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Monday, January 30, 2012

The GOP Hates America

The GOP hates America and because of it they treat it badly. They use it as their cash machine draining all the financial resources for their own predatory needs.
Romney is a perfect example of such predatory hatred. He made his fortune as a predator gutting American businesses of their assets and production potential, as well as their workforce, to write-off those losses, when he administrated Bain Capital, and then, moved those funds off-shore creating bond funds in the Cayman Islands. Then, with millions of dollars in profits from his predatory behavior, he invested offshore and deposited his winnings in Swiss bank accounts.
Now, that is a true American!! Millard, the-Willard-and-a-rat-by-any-other-name, Romney is an honorable Mormon, or is it moron. I am not sure.
On the campaign trail he rants about how Obama has not brought enough jobs back on-line in the country. Well, here are the facts: after an 8 million loss of jobs at the end of the Bush administration, under Obama there has been growth, although slow. In the last 29 consecutives months, there has been job growth in the manufacturing sector. All throughout 2010, there has been a steady growth in jobs. Under President Obama, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the economy has added nearly three million private sector jobs over 21 months of consecutive job growth.
The facts are that the GOP has done more than any other political force to ship jobs overseas. They have outsourced the biggest production lines to China. Steve Jobs once told Obama that he would never bring back the outsourced Apple jobs. The price differential for a Chinese made iPhone and a possible U.S. made iPhone would only be around $70.00, but what has happened in China is much more significant.
Steve Jobs told Obama that the entire supply-chain has left the U.S. and now exists in China. When Jobs was developing the first iPhone, the lens/screen was plastic and was easily scratched so he approached the U.S. company, Corning. They could not easily build a facility to make the lens in glass, so Apple went to China.
This one Chinese company had already begun construction of a glass cutting factory very close to the iPhone factory. This company had received operational capital to begin construction from the Chinese government. The Chinese government is the seed and fertilizer for the growth of the production plant. So, in just a matter of weeks, the glass cutting was being done in China.
Jobs also told Obama that the entire supply-chain of parts to make the iPhone was all in the same city, and for the most part, blocks from the Apple production line.
In the United States, the GOP, not unlike Romney and Bain Capital, gutted the supply-chain and end suppliers within the U.S. and outsourced it to China. This is why they hate America. They see more profits in the Communist supply-chain of China than in their own home country. And, the very nation the GOP would like to control. Sadly, they have no loyalty to this nation and have a history of destroying it. The GOP rant hatefully how government should get out of the way of the private sector and should stop using taxpayer dollars to create jobs, when, in fact, this is exactly what the Chinese government does. They invest billions upon billions of dollars in growing industry and infrastructure.
What the GOP hates, they love in China, which makes them very, very rich.
The GOP is a predatory organization with Romney leading the way. We have now heard the GOP’s chief Kool-Aid drinking African-American Florida representative-Allen West calling for Democrats to leave the country. How funny!! It is the GOP who have left the country for the good-‘ole Communist/capitalist China. This is the GOP’s corporate model, but they won’t admit it! This is why the GOP should be called the Grand-‘Ole-Psychopathic Party!!!
President Obama talks about bringing the jobs back. Nice pipe dream, but when the supply-chain lives in China, and our infrastructure has gone to crumbling because the Boehner/McConnell/Tea Party GOP has said “Fuck You” to America, the dream exists only on a pipe.
The Chinese exploit their workers and offer little to no protections, something even a non-union shop would grieve to the Labor Relations Board. Tell me that the American worker would work 12 hours per day for $70 per week and live in a dorm provided by the corporation, and I will tell you that the GOP said it was so. This sounds like the return of the Robber Baron era.
The GOP is made up of a bunch of psychopathic perverts wanting to have a nation of indentured workers this is why they so hate universal health care. With universal health care: private or public (Medicare for all), every worker would have mobility to leave a lower paying job for a higher one without losing health care for him/her and family. It would also allow people to start their own business without the fear of having no health care. This would raise all boats in this nation, but the GOP hates this idea. They want to control workers at any cost.
Romney believes in this philosophy, as well. He hates America in spite of what he says.
And now I come to the biggest Humpty Dumpty on the campaign trail. Mr. Fig Newton Ging-grinch himself!!!!
This guy is so delusional and filled with bizarre ideas that they ooze out of his pores like the sweating poisons that soak into his clothing after walking a flight of stairs!
He is the Star-Wars come back kid!! He is Reagan morphed into the evil discard. He says that after his second term as president, there will be a colony built on the surface of the Moon with Americans living there writing chronicles to be read on the comic pages of the Earth-based newspapers.
Such a project would likely end up costing several trillion dollars, no doubt, not by the private sector, but by the public sector. He says it would be a public-private partnership, but why would any corporation invest in a pipedream that might fail without the financial guarantee of the US taxpayers? Who would build the shuttles to transport the workers, and living modules to build a colony? Mr. Fig Newton does realize that it would have to be government.
Is this how Figgie would create a sustainable manufacturing society in the U.S. via the process of moving it to the Moon? Nothing like sucking on fantastical dreams coating a pipe. Nothing about how he would rebuild the nation’s infrastructure in order to rebuild a nation of railroads operating at a much higher speed in order to shuttle products from one market to another—rebuilding the nation’s supply-chain grid, along with the electrical grid.
This is why the GOP is delusional, and filled with insane psychopaths, who actually believe what they say. That is how dangerously sick they are.
I am not saying that President Obama is a saintly character. By no means!!! Obama is a jerk, too. He has continued many of LilboyBush’s fascist policies, but next to the totally insane idiots on the Reich, he looks perfectly sane. This demonstrates just how bad the State of the Union has gotten.

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