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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

George W. Bush's Legacy

The end is near. The threshold has been crossed. We are now living in 2009. The days of the pretending cow-boy-president are waning. He has begun to pack up his toys, and boots, and trinkets accumulated over his years in the Oval Office. He will be known as the worst commander-in-chief to preside over this nation. The moniker of “Bush 43” is what some comics call him. Others gave him less honorable titles. He has been an executive over a pseudo-cabal that led the country to war on two fronts and grabbed the lynch pin from the world’s largest 30-year Ponzi Scheme finally bringing it down over the lives of most Americans. The dark shadows, rubble and dust that followed have begun to cover much of the world like volcanic dust blanketing its sleeping surroundings. But the Bush commanded Ponzi Scheme is more like a campfire, which grew into a bonfire, and eventually, losing control and growing wildly into a raging forest fire spreading into the farthest reaches along its path toward a destiny still unknown.

This is the Bush legacy. He was successful in his objective to create a fascist oligarchy during his eight years as the “decider”. Everything he touched turned into a toxic sludge nearly impossible to wash off if one was so unfortunate to have made contact with it. He poisoned the well, and now as he packs up his Stetson and American flag lapel pins to be loaded onto a 40 foot moving truck headed for Dallas all we can do is breathe a huge sigh of relief that it finally arrived. The truck drives off into the sunset of a crescent moon heading down the superhighways once dominated by the 4-5000 lb. motorized, gas and oil filled chrome and steel clad Coupe de Ville, Eldorado, Crown Victoria, El Camino, and Imperial representatives of a rich and powerful nation dominated over the world’s economic and financial resources. But today, the men and machines which stamped out and assembled those cruising land yachts lay idle with uncertainty and fear that they, too, may fall upon the wake of the chard remains of Bush’s legacy.

So, off he goes strapped in on his last flight gazing out upon the landscape of the nation from the same round and thick-glassed window riveted into the body of the plane which flew him over the symbols of his presidency—the drowning city of New Orleans-the smoldering remains of the Twin Towers-the gaping hole inside the Pentagon-the crater in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. This is his legacy and it will remain that way forever. The reverse Midas Touch, you might say. If he had really spoken to a Higher Father for advice and direction, instead of the one he has known since childbirth, then he should have listened to those heavenly Omnipotent answers more carefully. Maybe Bush only pretended to understand the language spoken to him so as to not appear more inept and stupid than he really was.

The nation’s presidential jumbo jet will land on a tarmac in Dallas, and the boy president will be escorted into a limousine for his new ranch-style home lying inside the cage he is having built around the property to keep him inside and away from the millions of angry, and worn torn citizens injured by his destructive legacy.

In his new home, he will watch his replacement preside over a deeply damaged country scarred by his policies and decisions. These decisions and policies were made with certainty and commitment indicating to all that he did NOT fail to deliver his mission accomplished fait accomplis. He came. He decided. He left. And, in his path he leaves the infancy of a growing deep recession possibly leading toward a depression; a Middle East in ruins and flames, yet even more empowered by his long time arch enemy, and “Axis of Evil”, alleged key sponsor of his War on Terror-Iran; an ever tattered and anorexic rust belt; a landscape forever expanding with ghost towns of empty and foreclosed homes littering communities, while ruining the lives of hard working families and individuals who had put sweat equity into their now abandoned castles which once filled them pleasure; the beginning desertion from malls, retail and office spaces; a shrinking industrial and manufacturing sector, which had been the brawn and pride of the nation; joblessness growing in the millions; tens of millions of medically uninsured; a phony free-market splayed open revealing a systemically diseased and rotten core controlled by a network of foul smelling and insulated gilded and jeweled parasites sucking out its life force not unlike a vampire needing the victim’s blood to sustain its own life; a mounting need to care for war veterans left to fend for themselves after servicing their country with honor and dignity; soaring homelessness; a $10.7 trillion national debt, which doubled over his 8-year reign of error; a $1 trillion ballooning budget deficit stuffed with bail out Ponzi Scheme reimbursements; an evaporation of $14 trillion of personal wealth, stock and home equity; a nation sold off to foreigners now owning much of its physical infrastructure and Treasury wealth, and what was our nation’s tradable exports moved off-shore only be sold back to us as imports; $700 billion, and mounting handed over to the Ponziites to hoard as they wait for the sheriff’s sale of fallen banks, and businesses in order to consolidate their massive wealth portfolios; and tens of millions of worried Americans uncertain for their future.

This is the legacy of George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States. We can only hope that he finds himself tangled and mired in the process of fending off war crime indictments, and investigations into the lies that led to his devastating objectives. His rank among the nation’s list of accomplished and respected presidents will lie at the disgraced bottom of the pile of chief executives elected to the highest position in the land.

This is the legacy of George W. Bush. And now, the incoming president will be faced with a daunting task once laid upon the feet of Franklin D. Roosevelt. That recovery took decades. How long will this one take?

Thanks for reading, Jerry