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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Nation's Rigged Corporate Capitalism Syndicate

Over the past couple weeks, I have been on the road visiting Washington, DC, as the TeaParty was gathering, and to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where one would think that all is well in the worldwide economy.

Toronto’s downtown, as well as in the suburbs, development is booming. In center city, the place is filled with commercial development. Condos and hotels are going up everywhere. It is amazing! The streets are filled with people walking and restaurants are busy in spite of the costs. It is my guess that even in Toronto, there are the haves and have mores. In center city, condo prices are unbelievable. $3 million might be a starting figure placed on units in these luxurious buildings.

Once arriving back home, we have now witnessed a massive oil spill filling the Gulf of Mexico outside Louisiana contaminating the fish supply, polluting the waters and endangering the oyster beds in the wetlands, and marshes where sea water is filtered by fresh river water. BP is just another elite corporate predator. It appears that negligence may likely be the cause of the explosion as a result of Halliburton’s shoddy workmanship in their subcontracted cement work.

Halliburton, BP, Goldman Sachs, Massey Energy, Exxon, Lehman Brothers, and the list can go on and on are the nation’s elite corporate predators. They, and others, are this nation’s oligarchs buying influence, laws, rules, and Congresspersons, as well as air time over the public airwaves spewing their propagandistic messages to gullible viewers for the sole purpose of meeting their profit agenda, in order for those unearned giant bonuses to paid out to their Corporobots. None of these elite corporate predators care about anything other than profits and personal financial enrichment. Profits must be made at the expense of the nation’s national security, the environment, families, and the lives of workers, as well as the health of the economy. There is nothing honorable, or respectful among these dangerous CEOs who are engaged in what Stacy Herbert, the analyst on the (Max) Keiser Report, calls Rigged Corporate Capitalism.

Let’s review some of this nation’s disasters, minus 9-11, caused by the Rigged Predatory Capitalist Elite.

Citgo refinery oil spill, July 2006, Louisiana.

PEPCO Chalk Point generating station in Maryland, April, 2000, caused by a ruptured pipeline.

North Cape Oil Spill, January 1996, grounded barge in southern Rhode Island spilled 828,000 gallons of oil.

The Argo Merchant ship ran aground near Nantucket Island , Mass., breaking apart spilling 7.7 million gallons of oil.

Union Oil’s offshore platform, Santa Monica, CA, January 1969, blowout spilling 4 million gallons of oil.

C.P. Baker drilling barge, June 1964, Louisiana, 22 dead workers, the rest injured, blowout caused and explosion and fire.

Brooklyn, NY, the Greenport refineries numbering over 50, had a 30 million gallon oil spill.

Exxon Valdez, 1989, Prince William Sound, Alaska, 11 million gallons spilled.

Port Arthur, Texas, January 2000, 450,000 gallons spilled due a collision.

Massey Energy, March 2010 at the Upper Branch Mine, West Virginia, 25 dead workers.

Sago Mine disaster, February 2006, Anker West Virginia Mining Company, one survivor, 12 dead workers.

CONSOL Energy explosion at the Farmington Mine, in 1968, West Virginia, 78 dead workers.

Massey Energy, October 2000, 300 gallons of mercury, and arsenic laced coal slurry flooded land, polluted rivers, and destroyed parts of eastern Kentucky, and West Virginia, all resulted from a large reservoir broke. The toxic waste made it’s way to the Ohio River.

Monsanto, for nearly 40 years, until 2003, dumped toxic waste (PCBs) into West Anniston Creek, Alabama, as well as dumped millions of pounds into open landfill pits.

In Picher Oklahoma lies a dead town resulting from massive piles of lead laced mine waste, which covered 25,000 acres poisoning people and land. Acid laced mine water destroyed Tar Creek. Eagle-Picher were mine operators until 1970. Lead iron ore and zinc were mined.

Three Mile Island nuclear accident, 1979, dumping 13 million curies of radioactive gases into the air. Located in PA. Operated by Metropolitan Edison Company.

Love Canal, located near Niagara Falls, saw 21,000 tons of industrial wasted dumped in 1952 by Hooker Chemical.

W.R. Grace Plant, in Libby, Montana, spewed tremolite aspestos smoke from their factory into the air killing over 200 people.

In Kingston, Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Fossil Plant released a billion gallons of coal toxic sludge waste as a result of a wall breaking loose pouring the poison into 300 acres of surrounding land—arsenic, lead and mercury.

In addition, we have Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, AIG, Lehman Brothers, Wells Fargo, Countrywide, and others that have taken down the nation’s financial system resulting from possibly illegal, if not extremely immoral activities surrounding mortgage securities, Credit default swaps, interest rate swaps, collateral debt obligations, structured Investment Vehicles, all driving our economy over a cliff.

These are Rigged Financial Predatory Capitalist Elites.

Another Interesting Bit:

It was reported by Karl Denninger in his site, a couple weeks ago, that the Fed monetized, in just one day, and without notifying Congress, $400B! Where did it go? Did it go to bailout Europe and/or Greece, as Mr. Denninger hypothesized? Has it gone outside the United States? Has $400B worth of US government bonds suddenly been dumped on the world market and Bernanke used it to quietly mop them up with his funny money?  Read more here.

Congress did not authorize any worldwide bailouts, as they did when President Bush went to the legislature, with the corporate investment banking mobster field marshals threatened the country and world that a huge Chicken Little-sky-will-fall-Depression-style seismic quake will occur unless the biggest zombie banks are handed over $700B of US cash. You all remember. So where has the $400B gone?

China did sell off around $80B in US Treasuries recently.

See link for the Federal Reserve chart showing the spike in monetization.

On another note, Mr. Michael Whitney has been writing, on, about the eventual Chinese Reminbi revaluation, no doubt, upward. Here is what Mr. Whitney wrote, (“The Looming Trade War With China”), quoting Mr. Chen, (extracted from Washington Post, [Chen] China’s commerce minister: U.S. has the most to lose in a trade war”) “If the United States does decide to impose tariffs on China, American companies operating in China, which account for more than 60 percent of China’s exports to the United States, would surely be hurt the most. ‘In the end, America is the one that needs to adjust’”. Chen continued, “One reason why a revaluation would be dangerous for China, is that profit margins for Chinese exporters are tiny—ranging from 1.7 to two percentage points.”

So who are these US multinational companies operating in China over the last 30+ years that have left the American working unemployed or underemployed so they can export their cheap “Made In China” stuff to these same abandoned workers? Who are these companies making up 60% of China’s export market? These huge goliaths that have enjoyed a low valued Reminbi pegged to the dollar, and not floating as it should be?

As Mr. Whitney suggests, these companies, no doubt, encouraged the Chinese central bank, a government controlled central bank, to keep their currency valued low so their products sell much cheaper than what a US competitor could sell domestically. Would you say this is an act of piracy? A consumer product hijacking? A purposeful and deliberate action to destroy the US economy? An act of the highest national security breech? Where is the Justice department in all of this? Could this be economic warfare performed by a large number of ex-patriot manufacturing companies who want to be labeled as “multi-nationals”: corporations without a homeland, but mobile, floating corporate “vessels” landing their factories and corporate offices on the shores of countries offering the greatest gifts in the form of dirt cheap workers, minimal-to-no workplace rules and regulations, no unions, cheap exchange rates, and malleable central banks and governments?

These are just three of the many companies with such famous names as:
  • GE
  • Microsoft
  • Nike

It is near impossible to freely get the names of the biggest US multinational corporations producing in China. The US-China Chamber of Commerce does not freely reveal their membership.

And then there is Sarah Palin:

Also, we have Sarah Palin, the corporate-paid shill, no doubt, bribed away from finishing her term as Alaska’s governor, in order to be given a multi-million dollar book deal with a guarantee that no copies would need to be sold to the public because what wasn’t sold would be bought up by her corporate sponsors and given away, riding her bus giving TeaParty speeches. Her key points are hard to understand. She criticizes President Obama, as this blog often does, over such trigger-points as guns, religion, freedoms, taxes, and her ‘drill-baby-drill’ mantra.

What she fails to tell her Kool-Aid guzzling crowds is that nearly half this nation’s taxpayers paid absolutely NO, and I mean NO, taxes for 2009!!! That means that most, if not nearly all, her supporters paid NO taxes this tax year. And, 47% of the American people actually received money back from government because they qualified for specific rebates.

Have we ever heard her say that of the 278 largest corporations, over 80 of them paid absolutely no taxes, or got money back! No. Palin is silent on this point. Nor has she spoken up about who these top corporations pay LESS federal income tax than working people.

Also, I have not heard President Obama ever say that he wants to take her guns, or anyone else’s guns away from their homes. I have not heard him threaten to keep Sarah, or anyone else for that matter, from praying with witch doctors that preach the killing of African village women that are threatening to the male power structures, in Palin’s Wasilla church, or prevent her or anyone else from their laying-of-hands ceremonies, or any other religious practices.

I guess you could say that Sarah Palin is a propagandist inciting fear and anger just for the sake of it.

Back in 1933, when FDR was president, he had a resistive, regressive Supreme Court majority, and Congress decrying that his move toward his New Deal was fascist, or communist, and would destroy the country. As today, the same Regressive Republican Party and Supreme Court is doing the same thing in regards to reform. The court recently allowed US corporations to have the same rights as a person, therefore, these multi-billion dollar lobby handouts used to bribe Congresspersons to craft legislation in the corporate image, are said to be able to do what individual people can do----lobby their Congressperson. So, the Supreme Court has said that that their lobbying practices are equal to your personal letter to your legislator. What Kool-Aid have they been drinking?

The very same practices of support for the corporate oligarchs that went on during FDR’s presidency: decrying fear and anger against reform is going on, once again, by many inside the Republican Party, and by TeaPartiers attached at the hip to the oligarchs, or to the elite corporate predators.

We don’t hear from the Republicans encouraging the president to follow in Teddy Roosevelt’s footsteps and break up the TBTF banking corporate predators just as he did to JPMorgan, and Standard Oil Company. We don’t hear such a rallying cry at the TeaParty rallies. It did not occur in Washington, DC at the time I was there.

The movement would have much greater strength if they focused on the elites who have been part of the Rigged Corporate Capitalist’s Oligarchy Syndicate. But the money-masters behind this Syndicate also fund the TeaParty Movement through their financial pipeline connected to lobbyists, such as Dick Armey (Freedom Works).

But instead, this Oligarchy Syndicate does its best to keep wages down, un and underemployment at its current levels, the value of the dollar as low as possible, the Fed’s lending policy at near zero percent so the Oligarchy Syndicate can gamble on Wall Street at the expense of the real economy, Congress fully engaged in their agenda, and the working people borrowing to fuel their lifestyles.

This is new American Way---to sell off the American Dream.


SPECTRE said...

Jerry, they have plans for all the sheeple including us. It's all here for those with eyes to see and ears to hear:

Alex Jones: Sets The Record Straight and Reaches Out to The Military!

SPECTRE said...

This evil bitch was sad that it was an Islamic Terrorist and not someone from the Tea Party Movement. What a cunt!! No bias with this right Jerry? Just the MSM stooges playing fair? Nothing like wishing the worst on/for fellow Americans who are simply exercising their right to free speech. I guarantee the stupid bitch can't find her way out of a paper bag.

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer - I'm Sorry Times Square Suspect Has Islamic Ties

jerry, of eye on washington said...

MyG Spectre, where does all this hatred come from? So she is a jerk with a microphone. So what? Do you actually believe that she can sway people who disagree with her?

What is with the female derogatory slurs? I recall presidents saying a lot of stupid things. So what? In her case, it won't change the world.

We got terrorists be them Islamic or not. We got them.

Bias. So what? She is just one person making a stupid statement. You cannot get away with watching t.v. without hearing lots of stupid statements.

Don't get all worked up over one person's stupid statement. There are bigger concerns. Do you think that the FBI really cares what Contessa Brewer says?

take care, jerry

SPECTRE said...

Here's Karl D. calling bullshit to all the lefties. Look elsewhere for violent types as Karl points out. The hypocrisy of the left is complete.

So THAT'S Who The Violent Protestors Are!

We keep hearing from the "useful idiots" in the media that the "Tea Partiers" are interested in violence.

Never mind that I've yet to meet a violent Tea Partier, or a bigoted one for that matter. Having spoken now twice at Tea Parties in Niceville as well as in Tallahasse and Ft. Lauderdale, there has not only been no indication of violent tendencies (e.g. no threatening signs, nothing that could be called racist beliefs, etc) but in point of fact the speaker that drew the loudest applause in both Niceville and Ft. Lauderdale was a black American (and veteran, if it matters.)

But if you look at a different group of people who are protesting - hard-core lefties who are upset at the rule of law as passed in Arizona, you find this:


If Janet Napolitano is looking for violent home-grown terrorism, the Tea Partiers aren't the people she needs to be looking at. It would seem to me that someone carrying a sign declaring clear intent to kill law enforcement officers would be on the top of the list, no?

Have you seen this reported in the mainstream media?

No, you have not.

Gee, I wonder why?

Update: There are reports that this photograph may have been tampered with. I have as a consequence taken the time to examine the copy that I have under significant pixel magnification. Here are my findings:

1.The lower part of the sign DOES show what looks to be a staple attachment to the pole, which some have said isn't evident. The resolution is insufficient to be CERTAIN it's a staple, but it's in the right place.

2.The anti-aliasing in the upper and lower signs looks to be a good match. Also, the stylizing of the "W"s and "E"s match. The anti-aliasing and edge noise, by the way, strongly implies that it was NOT digitally doctored.

3.The anti-aliasing and noise profile in the sign reasonably matches that in the other elements of the image. This also implies that the image is in fact a photograph and was not tampered with.

4.The SIZE of the picture has been altered from the original.
Verdict: Inconclusive, but the sort of things that would immediately mark this as a doctored fake (e.g. someone inserting the lower panel onto someone else's sign) are MISSING.

SPECTRE said...

Hey Mayor Bloomberg, you are more full of shit than a stuffed Christmas Turkey. It was an Islamic Terrorist you fucking idiot! The Tea Party will continue to use our right of free speech, and you and all the other lefties can go fuck yourselves, as we you will not encroach on our FREE SPEECH you elite globalist POS!

Mayor BLOOMBERG: “Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”

-From Mayor Bloomberg interview with Katy Couric on CBS News, Monday 5/3/10 courtesy of

Apparently the wishes on one Mr. Mayor Bloomberg, a supporter of socialist Fascism in his own right, had his delusional fantasy shot to hell when the terrorist was arrested on board the plane while it was taxiing down the tarmac at JFK early this morning. Much to the dismay of the Mayor, it was not a fertilizer bomb making delusional redneck from Boondocks, West Virginia, but instead a naturalized American citizen with delusions of being with the 73 virgins who look like Rosie O’Donnell and smell like the Hudson River. This clown is exactly what America needs:

A wake up call.

I’m not talking about the suspect, Shahad Faisal, of whom if they could they would declare his intent was to create a Miracle Gro bomb in the name of the Taliban Tea Party to retaliate against Viacom for their anti-Christian television programming on MTV and its other networks. Much to the disappointment of the Mayor and the PCP (Politically Correct Police) who have set up a regime in Washington, D.C., this gentleman is a representative of the “religion of peace” and indicative of the attitude of radicalized Muslims around the world, who number in the tens of millions.


Change we can believe in my ass! Everyone keep their eyes on the evil Tea Party while the fascists help the elite globalists steal every fucking dime you have. NICE!

Rahm Emanuel Working With Fed To Beat Back Audit
by Ryan Grim

The White House, Federal Reserve and Wall Street lobbyists are kicking up their opposition to an amendment to audit the Fed as a Senate vote approaches, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the lead sponsor of the measure, said on Monday. Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.), who is shepherding the bill through the Senate, told Sanders Monday afternoon that "there's a shot we'll be up tomorrow," Sanders told HuffPost.

In the spring of 2009, Sanders brought a similar amendment to the Senate floor and won 59 votes. Eight senators who voted against it then are now cosponsors of his current measure. "I think momentum is with us. But I've gotta tell you, that on this amendment, you're taking on all of Wall Street, you're taking on the Fed, obviously, and unfortunately you seem to be taking on the White House, as well. And that's a tough group to beat," said Sanders. He's been trading calls, he said, with Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff.

Earlier on Monday, HuffPost reported that former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan wanted dissent kept secret so that people outside the Fed wouldn't involve themselves in their debates.
"We run the risk, by laying out the pros and cons of a particular argument, of inducing people to join in on the debate, and in this regard it is possible to lose control of a process that only we fully understand," Greenspan said, according to the transcripts of a March 2004 meeting. "I'm a little concerned about other people getting into the debate when they know far less than we do."

Sanders said that Greenspan's comments are all the more reason for an audit. "I think it just adds a lot of weight to what we are trying to do," Sanders said. "It just points to the fact that if there was more transparency then it in fact would have allowed the debate to take place about the subprime mortgage [sic] unfolding crisis at that point. It may have prevented the horrendous recession that we're in now and the near collapse of the financial institutions." Democratic leadership has yet to decide if an amendment will need 51 or 60 votes for passage, but Sanders said he thought the decision would be made to go with 60.

Short Short Stories said...

Spectre, Now I have to tell you if you are going to continue with your vulgar diatribes, I will have ask you to stop commenting!!

And you are telling me that the Republicans in Congress are totally behind the audit bill by Grayson and Paul? You are delusional.

So who over the last 30 years have been in to pockets of the elite corporate predators? Who had been given massive amounts of campaign contributions by the elite corporate predators? And many sit in Congress today. McCain--a whore for Keating, for one. Who, even today, are getting lots of money from the elite corporate predators? The majority has been Republicans!!!!!!!!!!

It wasn't until Democrats began to suck up to them after gaining brief majorities that the elite corporate predators began to fund them, too!! Not solely, but TOO!!!

You continue to keep your head in the sand. Yes, this administration is continuing the historical 30 year rein of control by the elite corporate predators. Nothing has changed. It is all a charade to keep wages down, saving for working people at zero, jobs outsourced, and enslaving them into indebtedness. I agree.

But, I must say, I have witnessed TeaParty racism, and ignorance, I have to say that many just don't seem to care that their movement is funded by the very entities that have been engaged in destroying the economy and the American Dream, as well as working against many TeaPartier's best interest.

Joseph Goebbels spend years figuring out how to take Freud's theories and apply them to group mind-control. This is what Dick Armey and others have been doing to shift the anger of the masses away from the real causes of our economic collapse, and destruction of democracy, in general.

It is the minority within the Movement that can connect more than 10 dots on a page. Denninger is a smart guy, and is focused on specific issues that make sense as he gives up on the two parties and moves toward the TeaParty candidates.

Bloomberg a socialist fascist? Are you kidding? He is one of the richest men in the nation. He has created the computerized Bloomberg News Network! He IS part of the corporate elite-mayor or not!

Spectre--you only want to see what YOU want to see. You appear to NOT be able to see the forest through the trees.

Mayor BLOOMBERG: “Home-grown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.”

The Pakistani young man went into a depression and suffered from despair, as what happens often during domestic homicides as a spouse kills the other spouse or children.

But instead, this guy went into a depression, following earning an MBA, a respectful job, which he gave up, and family, as well, to go forward and commit a crime of treason and terrorism because he was despondent over Bush's, and now Obama's, double wars!!! He was brainwashed into believing by religious zealots in Pakistan that Allah wants revenge against the Great Satan.

Goebbels, Fundie Islamic clerics, BP convincing gullible Americans that they stand for clean energy and alternative research of energy, Goldman Sachs as a solid representative for investing, Madoff being trustworthy, Obama's change we can believe in, etc. have all been using Freud's theories to deliver propagandistic messages to gullible Americans.

Have you forgotten the Oklahoma City Bombing, Spectre? McVeigh might have been a TeaParty member had he been on the street's today. He felt disenfranchised, as do many TeaParty members, and non-members, and was part of a militia, as are many TeaParty members.

I am tired of your rants that want to categorize all liberals, "lefties", or people that don't agree with your political perspectives with vulgar descriptors.

Maybe you should go elsewhere where you might have a bigger audience of haters.

thanks, jerry