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Monday, October 27, 2008

No Obama. No Socialism?

"No Obama. No Socialism", was a yard sign I saw today. Today, that sign put me over the edge. What are these Republicans thinking? Who are they trying to kid? The greatest implementation of a socialistic government program ever put forth by the United States has been launched by the one and only President George W. Bush, the first and foremost Republican master of ceremonies. The head of the dog and pony show. The prince of economic darkness. The broken and deranged toy soldier of mission accomplished. There is nothing worse than a deranged toy soldier running havoc throughout your beautiful White House.

This is one person who decided to take nearly $2 trillion of taxpayer dollars, obtained through the Treasury of the United States, which was begged for from China and other countries telling them that if they bought more Treasuries, then the United States would turn around and bail-out any foreign central bank that was holding toxic mortgage and credit securities, including credit default swaps. "Socialize the losses; privatize the gains." That has been the Republican mantra, and not the call from Democrats.

Now, as you recall the Mr. and Ms. No Obama and No Socialism-property-owner-displaying-such--a-yard-sign McCain supporters, that this all began under Ronald Reagan, and Alan Greenspan, along with the support of the one and only Mr. Johnny Boy Mave-rickie McCain. He and his no-whiner-weasel pal former (thank goodness for that) Phil Gramm deregulated the financial industry, in 2000, so the banksta gangstas could never be regulated by the government when they wrapped and packaged over-leveraged, fraudulent collateralized debt obligations coated with the deadly explosive called credit default swaps timed to go off in 2008 burning down the house! This over-leveraged, toxic securities meth-type lab brought to all of us by registered Republican banksta gangstas from J.P. Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, AIG, and the rest drove this train wreck through the Reagan Station, on past the Bush 41 Terminal Building, on into the Clinton Crossroads, and ending the trip with a full-blown explosion and fireball at the G.W.B. Grand Ole Plundering Pavilion. 

So, these No Obama. No Socialism Republicans actually believe they are NOT culpable for this economic disaster? They voted for this president. They twice voted for this incompetent fool!! And now, they support McCain, the very senator who fully endorsed the deregulation, signed on to the Project For A New American Century, voted with Bush 90% of the time, and palled around with terrorists (G. Gordon Liddy, former Army major general John Singlaub, and economic terrorist, Charles Keating). Yet that wasn't good enough for John Boy. He had to go pal with the violent and murderous dictator from Chile, General Augusto Pinochet, back in 1985, with no pre-conditions. McCain tried to keep this a secret, but fortunately, it has now come out in the open as a result of a declassified U.S. Embassy document.

No Obama. No Socialism? Where does that all come from, Mr. and Mrs. Republican? Have you actually listened to John McCain's stump speeches? This ignorantly dangerous and frightening candidate says he does not want to raise YOUR taxes. He wants YOU to keep more of what you earn. He wants to take a hatchet to government programs. Across the board, he says. So, who does that sound like to you? No, not Obama. That sounds like Herbert Hoover, the president who brought us the Great Depression. He gave us a nation of poverty, high unemployment and the loss of working America's personal wealth. That will be the real John McCain, if elected.

You cannot cut everyone's taxes and restore an economy about to experience a raging recession. You cannot restore a raging recession by bailing out failed financial institutions which are hoarding the bail-out money, borrowed from foreigners, prolonging the market's frozen condition, so they can keep their rotten financial institutions solvent and from decomposing. Two trillion dollars is locked up by these Paulson and Bernanke fraudsters. Remember, McCain, Mr. Maverick, voted for this Bush Bail-out. Nothing Mavericky with this guy!

We have heard McCain say over and over that Obama wants "to spread the wealth around." What is he talking about? Spread what wealth? Most of America is seeing their wealth disappear, except for the upper 10% of the income ladder. The upper 10% has been and under McCain will continue to see massive tax cuts resulting from a tax shift from the middle income brackets to the upper income brackets. More of the middle gets their income taxed more than the upper because they don't have as much wealth, capital gains, and right-offs. The middle uses much more of every paycheck to live on.

Mr. McCain has stated in his stump speeches that Joe Biden told all of us that Obama would be challenged within the first 6 months of his presidency like never before, and not unlike John Kennedy. THAT IS RIGHT JOHN! If you become president, you will be challenged in the very same way! Are you that inept and stupid that YOU cannot admit that YOUR presidency would be challenged, too?

McCain is a fraud. Whatever he accuses Obama doing, it ends up that McCain is worse than guilty of doing the same thing. Is McCain so clueless that he believes he won't be exposed for being a fraud? It seems that more and more of McCain's sleazy past gets unfolded. So, is "No Socialism" a code word for racism? First, they tried it with "pals with a terrorist". Was that code for 'be afraid of the black guy', too? The way McCain has so poorly run his campaign is a perfect example of how he will act as president. He is reactionary, unstable, loose with the mouth, confused, and mentally ill.

And as Palin goes around the nation propagandizing her talking points stirring applause from drunken Kool-Aid drinkers whose personal wealth has been burned up in the economic bonfire brought to us by the Republicon Party and the upper 10% who have gotten rich off of them, she proclaims that Obama is all about big government. HUH? John McCain, Bush and the Republican party have now given the United States the biggest government this nation has ever seen with the Pentagon taking 1/3 of the yearly budget, along with Homeland Security's many useless and Treasury draining projects that have been totally ineffective while invading America's privacy to a point where one can describe it as only neo-fascism, and concluding with Bush's gluttonous and impotent FEMA, as well as a bail-out package to beat the band. So Sarah, what are YOU talking about? She is nothing but an agitprop barnstormer for her self-destructing political party.

So, what will happen in 6 months? We will be embroiled in a raging recession in 6 months, John? Will the next president have to take drastic economic measures to begin to restore an economy headed for a depression? Are you aware of that? What about an expansion of the Middle East conflict? The Bush military attacked Syria this week? Might you do the same? And then, there is Iran.  Obama might actually try and talk with the Syrians, or the Iranians before killing them. You, John, are not like that. You don't believe in anything but winning a war. "I have to give you some straight talk, my friends. There will be other wars. I am sorry to say, there will be other wars. We will never surrender, but there will be other wars. There will be terrible combat wounds to treat. There will be a lot of PTSD to treat. More wars, my friends. There will be more wars", as we heard this Maverick say over and over again.

It really amazes me that Republicans continue to drink the Kool-Aid by the gallon full. As I said in my last post, they suffer from an extreme case of the Republican Psychological Disorder, ie. the Patty Hearst Syndrome. They still have a chance to show they can rise above such a disabling condition and send McCain back home where he belongs.

Thanks for reading, Jerry

P.S. Thanks for the comments written regarding this post!