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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Barack Obama and Change

Our country needs to look inside, We are a broken unit. Only love, dignity, and a plan will bring correction. A democracy with plans for society does not mean a totalitarian state. Individual freedom is supported by a democratic government. Fear based entertainment and propaganda that is driven by a lack of the fairness doctrine has led to a rebulikkkcan state that has destroyed the constitution. Our government and country has been smothered by the blubber of Rush Limbaugh. The libertarians with no plans have been running the show since 1980, Just like Ronald Reagan at the end of his television show, Death Valley Day's, its time for the neocons to ride off into the sunset. Their plan of trickle down has failed on a colossal scale. It's time for the fear mongering  to end and time to start rebuilding this once great nation that the conservatives have destroyed.   Its time to stop beating that tired drum of fear and admit our failure as a nation.   As a child I used to live my life in fear. . . then I became a man and realized that I would be solely responsible for my freedom.  No government right or left would do that for me.  It was with that liberty that I also became aware that not all experience such liberties. So unless you're a coward and you're need is to make others fearful of false boogie men for your own gain, or worse yet, you're a tool of corporate america, which is the most un-American thing one can do, it's time to CHANGE.   Its time to serve your country through your citizenship and honor WE THE PEOPLE. It's time this nation of cowards stopped sucking the corporate tit and returned to being a democratic land of the free and home of the brave. Yes we can.

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