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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital Shell Game

Mitt Romney’s business past appears to be nothing more than one degree of separation from drug cartel and run-of-the-mill Central American criminals. This is the guy who wants to become the first American president who accumulated the initial Bain Capital operational monies from such shady characters. Millions of dollars were handed over to Romney via his shell companies in offshore tax haven countries so Romney could later buy up American companies, Zombie-style, and such the life out of them for a huge profit.

This is the guy the GOP is hoping to walk into the White House. The guy with Tony Soprano-like associations.

In the article “Foreigners craving secrecy gave Bain Capital start-up funding”, by Tanfani, Mason, and Gold detail the relationships. The monies to Bain were placed into offshore shell companies, which later were used as operating capital for Romney’s future buying sprees of wounded American companies, that were eventually shut down, drained of all capital and assets resulting in the firing of all the employees for a nice, sweet profit. Following the liquidation, many of the profits were deposited into offshore, tax haven accounts.

The investor’s identities were shielded through these offshore shell companies. Around $9 million came from influential and important Salvadorans, who were allegedly funding their home country’s brutal and violent civil war. $2.5 million came from an investor, Jack Lyons, later convicted of unrelated stock fraud, called the Guinness Affair. More dollars came from investors in the de Sola family, who were investigated by the CIA for funding of right-wing death squads in El Salvador. Orlando de Sola is serving a four-year prison term for unrelated fraud charges.

This is Mitt Romney’s past associations. This is how Mitt Romney made his money and started up his Bain Capital venture capital business.

Is he the man we want to serve in any government position? The GOP should be ashamed of themselves for not vetting this sociopath and pervert to represent them as their candidate for President of the United States?