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Friday, May 16, 2008

My Fill-ary of Hillary Rant!

It as become perfectly clear in just the last couple of days that George W. Bush is worse than a fool, but an imbecile of the highest and most despicable order. He will say anything to try and boost his falling and failing popularity as a legitimate and relevant world leader. What has become more revealing than ever is that Hillary Clinton is not that different from Bush in her attempts to increase her own popularity and ratings. She will do or say anything in order to try and repair her damaged integrity, in spite of it being a self-inflicted wound. It appears, at this point, many of her supporters are abandoning her torpedoed destroyer and heading for the life boats. Abandon ship; abandon ship. She is sinking her own ship, mate.

Speaking about a sinking ship, Bush went before the Israeli Knesset and framed Obama and the Democrats who, contrary to BushCo thinking, believe there very likely is a place in presidential foreign policy to present opportunities for dialogue (the use of words before using swords, even amongst one's enemies) before dropping bombs upon innocents who would be caught in the cross-hairs of our nation's military actions against an adversarial government or regime, as a type of surrender to such evil as Nazism. This comes from a dry-drunk psychotic imbecile who ran away from his enlisted military responsibilities as a pilot to clean toilets and, later, go AWOL, because the job was beneath him. I believe he wanted the job so he could be close to the bowl. Now, isn't he the credible critic of judgement? Let's give HIM the Medal of Freedom! Rally 'round the flag boy. Give HIM a flag pin to wear proudly, but make sure he wears it at half-mast.

Here is some information that our president seemed to have forgotten to tell the Israelis--that his family had collaborated with a Nazi. Between 1933 and 1942, Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush, handled money given to him by Fritz Thyssen, a German industrialist and Nazi who had close ties to Hitler and his regime. Thyssen, through his business dealings with the Nazi Party and Hitler's killing machine, was connected to the killing of Jews during WW2. Prescott Bush's Union Banking Corporation, which held Thyssen's money, was later impounded by the U.S. government under the Trading with the Enemy Act. ("All the President's Nazis: An Open letter to Bush", Larisa Alexandrovna,, 5-15-08; "The Bushes and Hitler's Appeasement", Robert Parry,, 5-18-08)

So, when Georgie Boy speaks of Nazis, he knows what it means to be a collaborator. Sadly, it does not stop there.

Georgie Boy's dad, G.H.W. Bush, former president of the United States, and former director of the CIA, had made $13.6 million from speaking engagements paid by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, of the Moonie's fame. You remember, that far right-wing radical Unification Church, originating from South Korea, which had direct connections to the South Korean CIA, South American drug lords and guns smuggling, and which owns the Washington Times newspaper, and contributed millions to those " Vast Right Wing Conspirators" in congress. Moon had ties to Jerry Falwell, had a meeting with President Nixon, and was praised by President Ronald Reagan, too. Before and after Moon had served 2 years in U.S. jail, he had infiltrated the U.S. government with his church/Korean CIA agents who had direct ties to fascists, dictators, and the Nazi-Klause Barbie. He had proclaimed his hatred of the U.S. Constitution, our democracy, and freedoms, even though he had an official "green card" and was never booted out of the country.

Yet, former President G.H. W. Bush began making a series of speeches for Moon's Women's Federation for World Peace beginning in 1995. "W"'s daddy had been bought by Moon. So, when Boy Bush speaks of fascist sympathizers, he knows from which he speaks! ("The Right's America-Hating Preacher", Robert Parry,, 5-2-08)

Our dangerously mentally deficient president has done way too much damage to be allowed to remain as commander-in-chief; or even allowed to live unsupervised!!

Yet, Hillary Clinton has moved closer and closer to a place on the continuum that shows she, too, creates damage as she grapples to take hold of Cheney's unilateral executive creation. We saw that she believed her Bosnia story was more than just a dream, but a part of her mind-game strategy to plant rumored seeds of doubt into the psyche of America's ignorant voters that Obama might not be a Christian, but a "closeted" Muslim.

Her self-righteous "shame-on-you-Barack-Obama" retort about rural Pennsylvanians who cling to their guns and Bible as they fall closer and closer to economic hardship was a way to gather more of the white "frightened America" vote. As, too, was her criticism of Obama's relationship with the radically outspoken Rev. Wright and how damaging and un-American his words were. Yet, her Iraqi war vote has caused more strife, death, sorrow, and damage to lives than any lifetime of words spoken by Reverend Wright. So, shame on you Hillary Clinton. She has yet to be honest about herself, or policies, therefore, how can she be trusted to tell the truth about anything important?

Clinton has had a year of campaigning to master her art of manipulating the frightened white, rural, uneducated, uninformed voter who believes there is nothing better than to hold onto both their Bible and gun from the likes of the Van Heusen, Polo, Gucci, Nordstroms Reagan white man, who has done everything in his political power to castrate such psychological and economically beaten down every day people from a chance at the American dream to achieve a safe and secure living for their families, while avoiding bankruptcy resulting from a catastrophic illness. Become a  congressperson and all will be well, you poor and down trodden American souls! So, God bless you and your wealth--Hillary Clinton (and Bill O'Reilly) fore you both are part of the deserving class of wealthy Americans!! I guess, God blessed you so you could be wealthy and deserving, while the omnipotent one had no intention of doing the same for the rest of working, every day Americans. Just let them hold onto their guns and Bibles. That should be enough for them.

So, Hillary has taken her fairy dust- ground up and purified--made in her former White House alchemy laboratory during her 8 years of being the First Lady (of the First Black President, if you have forgotten), and has now used it to advance her self-interest and to re-make herself into the neo-pied piper of the Democratic Party hypnotizing the white "frightened Americans" of various makes and models (from white racists in West Virginia, to jobless union workers, to middle-aged women who blindly see that any woman is better than no woman president, to adults never graduating high school with very limited opportunities, and people who like to read how a simple minded Texas librarian gave birth to alien twin girlbots) so as to follow her to the promised land.

But the truth is, as you recall, she assisted her brothers to ride the shyster bus as they "persuaded" BillyBoy to pardon their "client-pals" who were in prison because they were thieves and drug dealers. Would that be called influence pedaling? And, don't forget as the U-Haul backed up to the loading dock of the White House during the last days in the joint, Billary and Hillary were pilfering the White House valuables thinking that they were all door prizes they had won for being the auctioneers of the Lincoln Bedroom Sleepover Parties. I guess, that is why she did not mind when the Iraqis and some U.S. private contract personnel decided to take Saddam's jewels and booty for their own, when really the stuff belonged to the Iraqi nation and people. 

Also, BillyBoy helped usher in this subprime debacle by signing the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 deregulating the financial industry's ability to go hog wild and acquire huge amounts of wealth by manipulating commodities prices. Then he followed in lock step with the congressional neo-con ideologues by selling off nearly every American job through foreign trade agreements. He, too, felt a $1.00 per hour foreign job was better for America than our union and high paying jobs.

And, don't forget that Hillary, as an undergraduate at Wellesley College and Yale law student had direct ties to the Weather Underground (the radical 1960-70's group that bombed buildings in protest to the Vietnam War and had a member named Bill Ayers, who Obama knows), and the Black Panthers through her work with the radical law firm of Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein, which also represented the Communist Party, and the Panther's murder trials. She also wrote her senior thesis on the radical political community organizer Saul Alinsky ("The Question of Hillary Clinton's Guilt-By-Association Tactics", 5-2-08, Carl Bernstein,

So, Clinton's own guilt-by-association is much less significant than her claim that Obama's guilt-by-association with Bill Ayers, as a fellow board member for a community organization, in Chicago, is worth exploiting more than informing the public of her radical past life. Bill Ayers, in the 1970's, was a member of the Weather Underground group that engaged in guerrilla warfare as a protest against Nixon's war policies. Ayers, currently a professor at the University of Chicago, is a board member, along with Obama, for the Woods Foundation, an anti-poverty organization. He appears to still be a radical thinker, yet never was convicted of a crime, and has been an upstanding citizen in the community in which he lives. He is engaged in grassroots community work, which is more than Hillary has done as a middle-aged white American.

Yet, Clinton has used McCarthyism tactics to frame the Obama/Ayers connection as a negative. She has used the words "bombs, 9/11, people died" when describing their relationship, which existed in only an extremely limited fashion. Bill Ayers is responsible for only Bill Ayers, and is not responsible for any actions done by Barack Obama. And the same goes in reverse. More shame on you Hillary Clinton!

Then their is Clinton's direct association with what she called, during her days as First Lady, the Right Wing Conspirators: Richard Mellon Scaife, who financially bankrolled the movement to impeach BillyBoy, O'Reilly and Fox News, and now, her good pal Rush Limbaugh. These three have been good role models for her as she learns the Roveian tactics taken out of the Regressive's playbook.

BillyBoy has tried to use the race card to play his hand and help his wife win the game table. He used Jesse Jackson's name (more guilt by association?Hillary) in a "branding" campaign against Obama. He thought by referring to Obama as "the black candidate" he might subtly embed racism into the minds of the white "frightened American" voter. 

Her campaign handlers have tried to weave the phrase "Obama scandal" into fabric of the debate when talking about Rev. Wright. This is not unlike Bush when he frames al-Qaeda and the phrase "they hate our freedoms", with Saddam and Iraq in the hyperbole leading up to the war and the selling of the war to the American people and Congress. Yet, the problem was not in Iraq, but in Saudi Arabia.

Hillary Clinton is a divider and not a uniter. She is the Great Pretender. She plays the 3-shell carnival (hide the pea under the shell and mix them all up ) slight-of-hand trickster game. Under which shell is the truth? I don't believe we would ever really know the truth from Hillary Clinton. 

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