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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Occupy wallstreet has spread to Boston

Occupy Wallstreet has spread to Boston via Occupy Boston.

Currently the protests are taking place outside South Station. They set up camp Friday in front of the federal reserve bank. According to an article by WBUR the protesters want economic reform.  The movement currently is merely congregating the 99% as they call themselves into an organization. Details on a policy agenda are still scarce as the Occupy Boston sprang up just a day ago.
It's apparent that Occupy Wallstreet is becoming a nation wide movement. The purpose of that movement is also known. This movement is very similar in nature to the 911 truth movement, as there are similar players involved. and it's organizing in a similar way. It's not currently set up like the Tea Party, but it does have something in common with the Tea Party in that it is tapping into a national anger towards banks, wallstreet, corporate greed, etc. The Tea Party originally started up in response to the bank bailouts and has been co-opted by the same greedy corporatism that it formed originally against.

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