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Sunday, September 9, 2012

President Obama Deserves A Second Term To Improve The Nation Just As Bush Got A Second Term To Destroy The Nation

Bain and Company was founded in 1973 and was near bankruptcy by 1993. It took 20 years before the founder and executives drained the profits from the business. In just only a few months, Romney got an FDIC bailout to the tune of $30M, while he scammed the FDIC into accepting a $20M haircut. The agency was paid back only $10M, while Romney rewarded his “people” bonuses using the bailout money. It took 10 years for this scenario to play out.

Romney meets the definition of a Confidence Man. Here is what it means: a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim. In one case, he exploited the confidence of the FDIC.

Now, Romney wants to exploit the confidence of the American people with his lies, which appears to be truths.

Obama inherited the largest financial failure since The Great Depression brought to us by the reckless spending of LilBoyBush. LilBoy took 8 years to destroy Clinton’s balanced budget surplus. 8 years to run the nation into the ground as he ginned up two wars on top of it all prior to having occur on his watch a nightmare of a terrorist attack on the nation.

We have been listening to the Romney As A American Confidence Man by stating that even though he has been trying to reach across the aisle to the Party of NO to quicken the nation’s recovery. Romney believes that the Party of NO in spite of being a Party of Jihadis working against a recovery because they have pledged to disrupt Obama’s presidency at all costs. This is what was declared by-- the GOP’s Wizard of Oz Scarecrow---Mitch McConnell on network television. They have had no desire to participate in any national recovery if it doesn’t include the reduction of business regulations or huge tax cuts for the 1%. This response does not indicate any effort for bipartisan decisions.

As we head toward our presidential election in about 60 days, we hear from Slick Mitt and Paulnochccio that Obama doesn’t deserve a second term because he did not deliver enough jobs to the country even though they and their party were not engaged in the process of creating an environment for jobs to grow. They stood in the way at every Congressional vote.

It is very interesting that the Party of NO had no problem supporting the failed GOP presidency of LilBoyBush after 4 years of zero net job growth, a massive and mounting debt, the continuation of his government borrowing from China to support his war machine, the outsourcing of jobs, and much, much more.

Yet now, we hear that Obama just did not deliver jobs fast enough for the Grand Obstructionist Party of NO; therefore, he must go and Romney/Ryan must step in. How odd that they and the supporters of LilBoyBush were very willing to give “W” his second term to further move the nation into added debt, more war, as we stepped closer to a massive economic meltdown freezing credit markets, losing middle class savings, destruction of housing prices, and the near collapse of our financial institutions.

The majority of the American people were willing to give that failed GOP president a second term to add to more failure, yet those same people are not willing to give a president who has saved American jobs, improved the jobs picture---building jobs, although modestly, as opposed to losing 800,000 jobs per month.

Currently, we are seeing a slow, yet steady job growth: 29 straight months of job growth. This is not good enough for the Grand Obstructionist Party of NO. How funny!! In just under 4 years, Barack Obama has begun to turn the economic picture around in spite of the pledge by the GOP to stand in his way at every turn. Obama did it in spite of THEM!!! And now, they are whining about it. They are crying about it. They are tantruming about it. Boo Hoo is their election message.

It took Bain and Company nearly the same amount of time that LilBoyBush took to destroy the country’s economy to destroy their own economy (of Bain and Company) and now, Romney wants US to believe he can do better than Obama? What a laugh. The only way Romney and company could save their economy was for a bailout.

I do believe that Obama deserves a second term just on the principle that LilBoyBush received a second term in order to further destroy the nation. Obama deserves a second term just because he has been improving the nation. His plan requires the same amount of time it took LilBoy to destroy the nation in order to improve and heal the wounds of the nation.

There is nothing wrong with that simple request!

We have heard from conservative talking heads that one reason why the unemployment rate was low was because of the lower demand for natural gas. This resulted in a job loss for drilling and fracking seasonal jobs. I heard from one “head” that what we need is more use of natural gas for the use of a surface fuel.

Surface fuel---humm. How does that happen unless we have government stimulus and intervention to begin using natural gas vehicles as government fleet vehicles. This would spur more sales and service, as well as natural gas pump stations especially around larger populated regions. This sounds like bigger government from the mouth of a smaller government, the debt is too big, GOPster.

Also, I heard David Brooks talk about the Obama acceptance speech, as well as the overall production of the DNC event. He said that he wanted to hear more about a big Obama plan for the next four years, but he was disappointed that such a presentation was not spoken about. Hey David--have you heard any “big plan” from Mitt Romney? How about a reasonable plan, for that matter. Not a thing.

Brooks said that those with college degrees are fairing pretty well in the job market, but for those without a degree, they are suffering and they need job skill training.

Hey David, what have you heard from Slick Mitt about such a program? Nothing but that government is too big and government programs need to shrink. President Obama spoke about the need for training workers for the new job market. How do we train workers in this nation for skills they lack but need? I guess it happens through government intervention and a jobs skills stimulus package. That means more government spending. David is a moderate conservative Republican and realizes that government needs to play a significant role in job training development; therefore, more spending; therefore, more tax revenue.

The hypocrisy by the GOPsters when speaking about jobs and job training, they seem not to be able to make up their minds how this gets done. They have no plan. They have no ideas. They have no vision. They lack leadership qualities. All they have are stale, old, Cold War ideas and visions.

What is heard from right-wingers is that the Democrats need to stop blaming Bush for what Obama has not done. This doesn’t make a bit of sense.

If we are believe them, then we are to have ignored the rise of Nazi regime back in the 1920s for their creation of World War II, and its aftermath. Such deniers want us to forget the fact that Bush ignored the data and recommendations from the Clinton administration prior to 9/11, and its aftermath in its Domino Affect that led the nation into a prolonged recession.

If the deniers could have their way, then we should ignore that the banksters and lenders brewed up strategies to sell the American people and the world the same shady financial securities and debt obligations time and time again leveraging out each transaction with little to no collateral ultimately creating the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression.

If the deniers had their way, we would ignore that Bush borrowed trillions of dollars from China taking a Clinton budget surplus and making it a budget deficit in order to finance two wars and a war machine without raising taxes.

The deniers want all of us to forgetaboutit when it comes to Obama’s struggle to create more jobs than he already has and lower our debt.

How interesting that neither George W. Bush or Dick Cheney spoke at the GOP convention, let alone attend. If these two horrible people were so important to the deniers, then where were they? They were asked NOT TO ATTEND because everyone knows just how terrible they were and how responsible they were to the conditions of the country today.

If the last president and vice-president were so significant, they why didn’t the GOP convention speakers talk about how important it was for the Republican Congress to have supported their destructive agenda, which contributed to the conditions of the nation, at this time?

The truth of the matter is that it is relevant and significant to the discussion of why it has been difficult for Obama to repair such a damaged economy in just four years. No one can ignore the ills of the past administration unless those deniers want to lie to themselves—again.

Now, here is the latest from Slick Mitt the FlipFlopper. He actually had one of his aides tell America that the marketplace will take care of those with pre-existing conditions.

Here is the quote: "[I]n a competitive environment, the marketplace will make available plans that include coverage for what there is demand for," the aide said. Is Romney totally insane? Is he so far gone into the realm of sociopathology that he has no real sense of reality? I believe that is true.

We have a program for seniors called Medigap, which was created under LilBoyBush in 2006. It is provided by private health insurance companies. Over these years, the price has increased in spite of its existence in the free marketplace world of Mitt Romney. What we will see if Romney is elected a major increase in health care costs being paid by the citizen, as he erodes Medicare.

The only reality for Mitt Romney is the reality of corporate takeovers, leveraged buyouts, and big profits for the 1%. He knows nothing, absolutely nothing else. He has made is own living doing just that. He drains the average person of his wealth in order to transfer that wealth up to the 1%.

It appears to be very clear- President Obama is the only choice for the next four years. The other choice has nothing.