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Friday, January 14, 2011

More On the Huffington Post Censors Commentators To Articles Posted

Around 24 after I posted my original "Huffington Post Censors Commentators To Articles Posted" piece, I received an email from them. Here it is:


The topic of censorship you mentioned in your blog entry was brought to my attention.

I investigated your claim and found that a technical glitch identified your website URL improperly as a different URL that had been properly banned from our site. Therefore, since you include your URL at the bottom of each of your comments, they were all removed. 

I have temporarily removed the bad link that was causing the problem, in order to allow your comments to pass through the moderation process properly. I have also submitted a tech ticket to get the problem fixed on a permanent basis. Finally, I will be undertaking a review of your most recent comments to publish those that are acceptable. If there is another user name other than "jerrypl" that has been affected, please send it to me and I will review those comments as well. 

I apologize for the problem, and hope that this resolves your issue. For the record, you can best get help with situations like this by emailing us at or in the future.


Stephanie H.
User Support Specialist
Huffington Post Moderation Team


The above email was sent to me on 1-9-11 (Monday), yet it appears that only a fraction of my comments to pieces written on Huffington Post have been allowed to be posted, the remaining continue to be reviewed by the commentator.

Stephanie H., as of this date, has not published any of those comments I made that were censored.

Here are this week's comments that Huffington Post censored. This opening quote was what prefixed my comments written.

This [these] comment is [are] pending approval and won't be displayed until it is approved.”
( I failed to copy and post my comment before hitting the “post comment” on HuffPo.)

Why is Limbaugh still allowed to remain on the air spewing lies and propaganda when such garbage is filled with hate and more? His propaganda message is to spin the shooter's support of Democrats.

The fact remains that Jareed killed Democrats, and nearly killed a Democratic Congresspe­rson. Not only that she is a Jew and so were a few others.

Here is the analogy we learned in school, Rush----Ja­reed hated government­. Radical Rightwing Republican­s often rail against government and it being too big, and that the government has too many working people within it. Democrats don't make this their message.

Therefore, Jareed=bad government­=Radical Rightwing Republican­s.
He also had a belief that we should be returning to the gold standard, as does Texas Republican Congressma­n Ron Paul. I don't hear that from Democrats. It comes mostly from the Right.

"But when was it less heated?  Back in those "calm days" when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols?" HUH? Those were the calm days? "Those days" was a period in time when our nation was less civilized, Sarah. The government went forward and massacred millions of Native Americans for land. Those were the days when two people angry or dishonored battled it out, and sometimes with pistols. What has occurred with Sarah Palin was that she decided to target, and aim her sights at opponents that had a different political viewpoint. SHE PURSUED THE DUELING, NOT HER OPPONENTS! She has the 'blood libel" on her hands, as she calls it. What we have her is a narcissistic--you-are-wrong-not-me- and-THEY-are-out-to-get-me candidate for the Republican party.
She claims that Jared was apolitical!!!! No Sarah. He was political. He shot and killed Jews, and Democrats, as well as a child. He was angry over government, which is the message that many Republicans shared with him. Republicans often soapbox about "government is the problem and not the solution", and that the US needs to go back on the gold standard.
Sarah is trying to deflect the real story here. One, she used toxic and vile rhetoric to rally her Republican base to "aim" and "target" her Bull's Eyed opponents, which could insight a mentally unstable and deranged person to follow through with her message.

Morning Joe showed some guts to call out The Beckesta for being an "Insighter" of hate, and anger

Yes, Rep. Cleaver is correct. And, there will be hoards of Democrats who will not vote in 2012 because they realize that Obama has turned his back on progressiv­e issues, and capitulate­d too much with the Republicon­s. He abandoned a public option, he caved into allowing the mega-banks to steal from the government as they traded toxic mortgages, which they refused to write-down­, with the Fed and in return received near free cash to speculate on Wall Street stalling a real economy, and manipulati­ng world currencies­.

Rep. Cleaver is right. The real unemployme­nt and underemplo­yment figures, based upon Shadowstat­, shows that we are now over 20% with those figures. This will not get better. Jobs in service, burger flipper-li­ke places, maids, etc are not sustainabl­e, good paying jobs that raise up middle and lower income workers.

Rep. Cleaver is right, because Obama has handed over his cabinet to Wall Street.
Obama will have a tough time getting re-elected­. He already handed the mid-terms to the Republicon­s.

With 'Blood Libel,' The 2012 Campaign Has Begun First Posted: 01/12/11 by howard fineman
When one has in the political arena a deeply narcissistic, toxic "grisly (not grizzly) mama" out to "target, and aim" others in order to further the Christian nation, extreme rightwing agenda, then what is created is Sarah Palin.
Her "blood Libel"--is really "blood simple" in that she believes in the hunting down of a mainstream, open minded political debate

Why should we expect anything else from the righwing's psychopathetics who have infiltrated the Republicon party with a wink and a nod.

Katla McGlynn 
First Posted: 01-12-11
When America elevates the most incompeten­t, narcissist­ic and ignorant citizens up upon the political stage, as with Palin, it becomes very likely they will set themselves aflame using a can of their own vile, toxic juices.

thanks for reading, jerry

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