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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Whole World is Watching, Mayor Bloomberg!

Police Brutality Documented:

The Occupy Wall Street movement is being co-opted by and other organizations trying to take command of the message, while the "Movement" members/participates say, "NO THANK YOU!!!"

Here from is the story.

Move On Tries to Take Over Occupy Wall Street Protests
Posted on October 14, 2011 by WashingtonsBlog
Move On Tries to Co-Opt the Protests
David DeGraw – one of the primary Wall Street protest organizers – just sent me the following email:

Top MoveOn leaders / executives are all over national television speaking for the movement. fully appreciate the help and support of MoveOn, but the MSM is clearly using them as the spokespeople for OWS. This is an blatant attempt to fracture the 99% into a Democratic Party organization. The leadership of MoveON are Democratic Party operatives. they are divide and conquer pawns. For years they ignored Wall Street protests to keep complete focus on the Republicans, in favor of Goldman’s Obama and Wall Street’s Democratic leadership.

If anyone at Move On or Daily Kos would like to have a public debate about these comments, we invite it.

Please help us stop this divide and conquer attempt.

DeGraw – who is wholly non-partisan [like the writers at Washington's Blog] – tells me that about half of the protesters are liberals, but the other half are libertarians (and see this.)

This mirrors what one of the original organizers of the “Occupy Trenton” protest told me: MoveOn attempted to set the agenda and pretend it was their event.

As I noted last week:

Everyone’s trying to cash in on the courage and conviction of the Wall Street protesters.

People are trying to associate Occupy Wall Street with their pet projects, in the same way that advertisers try to associate the goodwill of the Super Bowl, NBA playoffs, World Series or Olympics with their product.

But I hear from OWS organizers that the protesters come from totally diverse political affiliations. Many protesters support Ron Paul, many like Obama, others are for other parties or candidates or don’t vote at all.

The protesters themselves are having none of it, tweeting today:

We don’t want to be the democratic tea party or liberal tea party. We want to be our own movement separate of any political affiliation.

Update: Another tweet from the protesters:

We don’t represent liberal interests nor are we the liberal tea party. We represent the interest of the 99%

And as I pointed out Tuesday:

The two main challenges [facing the protesters are]: (1) An attempt by both the Democratic and Republican parties to co-opt it (see this, this and this); and (2) agents provocateur (see this, this and this) [and here].

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Here is more from the great website

Economists: End Or Drastically Downsize the Fed

Read and view the entire piece here.


[Congressman Dennis Kucinich's bill to nationalize the Fed, and his call on protesters to demand nationalization of the Fed] drastic, but it is the only way to check the fact that commercial banks create debt money recklessly, and now “casino capitalism” gambles that are bound to fail.
If we could implement the 100% reserve proposal and administer it correctly, I’m all for it. The government would NOT create credit for gambling, or ensure it.
Austrian-school economists such as Murray Rothbard want to abolish the Fed:

I [ the author of Washingtonsblog] noted Tuesday:
Thomas Sargent, the New York University professor who was announced Monday as a winner of the Nobel in economics … cites Walter Bagehot, who “said that what he called a ‘natural’ competitive banking systemwithout a ‘central’ bank would be better…. 
Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz strongly dislikes the Fed:
Joseph Stiglitz – former head economist at the World Bank and a nobel-prize winner – said yesterday that the very structure of the Federal Reserve system is so fraught with conflicts that it is “corrupt” and undermines democracy.
In fact, many high-level economists have blasted the Fed for bungling virtually everything it does.

For example, Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman wants the big banks to be broken up because their very size warps the political system:
 My view is that I’d love to see those financial giants broken up, if only for political reasons: it’s bad to have banks so big they can often write laws.

Occupy Pittsburgh March and Rallies Draw Thousands to Hill, Downtown

(Occupy Wall Street--Pittsburgh, PA. The Autumn-Revolution-Is-Now-Everywhere in the nation. The dissatisfaction of average Americans over the theft of a nation by the corporate elite, along with the loss of jobs being sold off to countries with the cheapest labor done through the Federal Reserve's nearly free cash handouts, and a government not willing to rebuild the country from the bottom up, instead of through the failed policies of a top down Reagan-Bush-Obama style approach has grabbed the country by storm!!! This is NOT a "Keep Government Outta My Medicare" protest movement, but a movement brought to you  by very intelligent people not being funded through the corporate oligarchs.)

Demonstrators say this is just the beginning.

Mary Persuit marched today through the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh, saying she was excited to take part in a demonstration and movement she believes is just beginning.
“I think this is awesome,” said Persuit, of Sewickley, as marchers gathered in Market Square for a larger rally. “This is the beginning of something great.”
Young and old, college students and retirees, union and non-union workers met this morning at Freedom Corner in the Hill District for a short rally. The crowd then took to the streets, stretching for about four blocks in a march Downtown.
To the accompaniment of bongo drums and bull horns, marchers carried signs and chanted such messages as, “The banks got bailed out, we got sold out!” and “This is what democracy looks like!”
Later in the day, marchers moved from Market Square to the Mellon Green park adjacent to the BNY Mellon Tower at Grant Street and Sixth Avenue. In a statement, organizers of Occupy Pittsburgh said Pittsburgh Police notified them at 5:30 p.m. that the bank would not attempt to oust them from the green as long as their gathering is peaceful and they maintain the property.
Organizers said the march aimed to demonstrate solidarity with the global movement that is drawing attention to corporate, economic and social issues.
Nathaniel Glosser, a spokesman and organizer for the Pittsburgh event, told Patch about 4,000 people participated in the local Occupy march, based on estimates from police.
Glosser said he was pleased with that turnout. 
"It's fantastic. It exceeded my expectations," he said. "I thought we'd max at 3,000."
Marchers arrived about a half-hour earlier than expected in Market Square and spontaneously began speaking with bullhorns up until 3 p.m. 
Evelyn Bento of Braddock, who is in her 80s, was one of many who gathered in the square. Bento said she isn’t a sit-at-home kind of person and wanted to join other members of Braddock’s Save Our Community Hospital in the march. The former UPMC Braddock hospital, owned by the UPMC health system, closed in 2010 and was razed despite efforts to save it by supporters in and around the Mon Valley community.
“I can’t come out for anything more important than this,” Bento said, clutching a sign aimed at banks.  “Groups supported us, so I’m supporting Occupy Pittsburgh. That’s why I’m here,” she said.
Grace Cameron, 21, a sociology student at the University of Pittsburgh, said she’s been following demonstrations with the Occupy Wall Street movement and wanted to see the demonstration for herself rather than merely follow news reports of the events.
Cameron said her perception is that the movement does not have one cohesive message so much as several messages being voiced within one movement. The Pittsburgh demonstration in particular attracted everyone from unions and environmental workers to stay at home moms pushing strollers.
Glosser said all of the groups represented in the marches are opposed to corporate greed. He noted that today's march drew people representing many organizations and political affinities, including Republicans and Libertarians.
Everyone, he said, "except those whose only political affinity is large sums of money."
Cameron said she believed that was the message.
"People are just out together. It's a peace movement,” she said.
One of those messages came from supporters of, who carried a banner during the march.
Briget Shields, a member of the group, said she came out because she feels like the government isn’t working for the people.
“I feel like the government is letting us down, especially in Pennsylvania right now,” said Shields, wife of Pittsburgh City Council member Doug Shields.
She said it doesn’t make matters better that many of the candidates running for office want to deregulate the gas drilling industry. She criticized Pennsylvania for being a state that, unlike others, doesn’t charge natural gas drilling companies a severance tax.
“Probably because the government was bought and paid for by the natural gas industry,” Shields said.
Pittsburgh radio talk show host Lynn Cullen, 63, of the East End, held a sign that read “Just the beginning.” She said it’s time citizens take back their country.
“Our government doesn’t represent the people. Corporations are not people,” she said.
Cullen said she’s been waiting for years to see citizens, especially young people, “rise up, stand up and speak out” the same as those from her generation did.
“And I think it’s starting to happen,” she said.

Occupy Wall Street-Spartanburg, SC

Spartanburg protests an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street movement 10-14-11

 SPARTANBURG -- About 30 people are rallying in downtown Spartanburg as an offshoot to the four weeks of protests of banks and financial institutions in New York City.

The Occupy Spartanburg protest started Thursday morning and is expected to last until Friday morning.

The protesters gathered in Morgan Square, marching through occasional rain with signs that read "Greed is not a moral value" and "Get Wall St. out of government."

It's the first protest of its kind in South Carolina, but people in Columbia, Greenville and Florence are trying to organize similar protests.

The Occupy Wall Street protests in New York have been going on for four weeks, with the movement slowly spreading across the country.

The Revolution of Thought!! By Lee Camp

"Occupy Wall Street Is A Thought Revolution - And 

It Won't Be Minimized"