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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

John McCain-the double speakin' flip-flopper

Hey guys, great site. I love it. Check out   John McCain says anything to get elected. In addition, we have to remember that Hillary voted for the Bush resolution to attack Iraq. For her to refuse to admit she was wrong shows a significant hole in her character. There were many more politically motivated votes she made as she moved toward her announcement as a presidential candidate.


Bob said...

You two Guys are nuts.

"John McCain says anything to get elected" !!!!.

What do you have to say about a candidate that doesn't put his hand over his heart in respect to the pledge of Allegiance among other slights to this great country?

Maybe you like Socialism or other schemes the tax and spend Democrats can come up with.How about universal government health care for a starter?

Clifton said...

Nice discussion of the Bear Stearns bailout. The Bush administration's easy fixes are papering over real problems that have resulted from Bush's Iraq fiasco and ignorant deregulation. Bush is lucky. If it wasn't for the continuing boost our economy receives from internet efficiencies, we would have been in a deep depression long ago. You guys Rock!