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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Republican Party Socialism and John McCain

The wild principles of Neo-liberalism promulgated by the right wing Republican conservatives believing in laisse-faire capitalism, where all free markets would regulate themselves because they contain rational and quantifiable principles were all but an economic evangelical fairy tale preached to a flock of dutiful corporate/business elites, who were granted permission by their principle leader, Milton Friedman, to go forth and pursue their greedy and fraudulent slight-of-hand tricks to their would be clients. What resulted was a collapse of the very free market principles that really never existed. The markets were never rational, nor quantifiable. They were all make-believe, manipulated, textbook and non-fiction book driven, as well as fraudulent from the bad mortgages to the fabricated securities to the dishonest Moody's ratings and to the misleading credit default swap insurance scheme. All make-believe. All a big, giant fantasy-style football game made so convincing that it looked true, real and academically principled.

None of this was based in core democratic principles because when it failed the elitist oligarchs were first in line to wrestle the lifeboats away from the ordinary people who were, and still are, about to drown as a result of their economic pleasure craft crashing into the iceberg called default, bankruptcy, foreclosure, failed currency speculation and excessive leveraging liabilities.

So when one thinks of oligarchy, what comes to mind? One goes back to Germany, 1911, when Robert Michels first created the political theory. This Iron Law of Oligarchy was rooted in Germany's socialist political groups, and later, adopted by Mussolini's fascism. Democracy does not come to mind when speaking about oligarchs. Today, one might think of Putin and his state-owned, formerly private, and controlled enterprises. 

And, which U.S. political party has held power for most of the time these Neo-liberals, ie. free market elite oligarchs have controlled our government? The answer is the Republican Party-the right-wing conservative movement. It started to take off in 1978 and Ronald Reagan had the ear of Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan, two Chicago School of Economics gurus.

And which presidential candidate has affiliated himself with many of these Chicago School of Economics principles? John McCain, my friends. John McCain calls himself a Reagan Republican, who voted with President Bush over 90% of the time, and espouses Trickle-Down, Supply-Side economics; the very principles that have unequivocally  failed America.

McCain and Palin and many of their supporters point the finger at Obama as they call him a socialist when it has been the Republicans who have embraced the socialist mantra by bailing out the top-tier corporate elitists with trillions of dollars they had transferred over to them taken from the pockets of ordinary people in order to protect their own wealth, power and greedy ways from collapse and bankruptcy.

This Bush administration did everything they could, with the support of John McCain, to hand over as much of the federal government to these top-tier corporate elites paying them from the pockets of ordinary Americans furthering their wealth, while the economy never expanded except through the gains acquired through the financial sector, which then invested their Treasury obtained wealth in these "new-fangled", sure-fired, 99.9% guaranteed exotic (but toxic) securities. These rich oligarchs would throw a few temporary jobs to the "peasants" below making it appear like they were "creating" new jobs through Trickle-Down economics. Where are those jobs now? Gone, my friends. "But there will be more wars, my friends." 

They corrupted the motto used for the Union Jack, "Don't Tread On Me", to be reinterpreted to say, "Don't Tread On Me Through Regulation."

It has been Putin's government that has replaced government employees with 'The Friends of Putin' members, where the Communist Party hierarchy gets a big piece of the corporate action. It is sort of like Tony Soprano shaking down those he is to "protect". It is not that much different under Bush and McCain. The corporate partisan oligarchy elites return the favor of being "allowed to obtain" government contracts to do what non-partisan government employees used to do by writing big checks to the "Party" members! Charles Keating, Enron, Haliburton, and others have done, and still do, just that for Bush, the RNC, and McCain!

So, to call Obama a socialist has to make a person wonder. Where does that accusation come from when right before their eyes the Republican Party has delivered those very clear and bountiful socialist goods to the elites. 

Under a democracy, the government's general fund is to be used for public good and not handed over to a bunch of corporate elite oligarchs. As a result of this transfer of the government tax dollars to these privileged top-tier elitists, either through the war machine, HLS spying and surveillance programs, etc., while ordinary Americans must drive over poorly maintained roads and bridges, send their kids to decaying and overcrowded public schools, continue to watch health care expenses skyrocket and become more unaccessible to nearly 50 million of us, and the dismissal of a national alternative energy nationwide network, as well as a global warning solution pushed aside, and our food supply becoming more and more dangerous while being consolidated into the hands of the rich corporate elites, and finally, college educations becoming unattainable for many very bright and competent students.

In addition, we watch more and more of our budget grow into bigger and bigger deficits as we spend more and more for Chinese products, oil from OPEC, and auto parts and supplies from Asia and beyond, while real good jobs that produce exportable products, as opposed to service jobs that are not exportable, become only a memory for most.

This administration has said there is no money for anything related to the ordinary family, but there is darn plenty for the crooks and thieves who committed fraud through our financial sector. "Come to trough and feed, my friendly banksters."

So, if there is anyone to be frightened of, America, it would be those members within the political party who delivered to us this hugely destructive mess, which has turned into a massive national security threat. And that current party member, my friends, is running for president today. His name is John Sidney McCain!

Thanks for reading, Jerry

POSTSCRIPT: Palin said in one of her stump speeches the following, "And Alaska...we are set up, unlike other states in the union, where it is collectively Alaskans own the resources. So, we share in the WEALTH when the development of these resources occur." That sounds like socialism to me, Sarah! And, don't you chastise Obama for being a socialist? Is it not socialism when the wealth gets redistributed, as McCain likes to point out? As Keith Olbermann says so simply, "Governor Palin, you are a fraud!