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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Letter To The Pennsylvania U.S. Congress

To: Congresspersons: Congressman Tim Murphy, Congressman Jason Altmire, Senator Arlen Specter, Senator Bob Casey, jr, and Senator Max Baucus

From: Jerry ******
120 ****** Av.
*************, PA 15***

October 6, 2009

Dear Congresspersons,

I am writing to all of you, at one time, in order to let each of you know exactly what I think and how I feel regarding the current state of affairs inside the Obama administration and its Congress.

I am thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. It appears that what has occurred following the regime of Little Boy Bush, which was supported by the coward Congressman Murphy, who supported that failed president and all his neo-fascist ideas for 8 years, is more of the same. Now, CONgressman Murphy should be replaced in the next election cycle, as should be CONgressman and Blue Dogshit Coalition member Jason Altmire.

Now, regarding the Democrats, I am sick of them, as well. As Michael Moore recently stated, because the Democrats have failed their populist roots and have fallen lock step behind the CONservative Repugni-CONS, they have sent many hard working Americans adrift toward the falls to be washed underwater by the tidal pools.

Senator Baucus has turned out to a Democratic Turncoat by giving up, at the very least, a Public Health Care Option. And, at the very best a Single Payer health care program. Instead, Baucus has decided to support a nice insurance industry gift horse called health care exchanges. Now, the health care companies will begin to become the biggest investment industry in the nation, offering health insurance as a side business. There already exists a economic financial crime syndicate, which CONgress has failed to investigate. Instead, CONgress has been engaging in the biggest economic stimulus program, which should be called Bail-Out Plus, and has included TARP, TALF, PPIP, Fed Fund Window Cash for Trash handouts and more. This has amounted to over $2T for the economic financial crime syndicate, instead of it money going into the real jobs manufacturing economy.

The Federal Reserve needs to be audited and then, once it is discovered, to no one’s surprise that it has been engaged in an economic crime syndicate take over by the US government and Bernanke, the crooks should be prosecuted for crimes against our country’s national security. Just look at the secret meetings that went on between GS, Bernanke and Paulson!!! Don’t forget the incompetent Geithner’s role as the New York Federal Reserve Chairman and his role of the do-nothing-regulatory-but-thought-he-wasn’t-a- regulator-yet-should-have-been!

What we have now is a no government government. What is in power is an oligarchy---the financial banking investment crime syndicate. What we have is not a Congress or Executive Branch, but a financial investment corporate board room with bought and paid for board members, called President Obama and Vice President Biden. Then we have the bought and paid for share holders called Congress.

Obama has shown to be a coward, jetting around the world, shaking hands and giving worthless speeches as the citizens lose their jobs, homes, retirement, health care, and watch their credit card interest rates being jacked up handing over massive gains to the financial banking investment crime syndicate. I am sorry I voted for him and should have voted third party instead. I have been a tried-and true Democrat, but no more!! I will vote third party every time now. The two parties show no difference, for the most part.

Where is FDR when you need him the most?

Senator Specter has turned Democrat, but that seems just about it. Nothing more. A Public Option is demanded by the public, therefore it must be included in any bill and let the traitors turn it down filibuster it and show the voters just who they are.

In addition, the war in Afghanistan should be ended. The war in Iraq must be ended now. The funds must be returned home, along with all the soldiers. 8 years in Afghanistan and nearly 7 years in Iraq are quite enough. END THEM NOW! The military/surveillance industrialization of American must be given a major haircut, as was warned by President Eisenhower.

We will see, in spite of the head fakes on Wall Street as they and Bernanke manipulate the stock prices, the economy further collapsing and commercial real estate taking a nosedive worse than during the subprime mortgage debacle. The dollar will become subverted, as the dollar will eventually no longer be used as the world’s reserve currency, especially when traded for world oil. This means that Treasury Bills and Bonds will tank and Bennie Bernanke will have to raise interest rates in order to attract dollars back to the Fed, which will kill development in the United States.

I could rant on and on, but you get my point. You are all a failure. You all should resign or declare this to be your last term. We need term limits!!! You all get the nation’s best health care and retirement program, but, in your eyes, the rest of us don’t deserve what you have been given by all of us!!!

Senators Specter, and Casey, and CONgressman Murphy and Altmire, what went on here in Pittsburgh during the G-20 was shameless. The exercise in Martial Law was deplorable. The invasion and lock down of the city by the several thousands of military and paramilitary was disgusting. The actions by the military against US citizens was an assault upon all of us living in and around Pittsburgh and probably immoral, if not illegal. Where is YOUR outcry? Instead, we have officials and corporate representative apologizing for the university student’s actions when Obama needs to be apologizing for his embarrassing remarks dismissing the protesters.

As it has come out, the main action by the G-20 was to turn the IMF into the agent for the world’s currency. The IMF has become the recipient of G-20 funds, which will be used to create a currency called SDR, or Special Drawing Rights. The “IMF Slush Fund” created by the G-20 members will be loaned out to very depressed Third World countries not to improve their economies, but to pay the interest on their loans to the G-20 members, so those poor nations can borrow more principal funds. This is called a Ponzi Scheme, and you are all engaged in it.

We Americans want REAL change NOW! Not later. We want real economic regulation and transparency. No more investment banking handouts or Cash for Trash programs. No more bonuses or raises or big salaries for CEOs that fail a company and the stockholders and bondholders. We all want the Fed audited and a Grand Jury investigation into why the economy went South and who are at fault. Then we want indictments.

We want all the corporations that sent jobs overseas and hired cheap, non-regulated workers to make their cheap stuff, while the corporate headquarters held their profits in off-shore accounts, told to bring all that money back or face indictment for creating a national security crisis.

We want term limits for all of you, and public funding for all campaigns. We want it forbidden for lobbyists and corporations to contribute to a single candidate or official. We no longer want corporations to have the rights of a person.

It is clear that none of you are capable of standing up for the average American worker, nor the dedicated Democrats, progressives and liberals, who were the very voters who swayed the election bringing Obama to the White House and YOU Democrats to Congress.

Your time is up. You have failed to deliver the goods. The economy has been given away and all of you are responsible. We have had enough of the smoke and mirror game playing. Either stand up for workers, or we will send you walking.

Sincerely , Jerry *****


The Pentagon has just sent over 24 IAV Styker armored combat vehicles, made by General Dynamics at a cost of $1.42 million per vehicle. One-third have been decommissioned already due to bomb attacks or maintenance. $34 million has just been spent for these vehicles when suffering working Americans could have used that money to rebuild US manufacturing. But instead, General Dynamics got rich with unsustainable manufacturing. How many more millions are about to be wasted, along with the lives of soldiers, in Afghanistan?