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Friday, May 30, 2008

As this election season continues to roll along, one has to wonder exactly why in the world would a voter choose a Republican, the likes we have not seen since Nixon. As a group, they are the most self-centered and corrupt political party in this new millennium. Huckabee came out with his racist remark, calling it humor, yet no one laughed, during a recent appearance, causing one to wonder if he had presided over the Church of the Racist Fools. It showed the lack of shame and the insane level of unchecked humor such Republicans are willing to display in front of a group. To make a suggestion that Barack Obama learn to duck and cover when on stage, after a chair fell over sounding like gun fire, is truly racist. 

It is amazing that the Regressive Party, oh, I mean the Republican Party, ended up with the half-wit, McCain, as their front runner. I am not sure that we can really call him a flip-flopper even though he says one thing and does another. He may actually be just a half-wit because he does not know that he says one thing, and then, at a later date, refuses to admit his previous contradictory remarks. And other times, he just slogs along his rutted path of regressive beliefs, all of which have been formulated for him by lobbyists or former Republicon Senator Phil Gramm, who worked hard to lay the ground work for the subprime debacle, back in 1999, while sitting as the Senate Banking chairman deregulating the banking and financial sectors. Now as a board member of the Swiss bank, UBS, he is seeing his bank taking a multi-billion dollar subprime hit, ie. writedown. The half-wit McCain keeps this human destroyer of our economic national security as his top economic advisor.

McCain has repeatedly said that lobbyists have been a huge problem for Congress, yet throughout this campaign, lobbyists have been running the "Straight Talkin' Express" for the "Washington Maverick". The current number of lobbyists working for McCain is 115.

McCain is no Maverick. Hey John Boy, James Garner was the real Maverick. How did you arrive at such a delusional self-assertion as to believe that you are a Maverick? 'John McCain, I knew Maverick. And you John McCain, are no Maverick!' I watched Maverick religiously, and I know for a fact, you are no Maverick. You can pretend all you want, but no one believes you! And while I am talkin' to ya, you are no straight talker, either.  If you want to attach yourself to a t.v. character, then watch Saturday Night Live. You are the character MacGruber! A nit-wit who is so self absorbed in his delusional abilities that no matter what he tries to do to save himself and others, he fails so badly that he ends up exploding into ruins. Stupidity rules in this case.

Just look at who else McCain attaches himself to. He had a key strategist, Charles Black, Jr. in his campaign that was employed by Myanmar's military junta! How much more corrupt does it get? The only reason why this Republicon political whore left the campaign was because he was found out by progressive bloggers who exposed this blood-lusting Washington influence pedaling "hooker". 

Other lobbyists McCain has been embracing are strongly associated with the telecom industry. McCain, as a member of the commerce committee, involved in telecommunications rules and regulations, did the bidding for these campaign contributors.

John McCain says he did not vote for Bush's tax cuts when they benefitted  the richest
Americans, after the Social Security "lock-box" was looted to pay for this Regressive Party-favor. He now says that the Democrats should make them permanent. HUH? I guess he could not remember speaking out against this failed policy.

Now, he says that when he becomes president, we will win in Iraq. Did he forget that he was a pilot, who was shot down and held prisoner for years during the Vietnam War, and that the United States did not realize an actual victory over that bloody conflict? Does he not know that Vietnam, now, has a thriving economy (a better GDP that the U.S. 8% in 2007)? Does he not realize that if Iraq was left alone , they too, would eventually develop a thriving economy without the U.S. needing to be their perpetual occupier? But McCain appears to lack common sense and being in possession of any reality based thinking skills; or, maybe he is just a half-wit? But half-wit Republican presidents seem to be the fashion these days.

It is not because McCain is in his early 70's that should disqualify him from running for president. It is because he stands for absolutely nothing; he believes in nothing; and he is a nothing. Half-wit equals nothing. He captures nothing within the hearts and minds of voters who truly believe in democracy and freedom, as well as a healthy and sustainable country; although he does attract the rest of the half-wits within the nation. And such people are dangerous to our freedoms, and democracy because, historically, they have hated our form of government and prefer fascism. Since many hate communism, they have chosen fascism instead. Just look at Prescott Bush, George Bush's grandfather, who became wealthy by laundering a Nazi industrialist's profits. And, there is more!

Read, "The Right's America-Hating Preacher", by Robert Parry, (, 5-2-08)--a special report (21 pages) about Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his infiltration of the Republican Party's Congressional membership. Moon formed the Unification Church in Korea and, over time, recruited agents from the Korean CIA. As he expanded into Japan, Latin America, and the United States, he integrated his agents into these political systems through various ways. One way was to contribute millions into congressional campaign coffers.

Moon had dealings with drug lords, dictators, and arms runners. He smuggled millions of undeclared cash into the United States for payola purposes. He spent 2 years in an American jail, yet, nevertheless, built an economic and political influence pedaling network with approval from the Regressive Republican Party. Both Nixon and Reagan embraced him and invited him into the White House.

McCain is so deluded that he loves to strut around Baghdad, just like GeorgieBoy, believing he is on the side of our soldiers. John McCain seems to have forgotten that the soldiers returning from Vietnam, his Band of Brothers, had been given a full G.I. bill allowing them to go to college and get the tuition paid for in full. Yet now, McCain has decided that our soldiers, today, do not deserve the same treatment that had been allowed to him and previous veterans. Only a half-wit would strut around like a rooster on Viagra, showing off his plume of cock feathers to a bunch of battle-weary soldiers who know in their hearts that they have been handed a bad deal by McCain and his Republicon Party hacks.

As I have written before, this half-witted regressive candidate, wishing to usher in a Bush third term, does not believe that the American people deserve the same fully paid health care program that he has been given since the day he was born. Term limits are sounding better all the time.

McCain has a double standard for America. There are the haves, just like him, and the have nots, who are those who don't get the same government privileges that he has been so fortunate to receive. 

He just does not seem to be able to keep track of what he has told us he believes in based upon his past statements and actions versus what he says now as a presidential candidate. For example, the Maverick,  John McCain, has worked hard to sow his disdain for K Street lobbyists in Washington, yet he has recruited them to build his campaign. He had walked the sidewalks, like a hooker looking for a cheap trick, searching for K Street lobbyists who can raise piles of money for him, since 2006. I guess, he has forgotten that just two years ago, K Street lobbyists were  lovers of the George W. Bush regressive agenda and the very people he spoke against.

There is a list of lobbyists McCain had recruited written in the article, "Media Advance Myth of McCain as Lobbyist Foe",, 2-26-08. Times have recently changed, since some have left under negative scrutiny. 

Charles Black, Jr.-- this guy is now gone because of negative press that has recently come out regarding his lobbying relationship with the corrupt junta running the country of Burma, which has refused world aid after experiencing a devastating hurricane. He was McCain's chief political advisor.

Former Rep. Thomas Loeffler (R-TX)--he was McCain's campaign co-chairman. He is a lobbyist for multi-national corporations and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, "his firm had made millions inserting earmarks into spending bills."

I guess John forgot how much he hated earmarks in spending bills even as far back as 2006.

Richard Davis--campaign manager, and a big time lobbyist, make millions hitting on our elected congressional representatives. He worked hard making sure John, the Maverick, did his telecom bidding for him, while on the Commerce Committee.

And the list of cons keeps on growing: Christian Ferry, James Rill, Anthony Villamil, Joseph Wright, former Senator Phil Gramm, (R-TX), former Sen. Slade Gorton (WA), former Sen. Matt Salmon (AZ), former Sen. Don Sundquist (TN), former Rep. William "Van" Hilleary (TN), and former Rep. Richard Zimmer (NJ).

It is so surprising that John, the Maverick, could not recall that all these pals of his who are working to get him into the Oval Office have been hardcore lobbyists. Is this the equivalent to walking in the house, putting down your keys, and forgetting where you placed them when you have to leave again? Does he have a memory problem? He must not be able to recall trivial or insignificant bits of information, very much like his bosom buddy--"W". They have so much in common. Maybe, he will ask George to be his job coach, once he loses the November election. Or, maybe John will pick up a gig as a stand-in for one of Alvin's Chipmunks (see podcast photo).

In an upcoming posting, I will write about the Bush family's involvement with a small South American terrorist group that killed 73 people that were on a Cubana airliner. There is so much information out there defining the Bush crime family and their ties to murderers, cult leaders and fascists. Now we see where "W" gets his training. This apple did not fall far from the tree.

When you combine two half-wits, like Bush and McCain, do you get a whole wit, or is there still just a 'hole'-in-the-nitwit?

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