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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bill Moyers Interviews Simon Johnson and James Kwak!


Barney The Fudd Sucks said...

Barney Frank Hypocrisy Hits New Record After Saying Republicans Ought To Be Embarrassed About Fannie And Freddie

The Mass legislator totally loses it after penning yet another angry letter (he is good at that; being unconflicted and actually passing sensible and Wall Street influence-free laws, not so much) in which he says that the $6 trillion extra toxic debt on the US Treasury's books from the GSEs (which the democrats refuse to recognize) is really the republicans' fault. The fact that Barney was instrumental to creating the parabolic phase of the housing bubble with his idiotic statements in 2005 that there is "no bubble", and that his commission currently refuses to deal with issues such as the GSEs and a repeat of the housing bubble is completely absent from his letter.

Barney's House Committee On Financial Services had the audacity to blast out the following letter a few minutes ago (an act beyond idiotic not because he is necessarily wrong, but because for someone living in a massively overpriced glass house, Frank should be the last person to throw stones). One wonders when Barney Frank's advice will filter through to those of his colleagues who still see the GSE debt (all $6 trillion of it) as being somewhere in no man's land: you know not really on the US books, so we can still pretend our debt to GDP is actually less than 150%.

Change Fools Believed In said...

Here's the lying POS in 2005 waxing rosy on housing. Sorry, Fudd, but with the Internet you can't lie about your past. Barney "THE FUDD" Frank is a lying sack of dog squeeze.

Barney Frank in 2005: What Housing Bubble?

jerry, of eye on washington said...

Hi there Spectre,

I feel your frustration over an impotent Congress filled with capitulating elected officials receiving large sums of money from the corporate predator elite who write the laws to suit their predatory needs.

We have a president and economic advisory group fully embedded in the corruption, since nothing has really happened to set it all right by law.

We will see if any GS predators find themselves in federal prison.

It is very frustrating to watch failure.



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SPECTRE said...

Jerry, I read Kunt-slurs latest yesterday where he once again blasts the south as backwards as would be expected from a northeastern elite progressive. The man knows nothing of the south or it's fine hard working and patriotic citizens.

One thing I can tell him is that unlike NYC where a homeless man saved the life of a potential victim, but was himself stabbed during the episode, and then had Animals, people can't possibly act like this, walked right over him as he bled to death. If this is an example of caring for a fellow human being in the NE, I will take the south any day. We may not be as flowery with our words, but our deeds and compassion far outstrip anything this douche' bag thinks of the south. All I can figure is that the man is one of the biggest bigots I have ever read.

Short Short Stories said...


I have to admit there are times I get upset with what Kunstler says in his pieces. He does tend to show prejudices; but, nevertheless, he does have something to say. He does show, as others also do, how frustrated, and at times, how depressed, he can be over the failures of this administration, as well as the last one, have displayed during a time when failure should not be expected. He does name call. He should temper that. He can display elitism.

I read him regularly because he usually has something worth reading.

You and I both have been witnessing a major con job placed upon us for a long time. We are upset about it, as is Kunstler.

take care, jerry