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Friday, June 27, 2008

Trillion dollar waterboarding

    Would you sit down and talk with enemies of the U.S.?   President Bush used a speech to the Israeli Parliament to liken those who would negotiate with “terrorists and radicals” to appeasers of the Nazis — a remark widely interpreted as a rebuke to Senator Barack Obama, who has advocated greater engagement with countries like Iran and Syria.
     The truth about Barack on forgien policy is that he takes an intelligent and pragmatic approach to foreign relations.  The same tact that most of the non knuckle dragging world takes.  Lets hope going forward that the United States learns that talk truly is cheap and a whole lot less expensive and bloody. 

     The most important lesson to be learned during these last days of darkness is this, Bush's foreign policy has failed because of corporate greed.  He has allowed forces of profit to not only make a fool of him domestically but also destroy the once semi-good name of the United States through-out the world.

    Bush has traveled hemispherically with his daisy cutters in hand to combat only certain parts of  his so called axis of evil.  He has waterboarded not for democracy but for profit in the name of capitalism.  Bush continues to spend trillions of dollars in Iraq to plunder valuable oil fields using American lives.  Lives lost not in the name of democracy, but in the name of corporate profits.  

   Interestingly, according to American media, the Bush administration has also put together one of the most incredible diplomatic accomplishments in history.   The Bush state department has brought that evil film buff and coward Kim Jong Ill down a peg,  through, get this, Obamaesque diplomacy.    Under Bush it seems some evil gets a pass through diplomacy and appeasement while others get the trillion dollar water-boarding treatment.   

    In the mainstream American media Bush's State department officials are being lauded as heros and dynamic chit chatters whom have brought that dictator with the crazy cool haircut Kim Jong Ill to his nuclear knees.   Supposedly just by using the very diplomatic concepts of engaging our enemies that candidate Barrack Obama has suggested and the republican party mocked.

   But not so fast, while acknowledging what a fantastic accomplishment has taken place with the North Koreans and Mr Kim jong ill, we must look closer at this so called success .        Lets not forget China's role in this historic Bush moment.  Knowing now what General Macarthur and Harry Truman learned the hard way, North Korea is part of China.   So, lets give credit where credit is due, China's efforts in North Korea made this diplomatic event happen.    Regardless of what the media and U.S history books may say and read, the U.S. owes The Peoples Republic of China a big thank you on this one.   Thank you's said, if China didn't offer so much economic opportunity for corporate America gangsters and present an overwhelming military presence we probably wouldn't have wasted time talking to Kim Jong iLL and would have been mixing North Koreans and Muslims together as an even more surreal cocktail known as Guantanimo.

   Bush may be a fool but with all do respect to Harry Truman, I will quote give em hell Harry in this context ,  "Goddamn it, you don't attack China."   So, don't buy the medias spew on this one.  Bush is still a failure beyond all imaginable thought both globally and domestically. 

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