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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Eye-On-Washington is a site to post and share information about our current administration. We are progressives who believe working America has been steered into a massive iceberg, and we now have collided with it.

The question is how are going to avoid sinking into the cold, mirky waters of a dark and long recession?

We have two ways for you all to listen and view our opinions!!

You can listen to our internet t.v. show by accessing our Podcast. We call it a Pub-cast, since we broadcast every Friday afternoon from a very special coffeeshop in the heart of Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania (a neighborhood of the great city of Pittsburgh).

Here is our Podcast link:

Jerry and Carl's Pub-cast

At the same time that we do our "pub-cast", we broadcast LIVE @ around 4:30 p.m. every Friday our internet t.v. show.
Here is that live link:
Carl and Jerry's Eye-On-Washington

We both hope you enjoy what you hear! We sure enjoy putting it out!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at the gold selling prices, as of 3-5-08. The selling price of 1 Troy oz.-American Eagle gold piece is over $1000.00!!!! The recession has arrived Little Boy Bush, even if you are clueless to what a gallon of gas is, since you don't ever do it yourself. Don't you remember that your daddy didn't know that check out scanners had arrived? Your daddy didn't know what those newfangled contraptions were in that there grocery store. The Bushes continue to live in the Bubble.

Anonymous said...

I heard all the DemocRATS say they would DROP the price of gas if they took over CONGRESS!!! They know how to LIE to their constituents to get them to vote for them. They all acted like good little lemmings and dutifully voted them in. When will people understand the free market?
What does gas prices have to do with a recession?? Dow still up over 10,000, unemployment at an all time low, low interest rates, incomes rising, doesn't sound like a recession to me.