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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Huffington Post Censors Commentators to Articles Posted

It has become very apparent that Huffington Post is censoring a percentage of its commentators who want to express viewpoints to the posted articles. I have noticed that since January 1, 2011, and even before this date, they have been censoring my comments. Being labeled a liberal or progressive, and critical of the Obama administration, they have decided to censor my comments. They have yet to answer my question of why.

I find this incredible since Arianna Huffington and Roy Sekoff are all over the television being critical of the Obama administration and touting a more liberal position, yet are censoring liberal commentators on their site.

What alerted me to a consistent blocking of my comments was a piece about Ed Schultz calling the GOP "bastards". My response was in regards to a commentator who told Ed to "shut his pie mouth", yet I responded by saying it was very unlikely that this person would tell O'Reilly, Limbaugh or Beck to shut their "pie mouths"when call for the doing of harm, or worse, to liberals and progressives expressing their viewpoints.

I went on to point out that the above three right-wingers often using harsher words about liberals and progressives than the word "bastard".

Here are my examples of HuffPo censorship:

This is how they introduce their censorship---

“This comment is pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved.”
First Posted: 01- 6-11 08:35 PM

“The GOP runs on rhetoric, slogans, catch phrases, but when forced to actually define their positions, they have no clue what to do. They are the Party-of-No, but that is all they know how to do.

$100 billion is small numbers to cut from Federal Budget. In order to make a difference, a trillion dollars needs to be cut. So, how about starting with the military war machine. It is not about "Pentagon savings", but actually reductions. By ending the two failed wars/occupations, which drains the economy and has little-to-no stimulus to the real economy, we would likely see around $800B returned to the budget.”

"The administration can try and spin these job numbers all they want, but the reality is jobs are barely returning. Obama wants us to believe that the jobs are coming back. Obama stated that we need to be more competitive, but that really means cutting wages and benefits to meet the globe's least common wage denominator.

Filling his economic advisor circle with elite Wall Streeters defines the Obama position.

As foreclosures continue, personal wealth for many workers will decline. What we are seeing is a credit bubble because workers are using credit as cash. How many auto loans will go into default this year and next?

All of these problems are related to the continuous un-underemployment, as well as those who stopped looking for work."

Paul Krugman: Don't Believe The Texas Economic 'Miracle' 1-7-11

"The GOP can win elections on their delusional cost cutting, and austerity propaganda messages, but they never work. The results are poor educational results, more citizens requiring social services, such as food stamps, lower wages and benefits, and more worker suffering.

The reality seems to be is all they really care about is serving the corporate elite make more for themselves and work to eliminate regulations so they can spend less on keeping the environment clean, and more bringing in more profits for themselves."

"So, how does the economy grow when foreclosures are increasing, workers suffer from declining and stagnant wages, therefore, must use credit cards as cash, and the Obama administration and economic team advisors support the Fed policy of issuing nearly free cash to the bankstas who don't use this free cash to rebuild the economy but to speculate on Wall Street and foreign currencies hoping to boosting their value making the dollar and US exports more desirable, along with other speculative investments?

It has been all about making more money for the corporate and financial elite at the expense of the real economy and working Americans with little economic reverberation.

The Fed pays the corporate and financial elite to redeposit the cash that they lent out back into the Fed paying around 3% for doing so. How does this help improve the economy?"

I view this censorship as nothing more than becoming a capitulator to the conservative corporate advertisers to their website and making sure that their income flows don't get cut off. The corporate elite advertisers don't want too many opposing viewpoints being printed on the site.

It just could be that Arianna Huffington's original conservative viewpoints are reemerging as when she called for the resignation ( of Bill Clinton along with other conservatives when Clinton was falling down the sexual rabbit hole.

thanks for reading, jerry


Human said...

Huff post, C&L and Americas blog are Democratic Party tools. I won't give them a hit.

Anonymous said...

I am a very progressive liberal and even though I have posted over 2850 comments in the past to the Huff-P, without too much trouble (and had 108 fans) and have earned a "networker badge" (whatever that is!), today I was just banned from posting anymore, just because of some "slightly" critical comments I made in regards to this "new age", pseudo-science blog:

I kept copies of many of my remarks and have reviewed them again and don't find anything different from what I have posted in the past. I asked the moderators to investigate what was going on, but apparently, this just made them even madder and someone just banned me. I have had numerous problems in the past, posting ANYTHING even slightly critical in the religion section. Is Arianna especially protective of this section? does she instruct her moderators to block any critical comments there?

Pretty weird behavior on the part of the Huff-P, if you ask me (I thought they would be champions of free speech - especially after Egypt!). Hope others that face similar problems make their complaints on YouTube, like this guy:

Short Short Stories said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thank you for posting a comment regarding your own experiences of HuffPo censoring your comments.

I really cannot figure out exactly what their criteria is. It appears to be willy-nilly in certain cases.

I was in an email exchange with their moderator/censor person and was fortunate enough to be reinstated.

I still have a few of my comments censored, but all other comments are allowed these days.

I hope it works out for you.

I suggest you open up a new account with HuffPo.

take care, jerry

Short Short Stories said...


So, you will only give the Repugnicon party tool blogs your attention? Now that makes sense!!!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't banned, perhaps I will be once they read the criticisms I just sent, I don't know. I filed my ticket in objection to their moderation when a Christian trying to passionately (but thoughtfully and respectfully) defend Christianity in a rational manner kept getting his posts-- which he clearly worked hard on-- censored. I saw them briefly before they were yanked, and there was nothing abusive about them.

The worst thing they do is pick-and-choose between multiple posts forced by the 250 word limit. Some of the partial deletions of a position look deliberately malicious, as they remove context from statements and mischaracterize the speaker.

Adding to the problem is that they post a notice on each removed comment falsely claiming that removals are usually because of personal attacks and abuse. As the target of these statements I never once felt there was any abuse involved. Some of the comments were quite supportive. Rabid Christians were allowed to foam at the mouth all around them-- they have yet to answer why they kept preventing a level-headed, well-spoken Christian from disagreeing with me.