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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

President Obama's Second Inauguration

Here we are celebrating the second inauguration of President Obama, yet we are still hearing from the stonewallers on the right. Listening to NPR this afternoon, I heard more delusional grandstanding by rightwing pundits.

Their old and stale presidential campaign slogan of the “takers and makers” is still being pulled up from the grave, and their belief that the corporate elite are the makers, when in reality they are the nation’s most dramatic, and at times, grotesque takers!!! They cannot make the profits they have experienced unless the government steps in to offer them significant handouts, perks and favors, along with opportunities to feed from the government gravy train.

They have loved their government no-bid contracts, government bid contracts, government military support in regions of the world where they are mining and drilling and need public protections to make their profits, along with shipping lanes protections; tax write-offs, tax breaks, corporation protections; patent and copyright protections; tax abatements; good roads, bridges, shipping ports, rails all paid for by the taxpayers; government grants; bailouts; government subsidies; cheap Federal Reserve borrowing; inexpensive government leases on public lands; and more!

When will they stop getting drunk on the Kool-Aid that they mix up for each other and serve in their fantasy beakers? I guess it will never end until they are further marginalized by a public that will wake up to the truth-one person at a time. Then and only then will the voting public choose candidates that represent THEIR own best interests and not the interests of the corporate elite who want to deny then health care, good wages, educational opportunities, and truth. Too many people have not a clue other than they are haters and deniers of fact.

The sad truth now is that more and more people are leaving high school without the skills that would allow their brains to read for meaning, analyze and formulate deductions from the content they are reading. Fiction is too abstract for many; therefore, schools are using non-fiction instead. Often we blame the teacher instead of blaming the individual, their family, or other factors.

Our GOPsychopathetics want to rail about their individualism and that people need to take care of themselves instead of having the government take care of them. Yet, this thinking fails when they blame teachers instead of the individual for not taking responsibility for their own learning. They want all of us to pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps!

I would like Bobby Jindal aka Alfred E. Newman, and Mitch – the – Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz) – McConnell to sit on the floor and try pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps. It cannot be done. It is a delusion. It is very clear that neither of them, nor their sociopathic cellmates in Congress or in various governorship positions have NEVER EVER accomplished a damn thing totally by themselves. Nor has BP or any other corporation, for that matter.

What we are hearing today from the rightwing GOPsychopathetics is that Obama needs to be less divisive and more uniting. How hypocritical these blank-slated humans are to their own history. Don’t they remember their last president LilboyBush who upon winning a second term said that he had gained political capital and was going to use it?

President Mission Accomplished spent his political capital giving more to the Real Takers of this nation while the Democrats felt it should be spent differently. On the other side, President Obama has always tried to compromise, find consensus, and communicate to the GOP, yet has found them not willing to do the same. The difference in the use of political capital is that President Obama has clearly stated his commitment to those who have paid into their payroll tax commitments and who expect to receive them upon retirement, while those in the GOP want to alter that commitment in favor of more and more offerings and transfers of wealth to those 1%ers buying up all the political favor cards.

One GOPie said on the radio that too many people are receiving Social Security and that should stop. The middle class don’t require such a benefit, since they are not that needy when compared to the less fortunate among us. Social Security is not a pending issue!! It can be fixed by simply removing the cap on wages over $106,800. At that point, a means testing formula could be implemented for those at the top of the earning’s scale.

I do believe that these GOPsychopathetics seem to ignore the fact that it has not been President Obama who has been divisive but the very folks on the right. We have had Boehner and McConnell both preaching how their objective was to stand in Obama’s way throughout his first term in hopes of making him a one-term president. Well, what they had hoped for just didn’t happen as they had expected. They decided to nominate Mr. 47% as their presidential candidate, and had their rape denying zombies run for congressional seats as they flushed diversity down the toilet. Don’t forget their hatred for anyone voting against them to do it easily. Or, their brigade of psychopaths led by the likes of Allen West hoping to retain their spot in the congressional dining room. And then, there is the Tea Party, which is totally bent over showing its array of obstructionist assholes.

So, the fact is that it has been the rightwing style jihadist (modified definition: refers to a person who believes that a far-right state governing the entire community of Americans must be created, and that this necessity justifies hateful and hostile conflict with those who stand in its way.) that have been standing in the way of progress, jobs, growth, stimulus, reforms in health care, banking, finance, taxes, military spending, global climate change, alternative energy development, and more.

We all know what the GOP playbook was throughout President Obama’s first term, now we have to see if Barack is able to use HIS political capital to set the stage for a turn over in 2014 that will send those obstructionist GOPies back home for good; and, if that would make a difference.


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