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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ford Motor Company Uses Mike Rowe To Endorse Romney and Other Romney Mistakes

How stupid is Ford Motor Company? By marching Mike Rowe, Ford Motor Company's television shill, on Romney's stage, they have demonstrated their support for Mittens Romney in spite of what they say.

Romney pretending to say that Rowe was non-partisan was a pile of bull shit, which is Romney's middle name.

The neo-liberal agenda Mittens Romney has embraced, which is a radical conservative view of the world, will collapse our economy, if he is elected. We will see a significant drop in the stock market throughout his entire presidency, making him a one-termer, too.

Austerity is a fail even before it begins.

If you want to write Ford and tell them what you think, here is their email address.

See here.


On another note----FEMA:

Mittens Romney had stated that he would eliminate FEMA and other federal emergency agencies and shift the responsibility solely upon each individual state.

After Hurricane Sandy, how do the citizens of the affected states and communities feel about that?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ford Motor Company Endorses Mitt Romney!!

Here we are people just days before the presidential election and while watching television I saw a Romney ad with a group of people sitting on stage behind him. One of those people just happened to be Mike Rowe, the pitchman for Ford Motor Company.

Yes!!! Ford was willing to allow Mike Rowe to attend Romney's campaign event, which so happened to become a television ad.

Is Ford brain dead? Who at Ford said that that would be a great idea?

As I recall, Mittens Romney wrote an Op-Ed piece saying that GM and Chrysler needed to go bankrupt instead of getting a loan from the US government in order save millions of jobs most of which worked in and around the US auto industry.

Had GM and Chrysler gone into bankruptcy, a great many of the related businesses: distribution companies, delivery, parts, electrical, tire, restaurants, groceries, etc. would have been crushed, or gone into bankruptcy themselves.

Does Ford actually believe that they would have survived the turmoil? Don't they believe that the American consumer, as well as world wide consumers, would have stopped buying American cars and trucks? Don't they believe that the American consumer would have held onto their wallets fearing that another major US corporation would have gone into bankruptcy, as well?

America---I will NEVER buy another Ford vehicle every again because of Ford's mindless idiocy in their support for Mitt Romney for president.

Oh, Romney said that Rowe is non-partisan. What BULLSHIT!!! He and Ford had to agree and sign permission over to the Romney campaign to allow that ad to be televised.

Democrats---send this post to everyone you know letting them know that Ford, who was saved, too, by President Obama when he decided to save millions of American jobs with his "Auto Bailout" program.

This is the thanks Ford has given President Obama for what he did. Ford basically shit on Obama's shoes!!!

If you want to email Ford, you can do it HERE.

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