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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The 2013 CPAC Clown Car Needs Recon

The CPAC clown car filled with GOP loonies is in need of a reconstruction job. The clown car is totally damaged.

The GOP is in full blown panic. They have to be in order to allow the losers in the party to stand up on stage and act the fool. Palin, Romney, Santorum, Paul, and the rest are running scared that their agenda of crashing the country, while being driven by Democrats on the road to recovery, is being derailed. The Jihadists in the GOP are trying to grab the steering wheel, while the Democrats are driving in hopes to crash the Country Squire or sail it off the cliff.

In spite of all the efforts to derail the country’s economy, the Democrats have kept on a course of recovery. It appears to be working. What the GOP has done was to spend trillions of dollars on two wars and the follow-up occupations with nothing to show for it. That has been their big fail. In addition, they have allowed the Too Big To Fail Bankstas to grow even bigger creating another giant squid that might strangle the nation in the future.

The GOP is nothing more than ‘American Jihadist Movement’ working for the richest and greediest oligarchs we have. The Grotesquely Oligarchian Party believes in a plutocratic oligarchy ruled by the richest corporatists in the nation. The GOP does not want to see the nation’s infrastructure repaired for future growth. They would rather see the rich benefactors get another tax cut at the expense of everyone else. They would rather see working class Americans pay more for their health care, their Medicare and Medicaid, and see their Social Security privatized.

When assessing bridges alone, 24% of all of America’s bridges are in need of repair and failing. The nation’s overall infrastructure is failing.

They would love to sell off the nation’s “common wealth”—bridges, roads, parking meters, etc. to the rich so they can charge rent back to the taxpayers.

They have no conscience when it comes to those who work hard, while trying take care of their families, but end up bankrupt or close to it because their health care carriers have robbed them of premiums while failing to cover them when they become very sick.

I once read that the Anti-Christ is greed; therefore, the GOP and those American Jihadists within the party serving the ‘Corporate Masters of Greed’ have to be the Anti-Christ. How ironic that these fakes and frauds go to church and pretend to be followers of their Christian faith. They carry a False Flag!

In the beginnings of WWII, Italy was ruled by Mussolini—a fascist. His government served the corporatists, who dictated the rules of government and policy, and in return toese corporatists rewarded those government trolls with jobs and cash and gifts for serving them. This is what we have today, especially in the GOP.

It is interesting that when the GOP have the White House and Congress, they spend like there is no tomorrow, but when Democrats take over after their debacles, as we saw
between 2000-2008, they complain that spending to repair and recover the nation’s damage is wrong. But, it is perfectly fine to reward the villains that destroyed the economy under their own watch and rule even when they are out of power. They become so angry when their masters within the elite corporate hierarchy aren’t given what they want. The hungry parasitic beast must be fed according to the GOP.

In 2010, the top 1% had income growth of over 11.6%, while the 99% had an income growth around .02%. Wage inequality continues to grow under the GOP’s leadership in the Congress, along with governorships and GOP state legislatures.

The GOP is not interested in growing the economy, and putting people back to work. They appear more inclined to continue the outsourcing of jobs their corporate benefactors love to do. 2/3rds of all jobs created in the private sector are outsourced.

The largest corporations that are the GOP’s benefactors have outsourced 2.4 million jobs.

Approximately 26% of the nation’s infrastructure is in need of repair. The GOP fights tooth and nail to keep President Obama and the Democrats from spending money to fix America and put people back to work. They hate people working! They want people indebted instead of paying down their debts.

Nearly a third of Americans are experiencing credit card debt, yet the GOP continues to rail that the U.S. government needs to be out of debt with a balanced budget. Rand Paul and his fellow Jihadis can’t keep from looking stupid when discussing this issue. The U.S. government has had debt along with prosperity. President Obama has lowered the nation’s debt by around $330B while in office!!! But, the Paul-Paul’s keep spewing the fact that the nation needs to have a balanced budget, otherwise, we won’t see a recovery.

The facts are that home prices are increasing and homebuilders are building. The car companies are selling again. More people are working again. And, consumers are spend, although cautiously. The nation is in recovery, although slowly, but the GOP can’t and won’t admit it because they are afraid if they do, they will lose votes from the Kool-Aid drinkers in their own states and districts. They are afraid to admit that the economy is in recovery in spite of their efforts to derail it.

On the downside, the Fed is working against the economy by falsely inflating housing prices pulling many of those with “underwater” mortgages above the surface, once again,
through a smoke and mirror game plan. As the banking crime syndicate and their Shadow Banking brotherhood members keep around 10 million foreclosed homes from reaching the market (around $1T in value), home prices are falsely inflated higher. And, that is not counting the currently available foreclosed and short sell inventory. In addition, the Banking Crime Syndicate is heavily writing more toxic Mortgage Backed Securities, once again, creating bundles of toxic and healthy mortgages and selling them as bonds. We are also seeing their CDO products hitting the streets and Congress has done nothing about its potential catastrophic consequences if they again explode. Congress is doing nothing to really fix this.

The CPAC clowns paraded up on stage in with their campaign-financed look and in Palin’s case drinking her Big Gulp soda. Is this the best the GOP has to offer Americans? Pitiful is a nice word to use to describe it.

Huffington Post wrote, “Bachmann made comments about the supposedly lavish lifestyle Obama leads inside the White House during her speech at CPAC, slamming the professional dog walker and multiple chefs she said were being paid with taxpayer money.”
"The claims of $1.4 billion in White House perks and excess, they fail on the facts in simple fairness". Bachmann was busted by a CNN reporter and Anderson Cooper for spewing these lies while parading around CPAC in her clown outfit.

Jeb Bush says, “"If you're fortunate enough to count yourself among the privileged, the rest of the nation is drowning." No comments on how to fix this problem.

Sarah Palin: "If you don't have a lobbyist in DC, you are not at the table, you are on the menu." So, Sarah, what is your solution?

Dr. Ben Carson said, "Many people don't know this, but socialism started as a reaction to America." WOW Ben, I had no idea that American began long before it was ever founded.
Bachmann spoke of more funding for cancer, Alzheimer's research. Sadly for Bachmann, who appears to not know what her colleagues are saying, the Ryan budget proposed cutting funding for medical research.

Bachmann believes that the GOP austerity programs fits into her statement that conservatism is "the movement of love, the movement of care."

“Our Founding Fathers knew that without the Second Amendment and that freedom, all of our freedoms could be in jeopardy… If you aren’t free to protect yourself when government puts its thumb on that freedom, then you aren’t free at all,” Wayne LaPierre proclaimed. He went on to say, “Let’s get this straight. To protect our children in school, we recommend a trained professional with a gun, they recommend scissors. And they say we’re crazy?”
This guy blabbers about guns being taken away when there is not a shed of fact to back it up. And, his solution to arm a person in the schools is going to be the solution. Who do we arm? We arm the custodian who might be too busy to know when a person shoots his way into the school with an automatic weapon? Or, how about the kids? Let’s arm them.
"Face it -- the left can always promise more stuff," Santorum said. Here we go again with the “stuff” comments. If he is referring to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as “stuff”, then I believe even Republican working class people want them Rickie.
This is the CPAC Clown Car! This is the Republican Party of today. Paulie Walnuts Ryan says it time to clear out the Old and bring in the New. This is his idea of new.


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