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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The GOP Clown Car Unloads

America is surrounded by a thousand clowns, which are dangerously delusional clowns pathetically grotesque and diagnosed and/or undiagnosed with sociopathetic or psychopathetic disorders. Many roam the boardrooms and executive suites of the multinational corporations receiving various government subsides, which improves their profits, bonuses, expense accounts, and dividends off the backs of average American wage earners, students and children, as well as seniors. Mega-companies that are involved in farming/ agribusiness, oil/natural gas are just two sectors that receive government subsides, handouts, freebees, tax breaks, and more.

In addition, we have Wall Street corporations that benefit from military contracts, as well as Pell Grants, such as the University of Phoenix, and other for-profit universities and colleges. Many of these Wall Streeters also receive bailouts or obtain near zero percent Federal Reserve handouts. If we continue strolling through the clown tent of Congress, we see medical research hospitals doing drug testing all of which benefits the predatory drug and pharmaceutical companies. All of these mega-corporations hire lobbyists to “convince”-- “persuade” legislators, presidential advisors, cabinet appointees, Supreme Court Justices, and the other parasites that live on the corporate hosts to design legislation that benefit their predatory practices all of which leads to scrumptious salaries, bigger bonuses, extraordinary expense accounts and smiling shareholders, along with reduced regulation.

But all the while, we hear their legislative lackeys lipsinking their corporate message of smaller government, lower taxes, and praising their free-market-free-enterprise fantasies. Without government’s “intervention” strategy that is designed to fill up corporate balance sheets with government revenues, there would be NO Wall Street clown cars making noise. Many would be Pink-Slipped like many of their underlings have been over the years.

Corporate socialism has out shined social handouts. Yet just this week, we heard from one of the GOP clowns John Cornyn who said that his Grotesquely Oligarchy Psychopathic Party want to stop the “spending spree” in Washington!!!

Where were the destructive clowns over the last 30 years, and especially under the spending-free-for-all under LilBoy Bush? That’s when we saw subprime home mortgages handed out to anyone that could stand in line, any line, and when those predatory private “universities” siphoned off billions of dollars from the government all the time knowing they were enrolling many, many students who were unable to complete the degree programs. Does this sound familiar? The same “practices” went on with the predatory mega-banks selling mortgages to people who were unable to pay ballooning mortgages all the while betting and selling bets without any collateral, while leveraging those bets as high as they could, as they earned massive fees, and commissions knowing the big tent would come crashing down. But LilBoyBush, Hanksta Paulson, and Bada Bing Bernanke were there to pull the rabbit outta da hat with sweet, smelling bailouts, furry TARP funding, and more free passes to keep the corporate-socialism show on the road.

I guess Corny Cornyn, Gecko Gingrich, Bonehead Boehner, and Blathering Bachmann, along with the rest of their Ghoulishly Oppressive Party who brought about two massively expensive wars, which ruined the lives of thousands/millions of people, while simultaneously creating a bloated and over-the-top Homeland Security program financing crony capitalistic corporations, such as Blackwater, Halliburtion, GE, and former HLS chief, Mr. Michael-Revolving Door- Chertoff’s airport body scanning business-The Chertoff Group, among other predatory corporations requiring taxpayer funding to function. There is nothing like feeding your own zombies with taxpayer cash.

Is this like the FBI covering the backsides of the telecommunications companies who are giving away freely YOUR personal data, while the government says that we don’t need to know which cell phone and data phone companies are doing such things in the name of national security? If you knew that your cell phone company was giving away your personal data to the FBI, would you drop your company?

While this government spending spree gala was going on, approved, and sanctioned by the GOPers and their leashed compatriots called Democrats, worker’s wages weakened into stagnation, or just collapsing, as job seekers got canned from one job, then forced to take a pay cut if they were lucky enough to get a next-one. These are the same folks who led the way for collapsing home price values, presided over retirement savings getting burned, jobs outsourced, and the trade deficit soaring, all the while their corporate predator campaign contributors ravaged the nation. But the GOP decided to blame the current government for providing job stimulus, unemployment insurance, and an attempt to return to needed regulations, while calling it just too much socialism.

They remind me of a bunch of frat boys who through their pranks seriously injured a house guest and then plotted and spun a tall tale hoping to protect themselves from an investigation and prosecution.

They all want to cover up their motivations for screwing with the victims-the average wage earner- who pay their taxes, bills, while trying to save for a time when working will be a hardship on their body and health. As it should be. It is critical that the older worker makes room for younger workers to keep the cycle moving. But today, this is near impossible for most, since older workers find themselves required to work in order to stay alive and solvent.

We recently learned that, at least, two Democrats have come to the cover-up aid of the Grotesquely Oligarchy Psychopathetic party who have cried out in a rancorous out roar that Obummer would like to force private sector contractors to make transparent all of their campaign contributions and political donations made to officials if they want to participate in the government contract process.

Oh, the up roar this has made!!! The politicians all have declared how invasive this would be, and, of course, the public must NOT know such complicated details. They just aren’t smart enough to understand such things.

Democrats Mary Landrieu, and Mark Begich have expressed their outrage, as well. THE PUBLIC NEED NOT KNOW!!!

It is not enough that the corporate royalists, such as the Koch brothers, Murdoch, Gates, the elitist right wing think tanks, the Scaife Foundation, and others controlling the GOP, and their leashed Demodogs, along with the Tea Party.

As it has been said there is now just one party and it is called the Bipartisan Party. It is now one party ruled, and paid for by the Corporate Elite---a type of enemy non-combatant. They are the nation’s domestic terrorists. They are engaging in a jihad against their victims, who are the innocent working stiffs that make the Real Economy function. They are not in the front offices, or the corporate offices, but on the line doing the real jobs.

As Anonymous, a commenter on my other blogspot, wrote in regards to the predatory Marcellus Shale drilling and Fracking industry in Pennsylvania, which I will paraphrase, ‘I am more frightened of these terrorists than any foreign ones. If a foreign terrorist poisoned the drinking water of an entire region or county of people with their toxic Fracking fluids, then there would be a nationwide code red alert with fighter planes attacking the enemy, who in this case would be the predatory natural gas extraction and processing industry. But if such an action was done by a private sector, free market capitalist entrepreneur it would be ignored, downplayed, excused, minimized, and eventually, rewritten in order to glorify them.’

It was reported that 70% of American young people are so unfit that the military cannot accept them into their volunteer army due to a lack of intelligence, obesity, criminal record, or other medical conditions.

This is the state of our decrepit American condition. Yet our dangerously deluded and professionally unfit-to-serve government representatives are focused on their preservation of the Defense of Marriage Act. Is this all they have to do? Is what is pressing on the string of the nation?

As the toxic volcanic lava flows over the nation, most of our representatives are out there trying to save their precious deck chairs.

President Obummer has stood before the nation with his staff and snake telling us that he will open up Alaskan and Gulf of Mexico oil leases and reserves as a result of the current high gas prices. Unfortunately, he has not addressed the very reason for the high gas prices---gasoline, natural gas, and home heating oil—all of which happens to be directly linked to market manipulation and futures speculation making up around 70% of the price.

The reason for this reaches back to the Commodity Future Modernization Act of 2000 and points its dirty finger at gecko Gingrich and his take-back-America GOP, which snuck into the Act, during the session’s late night hours, a provision that allowed for future derivative trading to go unregulated. LilBoyBush permitted U.S. oil and gas futures to be traded through Over-The-Counter market systems, an unregulated market where amounts traded did not have to be recorded. Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, along with hedge funds had been manipulating the price, as they do now.

We should not forget how Dick Cheney and LilBoy removed many environmental rules from the oil and gas industry, which have not been reinstated under this administration’s watch. That is why the Marcellus Shale industry is destroying local environments without harsh penalties, or prosecution, and why local governments cannot write ordinances to protect their own communities and citizens from this predatory industry.

Because of futures trading, oil companies that process, and sell the actual product are storing oil hoping to release their stashed reserves until a future time when the price goes up resulting from such speculative market futures gambling. Why sell oil now, when the price is lower, when it could be sold later when the price is projected to be higher.

The problem lies with our current government. The Financial Reform and Consumer Protection Bill did nothing about such commodity pricing manipulation, nor has President Obummer. But instead, he proclaims the problem lies with not enough corporate elite predatory domestic drilling.

Drill Obummer, Drill!

This is the State of Union today!