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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The U.S. Government Is Not Taking These Protesters Seriously!

The Occupy Wall Street Everywhere movement is for real, folks. Government leaders need to wake up and realize we are in the midst of the American Autumn Revolution. 

Our state and local governments are sanctioning attacks upon the protesters. They are trying to break up the encampments and the groups of people gathering together to protest.

The Constitution does not say anywhere that in order to gather and protest the government, they need permits!! It doesn't say anywhere in the Constitution that we do not have the right to assemble. On the contrary, it says the citizens have the right to assemble and protest their government.

What we have is an attack upon the rights of the people to petition their government through protest. The elite have called out their quasi-military force, namely the police dressed in full riot gear and shooting at civilians. It resembles the military against the Arab Spring protesters.

I do recall Hillary Clinton telling Egypt's government to allow for their citizens to protest their dictatorship. We are protesting our oligarchy-our plutocracy, which is not democracy, and a government dedicated to the fulfillment of the Wall Street elite to perpetuate crimes and thefts upon the American people via the Treasury, the Justice Department, the State Department, the Congress, the Federal Reserve, the Supreme Court, and the White House.

This is article is about the attack upon the rights of those in Denver to assemble in a public place to protest the very crimes against the 99%. The sad part is that the police ARE part of the 99% and have been screwed by the 1%. Just look at the pensions, health care, and wages.

Occupy Denver Clash: Police Use Force On Denver Protesters

10-29-11 From Huffington Post

DENVER -- Authorities moved into an encampment of Occupy Wall Street supporters Saturday evening and began arresting demonstrators just hours after a standoff near the steps of the Colorado Capitol turned into a skirmish that ended in police force, including pepper spray and reports of rubber bullets.
Denver police spokesman Matt Murray said 15 people were arrested.
The action followed a tense afternoon standoff between protesters and authorities near the Capitol that escalated after about 2,000 marchers made their way toward the building and a small surge of demonstrators tried to advance up the steps.
About eight officers scuffled with a group of protesters and police confirmed that they used pepper spray and pepper balls to break up the crowd. A protester told the paper at the time that police used rubber bullets.
Murray said protesters kicked police and knocked one officer off his motorcycle. He said five protesters were arrested, including two for assault and one for disobedience.
He said some demonstrators had received medical treatment on the scene, but no one had been taken to a hospital. There were no reports of injured officers.
Mike Korzen, 25, said he was among the protesters whom police dispersed with rubber bullets and pepper spray.
"I was standing there with my hands behind my back," Korzen said, using a water bottle to wash pepper spray from his eyes this afternoon.

Occupy Movement Inventing Little. (But that's Okay)

     I've heard some people calling anyone attached to any part of the current culture and associating with the Occupy Movement to be opportunists. Look, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Unions, have been talking the talk and walking the walk for years. They are far from opportunists, Occupy people are the ones late on the uptake. Richard Trumpka has been fighting corporate greed for 30 years, All the unions have been around for nearly a hundred, but all these students, new deminted worker bees, underemployed college grads, and nardowell old hippy liberals are now facing the new realities caused by the previous 30 year beat down of the social democratic world created by LBJ in the sixties, and are  finally fully getting it.  

     Hey to sit around a cry opportunist on established progressives is like someone calling the Occupy movement a little stupid cause they are just arriving late to the American funeral. Dare I suggest, where they fuck have the occupiers been? Narcoleptically snoring and drooling off the leftover crumbs of corporations since Reagan took office? I digress. 

    To grouse and moan and divide the people is just foolish. Would you call MLK an opportunist? Gloria Steinem? Well they been talking the talk a long long time, so truth is, Occupy hasn't invented anything, its just that the corporations have crossed way over the line now, and cut off the occupiers puny crumbs. The only thing new here is the occupy group for the last 30 years had simple jobs waiting for them, well surprise! Not anymore.  

     Guess what, the people that the occupy settlers are bashing have been vilified by a majority of the political establishment and corporations since time began, so don't go calling anyone opportunists. Unless of course you are a republican troll, and then I get that.  Bottom line, if you are earning wage of any amount, you are the resistance. Bottom line, every person who has to work, or can work has everything at stake.  Carl here!  

Why Do Republicans Hate Job Creation So Much?

From the Daily Kos--"Republicans Score On Job Creation Is Zero"

The Numbers:

Republicans have introduced:

                                                                       44 bills on Abortion

                                                   99 on Religion

                                 71 on Family Relationships

                                                         36 on Marriage

                                           67 on Firearms/Gun Control                                                  

                                                                    522 on Taxation

                              445 on "Government Investigations"


The truth is that Eric, Mitch, and John really don't want more jobs because it improves the unemployment rate. When the unemployment rate remains low, employers can keep wages down and can choose from a great many applicants. The Wall Street thieves and oligarchs keeps the agenda of "no jobs, please" strong within the GOP handbook.

Occupy The Boardroom Website

You can actually email bank executives and give them a piece of your mind.

Here is the link: Occupy the Boardroom.

This is from Huffington Post:

'Occupy The Boardroom' Website Allows People To Directly Email Wall Street Executives

by Jillian Berman 10-28-11

As protesters continue to camp out in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park and other locations around the world, some activists have found a new venue to occupy: inboxes.
Protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Streetlaunched a website called Occupy the Boardroom, which allows disgruntled consumers to directly message big bank executives, the Guardian reports. Demonstrators plan to print off nearly 7,000 executive emails -- which include foreclosure victims, students trying to pay off loan debts, and others -- and deliver them to the bank heads in a march on Friday.
When visitors come to the site, they can click on executives and board members from a myriad of different banks and an e-mail form pops up with instructions including: "Give your message a relevant, passionate title" and "Remember, be polite!" In a note at the bottom of the site, the activists behind the site write that they have the contact information for the bank execs, but that they can't share it due to legal constraints.
The site is just the latest in a slew of clashes between the protesters and big banks and their executives. The protesters marched on JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon's house as well as thecompany's headquarters earlier this month.
Goldman Sachs pulled out of a fundraiser for a New York City-based credit union after learning that Occupy Wall Street was listed as one of the honorees. The investment bank's CEO Lloyd Blankfein also backed out of an appearance at Barnard College after activists associated with Occupy Wall Street tweeted that they might protest the talk, according to The New York Times.
More than 20 protesters were arrested at a New York City Citibank earlier this month after they tried to close their accounts, according to the New York Observer. Despite the scuffle, Citgroup's CEO Vikram Pandit said during an interview with Fortune Magazine that the protesters' sentiments are "completely understandable," saying he'd "be happy to talk to them anytime."
But some think the protesters should lay off the big bank officials. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg -- a billionaire himself -- chided the protesters for picking on Dimon after they marched on his home, the Observer reported.
The Occupy Wall Street movement, which started in Zuccotti Park on September 17, aims to protest income inequality and corporate greed among other things. The protests have spread across the country and around the world.