and buy bonds earning 3 percent interest. Forget about the real economy and those working people getting burned, as well as those business owners hoping to make payroll for another month, and keep business going throughout the next quarter.

This could be the Labor Day where Americans take back the country, or not. Here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson, "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." In other words, if we do nothing, then nothing changes, and the Corporate Royalists remain in charge.

It is all up to you now!

Thanks for reading, jerry

P.S. Consumer credit is dead!

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