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Thursday, June 26, 2008

John McCain is the Mangimpian Candidate!

We have heard, once again, from the despicable and unconscionable Carl Rove when he spoke before his neo-con ilksters at the Capital Hill Club, in D.C. when he said, "Even if you never met him, you know this guy. He's the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by." Rove must have been living out some fantasy that morning as he framed Obama within this image. He had to have woken up with a Viagra erection, and couldn't shake it off! 

Essentially, Rove was calling Obama an elitist hangin' out at the local homeboy country club group. What the heck was he thinking? I guess, very little. He only had his fantasy going on. This fantasy is what whiteboys think of when they hang with Regressive Party neo-cons after checking their pointie white hoods with the cloak room girl. 

Carl Rove reminds me of the school house bully, such as the one in the film "A Christmas Story", who surrounds himself with a couple of creeps, while sporting his one and only treasured possession, a tattered raccoon skin cap given to him by his toothless uncle Jeb from down Rosemary Beach, Florida way. 

This loser and pathetic film character, in this terrific movie, had taunted poor Ralphie too many times before this gentle and lovable kid finally unleashed his pent up rage on the bully beating him to a point of bloody embarrassment.

Rove is still trying to bully Democrats by attempting to convince Independents, Reagan-Democrats, and reasonable Republicans that Obama is an elitist. They have nothing to run on but this stale message.

The Regressive Elitist Club members, also known as the Republican "Have-Mores" Party, are the ones populating the country clubs, drinking martinis, as they lean up against the wall making snide remarks about the "have-nots" across the political aisle. I guess, Joe Lieberman wants so much to join these jerks. You go ahead Joe. We don't want ya anymore!

If Barack Obama is an elitist, then what does that make Bush and McCant? 

Bush, who got special treatment in the military and was able to destroy his public desertion/AWOL records with only one phone call from his daddy; and was bailed out of every business venture he so incompetently attempted to make a go of;  and was hoisted up into the Texas governor's mansion with absolutely no skills,  and then, into the White House; and never earned his Harvard or Yale degrees, but bought them is NOT considered an elitist of the highest order?

And then there is McCain. His father and grandfather had the USS John S. McCain naval battle ship named after them. John-Boy was given preferential treatment by the North Vietnamese army  after being taken prisoner during the Vietnam War because he was the son of a 4 star admiral. He then found his way into the senate because his drippingly wealthy second-wife, Cindy, an heiress to the Anheuser-Busch fortune, was able to support John-Boy's lavish life style. He found himself a real sugar-mama! Do most Americans own a $700,000 primary Arizona residence, along with 7 other homes, during a time when as many as 6 million Americans will end up in foreclosure over the coming years? I guess, these qualifications don't make a Republican an elitist. It must take more! He hasn't arrived there just yet. Poor guy. He is just an average Regressive Party shmuck trying to make ends meet, when compared to other Republican elitists. What's a guy to do?

So, Carl Rove, where do you rank? I guess, living in a million dollar home in D.C., owning a million dollar Rosemary Beach, Florida home, and two small rental cottages, in Ingram, Texas just doesn't make you  an elitist either. You've got a long way to go, dude, before you get close to the half-way up point on the Regressive Party's elitist ladder. Keep on strugglin'.

So, what about Obama? There is obviously a different standard for Democrats. The expectations are considerably lower, since they are just dumb, neanderthal-types barely able to scrape two nickels together. Just wearing Orvis Poplin Expandable Comfort-Waist pants will make a Democrat an elitist! If you wear a silk tie instead of a polyester one, then you will be labeled an elitist. If you drive a Volvo instead of a deluxe full-dressed Hummer or a Gran Turismo Maserati, you will he called an elitist.

I don't see Barack Obama rubbing too many elbows with such a privileged, wealthy and connected class when compared with John McCain and the elitists he rolls with.

The Left needs to capture this and bottle it up to the majority of Americans to sample. Let them see the difference and decide who of the two candidates is an elitist. 

The Regressive's perpetual con-job never ceases to amaze most of us. As far as anyone can tell, Obama has risen to where he is today because of his own hard work, intellect, and competence. That is more than I can say about Bush or McCain. Neither would have gotten where they are today without the wealth, and family position they both benefitted from. Without such status, neither would have a legitimate claim to anything of national prominence. 

Now, I want to further the list of reasons why McCain is no Maverick (James Garner is the real Maverick.), but a surrogate nursing off the breast of Bush.

McCain's energy policy has been solely in the hip-pocket of the fossil fuel industry as the U.S. falls further and further behind the front of the alternative energy manufacturing pack. Back during Reagan's destructive presidency, he pulled the plug on alternative energy's governmental support. Yet, subsidies to the oil companies flowed freely.

Once Clinton arrived in the White House, the Gingrich/McCain movement, back in 1995, continued to kill alternative energy's governmental support. They ran scared from the Hippie-Dippie solar and wind supporters and back into the breast of Exxon and Enron.

Today, Europe, Germany, Spain, and especially, Denmark have embraced alternatives and are becoming the world leaders in research, development, manufacturing, and implementation of renewable energy. Denmark produces 20% of their electric power from wind. They have a long range alternative energy policy.

McCain's long term energy policy is short term: drill, drill and drill some more, as well as build more nuclear plants. The cost to produce nuclear energy is more than 15 cents/KWh. The cost to produce electricity through wind is 4-8 cents/KWh. The cost to produce electricity from coal is 10 cents/KWh.

How can anyone believe McStale is a Maverick? The reality is that John McCain is a gimp! It is like he fell asleep during the Reagan years and woke up to run as the Neo-Con candidate for president losing 30 years of knowledge and reality in the process of coming back to life. He is the Mangimpian Candidate.

In order to resurrect off-shore drilling, it would take 10 years to ultimately extract only 0.2% of the world's total production. That translates into only 200,000 barrels per day. That cost would be better spent developing an alternative energy technology industry that could be exported world wide and bring new and highly skilled jobs to America. Oh, these cons don't like that idea. They prefer out-sourcing.

McCain, Rove and the rest of the Regressives have no idea how to move this nation into the future other than through greed and wars.

McCain is more like a stale sausage bun cavorting around as a freshly made cream puff! If it wasn't so pitiful, it would be funny.

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Why is it that the South Koreans will flood the streets by the millions to protest American beef, while we sit on our butts watching American Idol instead of protesting a president who has brought most of us grief? The stock market is heading toward a significant nose dive. It is not a correction, folks! This is a stock market crash! If we experience further rising gas prices, then we will see the market fall. We are back where it was in the late 1990's,  before our brief tech bubble growth spurt, which left most of us an empty stock portfolio basket after that giddy ride broke down right before our eyes.

This is a oil bubble driven by speculators, and a disappearing dollar value. The oil producers have reduced production because their is a decline in demand; therefore, we need to tell Gimpie-boy McCain that we don't need to drill just now. John-Rip-Van-Winkle-McCain needs to wake up from his deep and inept sleep. He is the mechanized McCain being manipulated by his Manchurian Candidate handlers. He says whatever he is told to say. Right Joe Lieberman?

Jack and Jill America sit at home while the White House terrorists milk our country dry. We have an endless war going on draining our yearly budget of a $1 trillion, if we include the yearly Pentagon budget of $500B. The dollar is collapsing; home prices are falling; foreclosures are rising; unemployment is rising; Americans are over-extended on credit card debt; real wages are falling and cannot keep with inflationary consumer costs; and, consumer spending is falling. (The stimulus spike is temporary. $600 only goes so far!) Jack and Jill sit in front of the Boob Tube watching the broadcast cheerleaders spew the neo-con party line, while their 401K's disappear, and corporations are not actually earning profits, but handing it out to the CEO's, who make 400 times more than the lowest paid worker. 

When will Jack and Jill go up to the Hill and toss their pail of water into the faces of their elected political capitulators who allow BushCo to continue to give the country away to their monopolistic greedy capitalist political donors. PA's Congressman Jason Altmire needs his face washed first!

A video about the falling dollar, rising oil prices, speculation and why. 6 minutes long. Worth watching. 

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Jeff said...

Well spoken--thank you! I sometimes wonder what it will take to get Americans to revolt.

I don't think it's possible until we're past too late.