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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Treasury's Stimulus Plan of 2009

Today we are being asked to place our trust in the banker-predators who wiped out the nation's capital during their 30-year long gambling addiction spree spending their manufactured, and now found worthless, collateralized debt obligations and securities the public has been asked to take ownership of.

We are being asked to place our trust in the very financial institutions and their greedy senior operating officers who are to be the overseers of a Phoenix that will rise from the recession borne ashes created by the very pyro-manical bankers who magically will reverse the decapitating forces of their financial capitalism and transform the nation back into a prosperous and productive Garden-of-Eden through their born-again revelatory change-of-heart baptism in the pool of Change that has brought them back into the fold of humanity.

We are asked to believe this. We are told by Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner that through their economic empowerment to take trillions of borrowed funds from other nations and the sacrifice of middle income Americans who have already seen $8T of their wealth turn into dust that through the art of economic embalming these virtually bankrupt mega-banks will be returned to health through Kryptonetic injections of Treasury fundraising hocus-pocus Americans will find enough Tooth-fairy money in their paychecks to borrow more on top of their already huge indebtedness to buy a car, go on nice family vacation, purchase a slew of household goodies, refinance their depreciating home, and still find enough to replenish their evaporated retirement fund, while helping their kids with the next tuition payment.

We should all be impressed, amazed and dumbstruck that that is all it will take!!!! To trust it! To just believe hard enough, and it will be! To see that the river's flow can change course. And that through the magic and wonder of Enlightenment those who spent decades destroying the very fabric of this country built upon labor and the making of things will repent and rise above their wrong-doings so as to make it right once again.

Tell me, is there anybody out there who believes this?

thanks for reading,  jerry