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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Obama Did Not Just Get Shellacked, He Got Decoupaged!

So now the electorate stopped the Blindfolded Bumper Car Circus ride, to let off a whole bunch of Democrats in order to allow the Regressives to board so they can drive blindfolded into that good night. The fickle American voter had had enough of a traceable recovery with the bulk of the growth going to inventories. They want jobs and they want them NOW!

The heck with health care reform, or the Regressive’s negotiated Financial Reform bill, they want jobs, and they want them NOW!

The heck with the fact that the Regressive agenda is to further enrich the oligarchs with tax cuts that will give them years of free gas for their fleet of SUVs and Porches sitting in their heated and decorated garages. No matter that the tax cut the Sheeple will get may pay for their cell phone bill for a few months, at the most; but, they want jobs and they want them NOW.

No matter that the Regressive agenda as the defeated Ken Buck of Colorado had proclaimed, in addition to tax cuts, must be to cut the federal budget in order to bring about job growth. Is that like saying if cut off your thumb, you can grow a new one through wishing, and hoping, singing and praying?

I am sorry to say that these Regressives fit into this metaphor printed on a sign at the glorious Rally for Sanity event on October 30th in D.C. where it said, “A wrap is not a sandwich.” The way it can be applied to the Regressive Blindfolded Bumper Car drivers is that, even if you finally become a grown up semi-educated person, it does not make you smart, let alone a representative of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of your fellow Americans, even though it may appear to be so.

Mr. John-da’boner-Boehner, who has become the turd that has now floated to the top of the House majority leadership ranks of Regressives believes that the Regressive agenda is one wholesome goal. It must be similar to taking Castor Oil when you are not even sick.

I find it remarkable that educated people believe that reducing the GDP, cutting the budget, which does not include defense spending and two wars, giving a tax cut to the rich, who don’t need it, since much of the money they earn is not immediately circulated into the domestic economy, and cutting job stimulus, and government spending will ultimately create private sector jobs. Hey, I have some fresh snake oil proven to cure whatever ails ya’!

This really shows that what constitutes for gray matter in the brain is really only Silly Putty. Mr. Boner, please tell your Sheeple voters exactly how you can accomplish job creation by cutting the federal budget, and how that action will suddenly enlighten the consciousness of cash strapped small business owners who are barely holding on to a dwindling consumer base to begin borrowing once again. And, please tell all of us how you are about to get those cash rich mega-corporations, that have squeezed worker pay, lengthened work hours, and cut jobs to improve earnings to hire more domestic workers?

What we are seeing is a continuation of mortgage foreclosures, and mortgagees walking away from homes that have lost all their equity. We are continuing to see jobs being shipped overseas. We saw in October that the Regressives, who have been drinking from the public trough and the teat of the Chamber of Commerce, voted against the bill that would close tax loopholes and the allowance for tax breaks to companies who ship jobs overseas.

I guess they see the elimination of minimum wage, and benefits to be the way toward job creation and improved consumer spending. It appears that Mr. Boner’s tanning lotion has poisoned his nervous system.

This is how they will bring jobs to Americans without jobs. The Regressive plan will likely be to ship American workers over to China, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea to work in their factories, on their shipping docks, and in their warehouses.  Maybe that would be a great idea. That would take people off of Food Stamps, and cut them from their regressive unemployment benefits. It would also reduce our population by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of ungrateful citizens.

Once the new Congress is sworn in, the House will have new committee chairpersons. It is very likely that we will see the Obama cabinet brought in for questioning about their past decisions. That might be a good idea. Geithner has a lot of explaining to do. Maybe they can ask for his papers and then, we can finally know if he is an illegal alien or just from another planet.

Bada Bing Bernanke will likely be kept from this new wrath of tyranny by the Regressives, since he is about to print some new cash—several hundred billion dollars worth---to hand over to the bankstas that still have toxic mortgage debt to stick up the public’s butt. This will be called Quantative Easing 2. That is when the Fed provides a whole bunch of liquidity to those who are already swimming in cash, more cash than ever, in exchange for their bad boils and cancerous birthmarks. Sweet deal!

Under this cash giveaway, the real economy continues to sputter and spew empty fumes because the banksta elite bathe in their Federal Reserve’s pot of gold to be spent on speculative investments in order to further their revenue stream of fees, commissions, rents, and tax receipts, such as when they buy up delinquent property tax lien payments and milk these suffering homeowners dry by charging them hundreds of a percent profit on the money owed. There is nothing like stealing candy from a baby deep in debt, and delinquent in their tax payments. It sounds like a legalized extortion racket.

We now live in a kleptocratic plutocracy.

President Obama will be just sucking wind for the next two years. The Regressives are in a precarious position because if they move toward a position that people feel is too regressive, then their asses will likely be rubbing against the ground as they exit after their terms are up. And, if Obama doesn’t stand tall and re-examine his failures with a clear mind and with honesty, he will bring about a President Palin in 2012. He must move aggressively to make these Regressives show all their cards and lay them face up on the table before he even makes a deal with them. Shoot first and ask questions later.

He must move to reshape the financial agenda in this country and make sure that the hemorrhaging of jobs ends very soon, otherwise he will be toast. Yet, without revenues, he will be unable to bring forth investment in new manufacturing and sustainable job generation.

After listening to the Obama speech following the Democratic defeat, it appears that a concession was already handed over to the Regressives in the form of continued tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. Will this be the first of a series of cave-ins? I wouldn’t be surprised.

The bloviating scarecrow-Mitch McConnell, along with fellow vampires, are already speaking about an amputation of the health care reform bill and proclaiming that most Americans want it stopped. The stats show that around 31% of the American people want this bill expanded and 30% want this bill kept right where it is, yet many who feel this way voted for the Regressives. So much for protecting ones self interests.

What continues to be interesting are the voices of progressive political writers who keep thinking that Obama can pull off the forward movement of change. That would be like a competitive cyclist racing for two years and losing, or coming in third or fourth place, beginning to win them. It is possible with lots of training, and dedication and commitment to the idea of winning. The only way Obama can begin to win the races would be with massive injections of steroids.

I was reading how Obama could use his political muscle through his executive powers. It has been suggested he could demand extensive regulation be performed on the mega-banks, as well as execute deep audits to these financial institutions. He could force the mega-banks to work with underwater homeowners.

He could authorize the IRS to audit and seriously regulate 501(C)4 and 6s in order to make transparent exactly who are buying candidates through their secretive non-profit funding groups. He could proceed with criminal prosecutions of our worst environment polluters. He could insist on tighter and stricter enforcement of trade accords.

I would like to know exactly how the Regressive Congress would bring about job growth when they have been at the forefront of job outsourcing over the last 30 years, and reaping the financial rewards by doing so. Thank you very much!

It appears that President Obama has many options open to him if he were to decide to inject a few vials of high potency steroids into his body, but I suspect he will stick to his daily dose of a 4 ounce glass of Tang in the morning instead.

Thanks for reading, jerry