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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wall Street's Algorithm Scam

Hey Mr. Smartypants lawmakers and you, too, Mr. President, howda like what we did here? Yeah, you big shots thought you were all tough by trying to pull the plug on Too Big To Fail and by putting some teeth in your Bernie Saunders-Alan Grayson audit da Fed bill.


You all forgot dat we bankstas are the big boys in town. We’re a financial mobster syndicate with a finger on the High Frequency algorithm trigger. We own da street and I don’t mean Main Street. I’ll tell ya now!!!!!

It’s Wall Street!!!

You guys are nothin’ but bugs for us to squash. We own Mr. Barack Obama. He does what we tell him.

You remember back on September 29, 2008, when you Mini Mouses, you Cowards of Congress, rejected the first vote for a banksta bailout? We Wall Street Bosses responded by taking the market down 778 points in just a few hours in order to let ya all know whose YOUR DADDY around here!!

Now, remember when Mr. Toughie-Fella Obama came out on January 21 and 22, 2010, with his chest all puffy and in a nice fancy suit actin’ all presidential and highfalutin sayin’ he liked the idea of the Volcher Rule? Well, we then kicked the market down 450 points just to DOPE SLAP his face and wake him up from his sleepy stooper, again.

HA HA HA!!!!

We are the boys who have rigged the corporate capitalist game in our favor, and don’t you forget it, …..babies!!!

On May 6th, we decided to suck some cash outa Procter and Gamble. They don’t call it gamblin’ for nothin’! In just 8 minutes, we drained $700 billion out of the DOW before we brought it back up again to where it closed down 3.2% for the day. It was sweeter than an chocolate milkshake. HA, HA!!

We took it down 36% in just a New York Minute. The worst they ever fell in one day was 28% back in the 1987. That wasn’t a “market correction”, as the “Brooks Bros” like to call fraudulent profit taking. We took the short pants right off your ass. We jacked you up against the Tilt-a-Whirl wall, fool face. Did ya like how their Ivory Soap tasted? Or, maybe your ass got wrapped up nicely in one of their new baby Dry Max diapers, butthead?

Let me tell you now that in a market where 70% of all the trades are made by high frequency algorithmic trades, you know by computers that love to manipulate and game the system in our favor,…. We run it!!! We control it!!!! It’s like our penny arcade board walk down there in Jersey. And, on May 6, 2010, we reminded you of it…AGAIN!!!!

REMEMBER, we took it down close to 1000 points in just 15 minutes just so you’d shit your pants, boys!!!!

And, to the Congressional Whores who own big shares in us: You know, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells, and da other mobster banks, WE OWN YA!!!

HA HA HA!!!!

If you want to push us around, while you own lots of our stock shares, then you are just a bunch of jokers.



Now, after we pulled the plug on almost a 1000 points of light, ha ha, we gave you some back so you wouldn’t cry out loud to your mommies for Mother’s Day, you Mush Brains!!!

Listen up!!! We are the---

Financially Unscrupulous Capitalistic Kleptocratic Upperclassmen.

Ya, you got that!


Now, take the first letters of those words and it sums it all up!!

Financially Unscrupulous Capitalistic Kleptocratic Upperclassmen.

Did ya like our shock and awe?

Now let me say this just one time, if any of you workin’ stiffs have money in the market, you’re just plain suckers, and over your head.

We’ll scam you to death!

It is all a casino and WE run it!!!

Call us what you wish, but we prefer to be called a Financial Terrorism Syndicate, because mobster is just toooooo yesterday.

Remember, it’s a fool’s game, if you wanna play hostage.


thanks for watching and reading, jerry


Sending Them All Home said...

Another leach blood sucking pol bites the voting dust. The voting bell tolls for thee thieving crooks! November can't come soon enough!!

The end of the Specter era

By Thomas Fitzgerald
Inquirer Staff Writer

Something seems off-kilter in Philadelphia, as if a crane had taken the statue of Billy Penn from its place atop City Hall.

Specter, 80, famous as an electoral Houdini, finally found himself in a tight spot he could not escape - standing for election in a year of voter hostility to Washington incumbents. Not even his surprise switch in parties 13 months ago could save him.

He will long be remembered for his role, as a young staff attorney to the Warren Commission, in devising the single-bullet theory that is crucial to the conclusion that a single assassin was responsible for killing President John F. Kennedy in 1963.

Specter stayed a moderate Republican in a chamber where that eventually became an endangered species. But after voting last year for President Obama's $787 billion stimulus bill, he saw his approval rating among Republicans drop by 50 percent and concluded he could not be renominated in the face of a primary challenge from former Rep. Pat Toomey.

On April 28, 2009, Specter joined the Democrats, winning the endorsement of Obama, who pledged to do all he could to help the senator win reelection in his new party. Vice President Biden of Delaware, a friend of decades from their years of riding Amtrak together from Washington, played a large role in encouraging Specter to switch.

As a Republican, Specter was often an irritant to his party, especially on social issues such as abortion rights and stem-cell research. He voted with the GOP position 58 percent of the time over his career, according to Congressional Quarterly. That's a high degree of dissent by today's Senate standards.

Specter made his biggest mark as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which he chaired from 2005 to 2007, and he has helped shape the Supreme Court and the entire federal judiciary.

Conservatives still loathe him for killing Reagan's 1987 nomination of appellate Judge Robert Bork for the high court. Specter thought Bork held too narrow a view of civil rights, and he was the most prominent Republican to come out against the nominee.

A master of dealmaking, Specter has been instrumental in increasing spending at the National Institutes of Health from $12 billion a year to $30 billion since 1996. Health has been more than a political issue to him - he has survived two bouts of Hodgkin's lymphoma, a brain tumor, and open-heart surgery.

Specter also has embraced what critics call pork, but what others consider vital federal investments in Pennsylvania. When Citizens Against Government Waste listed him in their "Pig Book" a few years ago, Specter reportedly said: "If they left me out, I'd be worried."

Miller, the St. Joseph's political historian, said that Specter's greatest legacy may be the billions he has brought to the state, for everything from medical clinics to dams and highways to the dredging of the Delaware River to increase shipping to Philadelphia's port.

And who knows? Perhaps Specter's public body of work is not yet finished.
"You see all the fun I've had? So many historical moments," Specter said in a December interview. "I'm not going to stop. . . . I feel good, and I've got a lot more to do."

jerry, of eye on washington said...

Bye Bye Arlen, your defeat could not have happened to a more deserving jerk. Don't forget Arlen, you were that "Constitutional" lawyer expert who said in regards to LilBoyBush's illegal domestic wiretapping/spying program that it was "illegal" and that you "were going to get to the bottom of it" and "investigate it".

Ha Ha.

You never did a thing. Those Repugs and WH must have gotten to ya and you dropped it. It wasn't dropped by Russ Feingold, who finally did something about it.