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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Obama Victory!

We here at Eye-on-Washington's command central have projected a Barack Obama win! This election has become a mandate for change, as well as a clear and resounding declaration of a failed Republican agenda.

Barack's grandmother, may she rest in peace, can smile down upon her grandson with pride and admiration that he ran a clean and upstanding campaign against a truly dirty, incompetent and embarrassing opponent.

As Keith Olbermann said in his election-eve commentary, what if it was Obama who presented himself, both in words and actions, the way McCain did during these weeks following the election primaries? Obama would have been seriously criticized. But that was not the case with McCain, expect for MSNBC's starring line-up of pundits. You can see Olbermann's commentary on our video blog page, at the bottom of the page. McCain was given an incredible pass!

What Barack Obama must do tomorrow is to declare himself the President of the United States and that his vision for America will begin immediately, in spite of how George Bush would feel about it. We do not have any time to waste. Time is of the essence.

Congratulations, Barack Obama!! Yes WE Did!

"One small step for man; one giant step for mankind."

POSTSCRIPT:  It is 11:37 P.M. in Pittsburgh, PA, and John McCain conceded the race to Barack Obama. The United States of America has turned a new, and brighter corner in its history. A monumental time as been ushered in. Here is a toast to Barack Obama! May your presidency bring a new dawning for all of us. I would say this is a mandate for change.

Obama electoral votes=349. Popular vote= 52%

McCain electoral votes=163. Popular vote= 46%

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