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Friday, July 11, 2008


What is it with republicans calling everyone who has a plan for anything a Communist? I've noted that the neocons use this approach on most every subject.   So, I guess they do this so they can keep avoiding the reality of any discussion by throwing simple minded roundhouse punches and making little or no contact while diverting the discussion or topic.  It's a funny spectacle I must say.  The neocons also have a blurred historic view of the most important plan of all, taxation.  The republicans continually cite the tax cuts of JFK, RON Reagan and Bush 2 as wondrous successes.  The fact is regardless of the tax cuts, the tax structure was progressive, as the top income earners always paid proportionately their fair share under jfk and reagan.  A little history here on  raising taxes, the tax rates were RAISED under Bush I and ironically some republicans use that fact to discredit the Clinton era of balanced budgets. But the die hards neocons cost Bush I the elections by shouting "Read my lips no new taxes", shooting themselves in the foot. . These higher taxes and balanced budgets thusly lead to largest economic boom in American history. So what history really says is raising taxes and a balanced budget will grow the economy. I readily recognize also that cutting taxes across the board has and may work at times, but draconian disproportionate tax cuts that favor the uber rich that GW Bush II  passed are a disincentive to produce anything and really are voodoo economics. The amazing thing even under the current skewed system is that the uber rich are so rich that they pay more taxes in total than all other income groups combined, but not as an individual tax percentage. The super rich tax burden of today is a much smaller burden than ever in our countries history. Put in a dollar for dollar context, particularly when the economies of scale kick in on the uber dollar earned, the advantages of the few become staggering. The 500 millionth dollar earned is much more valuable precisely because its taxed at the very same rate as the 210 thousandth dollar earned by, say, a professional. It gets much worse as you go down the income ladder ultimately leading to disincentives on both ends of the economic scale to be productive. The system then begins to look strangely familiar, can you say feudal? Lump on some religion and you get the bush vision thing of a feudal theocracy.  But this factual reality is forbidden to be discussed in a deliberate and mindful way, as all discussions about good government go under the radar because as we know, thanks to the neocons, discussions might lead to plans and plans have the albatross of simply being a plans around their neck. God forbid if we have a plan for anything at all, it would be unpatriotic and communistic wouldn't it.

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