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Monday, April 9, 2012

The U.S. Will Remain In Recession With Commodity Inflation For A Very Long Time

I don't see any real growth out of the global recession anytime soon. When we have the bankstas still running free and not behind bars, and when we have the biggest banks, such as BoA, still siphoning taxpayer cash without settling its own toxic debts, when we have significant wage discrepancies forcing the middle and lower class of earners to increase their personal debt while wages remain basically stagnant, when we have major corporations, such as the oil and gas industries, draining taxpayer cash through subsidies while making lots of cash and giving out big bonuses, when we have other nations dominating in alternative energy development, when we have tax dodging American-based corporations going off-shore to shelter their profits, and when we have corporations going to China to seek cheap labor while the Chinese Central Bank spends billions of dollars on infrastructure, and supply-chain operations to support American manufacturing, then it is likely for the US, and other countries, will remain in recession.

Our so-called leaders are hell-bent on preserving their own power, the corporate gravy-train in the form of campaign contributions, and the Supreme Court is a political arm of the GOP making activist decisions on behalf of corporations instead of the good of all people, which are really not corporations.

The U.S. is headed for some tough austerity initiatives under a Romney presidency, and a TeaBagging V.P. (Tea Parties are for little girls with imaginary friends.) Be prepared for more of the same but worse.

If Romney fulfills his hard-on to cut public sector jobs and hand them over to private sector contractors, the costs will increase, but with treasury revenues down, someone has to pay. It will be paid via austerity: cuts to public pensions, public supported health care, etc. Remember, wages are stagnant. With austerity in place, recession will raise its fiery head. Average wage earners will pull back spending, and that will increase unemployment numbers; and, small businesses will end up folding their doors. Many big box stores will shutter-r-up, as well. 

Already, only half of working age Americans have jobs. The other half are either not working, have stopped looking or are underemployed. Those under 25 and without a degree will stay screwed. An entire generation without work still live at home. A generation of jobless youth is frightening. That sounds like Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, and the Palestinian territories. Angry youth with guns is very dangerous!!! That is why the Obama administration continues the Bush era plan to spy on, and track all Americans. Strip searching just for walking is now the law of the land; along with laws that allow people to shoot first and ask questions later is growing. Trayvon Martin learned that the hard way! And then, you can be jailed indefinitely if considered a domestically bred terrorist, even if you are not. That means protesters, too!

The Supreme Court has already allowed corporations to own and buy up our government lawmakers.

They realize what is coming into their future. We inch closer to fascism instead of toward a self-sustaining, productive, and employed nation, along with a heavily divided economic hierarchy who owns and controls the nation's wealth and its distribution.

Grid lock will be the wave in a split and divided Congress who are generally fearful politicians scared of voter/constituent blow-back once they finally understand the punishment they will receive.

Bernanke is at the end of his QE handouts. He may do more under Obama's presidency, but who knows what it will look like in 1-2013.

With Teabaggers by his side, Romney will be extremely afraid of the backlash if he doesn't fulfill his regressive pledges.

This is the New America. Be prepared. Plant a garden of vegetables, and buy a wood stove and collect a stack. Pay off your debt as much as you can. Live more simply. That will make you happier.

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